Adidas Inc. is the German manufacturer, a marketer of sport apparel and athletic shoes. The company was named its founder, Adolf(Adi) Dassler, in 1948.

.HISTORY • Started in 1924 as dassler brother split up in 1948 and register as adidas AG on august 1949 • In 1997 adidas AG aquires the salamon group • In 2005 adidas Ag acquired British rival Reebok.

TARGETING •Targets the youth •The consumer is from upper middle class •The consumer is working & love sports •The Consumer is fashionable and stylish .

POSITIONING • The shoes are comfortable as compared to any other in the segment • The apparels are stylish & designed to suit the consumer need • The eye gear and the perfumes are serving the niche segment .

PRODUCT LINE •Footwear •Clothing •Accessories .

and training apparel • “Impossible is Nothing” .ADIDAS SPORT PERFORMANCE • Primary focus for adidas • 70% of adidas income • Main focus: running. football. basketball.

and Berlin Marathons) .RUNNING • adidas “top priority in 2007” • Brand of choice for runners on all levels • Partnering with running retailers • Partnerships with the global marathon events (such as Boson. London.

and pricing strategies. distribution.ADIDAS STRATEGIES • • • • • Focus on the global major and sport lifestyle markets “Impossible is Nothing” Women’s market Position as “Premium Brand” Three different categories of adidas strategies: adidas products divisions. .

and individual players. clubs.FOOTBALL • Main focus area at adidas • World’s leading football brand • Partnership with football association. national federations. .

BASKETBALL • Aims to increase its presence in this category • Main market is in North America. Europe and Asia especially in China • “It Take 5ive” .


• Today. . • Caters for different needs and wants of consumer • Uphold its brand by constantly upgrading and improving products’ innovative features and quality to satisfy its customers.Marketing Mix ( 4Ps ) Products • The core benefit is to satisfy consumers’ needs or want. Adidas has established itself as a strong brand for sports apparels.

g white T-mac 4 shoes is being charged at a higher price than the other colour of the same version .Marketing Mix ( 4Ps ) Price – Adidas is a shopping product – Able to penetrate the market as it is cheaper than its competitors – Uses market skimming • e.

– Promotion Mix • • • • Advertising commonly through the mass media. Through the use of the internet Point of Sale ‘Impossible is Nothing’ campaign .1 sporting brand in the world.Marketing Mix ( 4Ps ) Promotion – Promotion objective • Become the NO.

Marketing Mix ( 4Ps ) Place – Distributing some of the Adidas products to the various sporting outlets • e. World of Sports.g Royal Sporting House. Sportslink – Adidas outlets – Online purchasing through the internet .

38 billion (2009) • Profit: €245 million (2009) .FINANCIAL ANALYSIS • Revenue: € 10.

Adidas’s main competitors are as followed: • NIKE • PUMA .

including its own outlets and “Niketown” stores and in approximately 140 countries in the world • “Just do it” and “Joga Bonito” slogan ..000 retailers in the U. • Marketing strategy is an important component of the company’s success.S. • Sells its product to more than 20.NIKE • Teamed up with Apple Inc.

PUMA • Third largest sportswear manufacturer in the world • Business strategy is to solidify the brand’s status as a global icon. . • Leading supplier in the motor sport footwear market.

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