VERVEE ANIME MAGAZINE Internal Affairs Project

• The name "Vervee" was derived from the word "Verve" meaning "Vigor". The primary concept of this anime magazine is to bring anime to life by relating day-to-day activities of real people to beloved anime characters. Most of the topics talked about in Vervee have not been tapped yet in common sites with depth, or simply cannot be "googled“. Vervee Anime Magazine is indeed informative. It is published on for free. Writers are also working for Vervee for free.

List of Topics tackled so far: Features • Role playing • Cool jobs of anime characters • Ship wars in Naruto • GIF making • Anime Character Fashion Statements • Manga Scanlation • Gender Bending in One Piece • Paprika vs. Inception • The Hunger Games vs. Battle Royale • Kickass RPG Heroines Regular Segments • Song Reviews • Manga Reviews • Anime Reviews • Gamer's Corner • Literary Section .

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2012 is the introductory issue covering the whole month of January.000 unique page views and still counting. http://issuu. It has 700 readers with almost .Reader Statistics • The first issue that was published last January 29.

and April.Reader Statistics • The second issue and start of the official quarterly issue covering the months of February. 2012.000 unique page views and still counting. . http://issuu. has more than 800 readers with over 15. It was published last March 31.

http://issuu.000 unique page views and still counting. and July has almost 300 readers with over . It was published last June 29. June.Reader Statistics • The third issue covering the months of May. 2012.

We are currently working on the fourth issue to be published on Aug. 30. 2012 .

Target Readers • Our primary target readers range from 13-19year-olds who love anime. and music. • The secondary target audience are the workforce ages 20 – 25 years old. . and spend considerable time online. and music. games. who love to know more about anime. games. manga. manga. and would like to reduce stress by reading fun materials.

and U. Biology.Writers and Artists • The contributing staff is composed of 12 people. Animation. 18 to 24 years old. Psychology.T.A. coming from the fields of I. India. Education. Communication Arts. etc. • Vervee Anime Magazine’s staff members come from the Philippines.. • The writers and artists are multinational and multi-disciplinary.S. . • The staff members are bound by common interests: anime and the Japanese culture itself.

self-fulfillment is a significant phase in a writer/artist’s life. we deem their participation as one of the most important factors in making the magazine successful. but of free products or services (freebies) to continuously show love and appreciation for anime and Japanese culture in general to promote self-growth through the support of its affiliates Without the staff.Objectives of Vervee Anime Magazine Internal Affairs Project • • • • • to strengthen internal affairs to further motivate Vervee Anime Magazine’s writers and artists to provide informative materials to our readers to compensate writers for their hard work. Aside from coaching in a quarterly basis from experts in the field of writing and art. Being rewarded for one’s hard work is a great factor in developing self-esteem. Hence. . Vervee Anime Magazine cannot push through. not in the form of money.

and your company will also be recognized as an affiliate for one whole year. or your company can also suggest an easier but classified way to get contact details for shipping that would benefit both parties.Affiliation with Vervee Anime Magazine: Terms 1. 6. Vervee Anime Magazine is published quarterly except during special issues wherein the magazine only covers one or two months. Vervee Anime Magazine will conduct voting amongst the staff to choose the members who will win specific freebies. The addresses of the lucky winners shall be given to your company e-mail/contact details during the magazine’s writing & researching process. 3. . in a span of one year. once every issue is published. India. Vervee Anime Magazine in general will also promote your store/company on its respective places in various social networking sites once a month for one whole year to reach a wider range of audience. Vervee Anime Magazine’s staff will also promote your store/company once a month for one whole year to their followers on social networking sites. since the writers and artists of Vervee Anime Magazine are from different parts of the world (Philippines.A. Your company shall provide two (2) freebies (product and/or service [if possible]) of your choice to our staff. and U.S. In return.) This will only happen once a new issue is published. Aside from the said advertisement placement. Your company will shoulder the shipping expenses/fees. 4. 5. Vervee Anime Magazine shall post one full advertisement of your company/store to be placed in the next issues for one whole year. 2.

else the advertisements and promotions are considered null and void.g. The total calculation for giveaways (including shipping fees) in exchange for advertisement placement for one whole year would be $250 . until renewed by both parties. your company is entitled to a free advertisement placement on one quarterly issue (which means that the company will not provide freebies to the staff members of Vervee Anime Magazine for the said quarterly issue.$400. September – writing & researching. your store shall provide two (2) products within the price range of $50 to $80 combined. After one (1) whole year of affiliation. Hence. 9.Affiliation with Vervee Anime Magazine: Terms 7. including shipping fees. October – laying ouy process). including special issues. 10. for every issue that Vervee Anime Magazine releases. which is indeed beneficial to both parties. These terms are valid for one (1) whole year. 8. The freebies shall have arrived to the lucky winner before the layout process (e. 11. As for your company’s affiliation with Vervee Anime Magazine. your store/company shall send freebies to our chosen staff members.) .

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