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Project Management Process


Program Componet Over lap Project 1 Project 2 Initial Program Level Works Project 3 Integration Project 4 Project 5 Project 6 5 .

6 .

Program Life Cycle PreProgram Set Up G1 Initiation G2 Program Set Up G3 Delivering Benefit G4 Close the Program G5 Prgram Benefit Management Benefit Identification Indentify Qualify Business Benefit Benefit Analysis Derive Prioritize Components Derive Benefit Metrics Benefit Planning Establish Benefit Realization Establish Benefit Monitoring Map Benefit Into Program Plan 7 Benefit Realization Monitor Components Benefit Transition Consolidate Coordinated Benefit Transfer the Ongoing Responsibility Maintain Benefit Register Report Benefits Program Life Cycle & Benefit Management .

Mobilization Strategic Vision Strategic Strategic Objectives Option Strategic Portfolio Program PreProgram Set up Program Initiation Program Set Up Delivering Benefit Close Program Transition Ongoing Operation Projects Projects Projects Projects 8 .

9 .

10 .

11 .

12 Typical Cost Benefit Profiles Across the generic Pogram Life Cycle .

Program life Cycle Program Governance Mandate PreProgram Set up G1 Intiation G2 Program Set Up G3 Delivering Benefit G4 G1 Gate Review Closing The Program G5 13 .

Reporting & Decision Program Governance Mandate PreProgram Set up G1 Intiation G2 Program Set Up G3 Delivering Benefit G4 G1 Gate Review Closing The Program G5 14 .

Pre-Program Set-Up • Strategic Value of Proposed business Change • Identifying key decision makers/sh in the program selection process and theirs expectation and interest • Defining Program Objectives and their alignment with strategic objective • Developing high level business case demonstrating an understanding of the needs. feasibility and justification of the program • Securing approval for the program charter by getting signatures of the key stakeholder • Appointing the program manager by program board • Developing a plan to initiate the program 15 .

Program Set Up • Aligning the mission. vision and values for the program with business objective • Developing initial detail cost and schedule plan for setting up the program and outline plan for the reminder of the program • Conducting feasibility studies • Establish make or by decision • Developing program architecture that’s map how the project within the program will deliver the capabilities that result in the required benefits • Developing a business case for each project in the program which address the technical. investment and regulatory/legislative factors which pertain to each project • Communicating with stakeholder and getting support 16 .

Establish Program Management and Technical Infrastructure • Program Team Staffing • Program Office to support Program • Program Governance Mechanism with approval dan reporting procedure • Program control framework for monitoring and controlling both project and measurement of benefit within program • Facilities and other required infrastructure to support program • IT System and communication technologies with the necessary support arrangements to sustain the program throughout its lifecycle 17 .

Deliver The benefit • Establishing a project governance structure to monitor and control the projects • Initiating project in order to meet program objectives • Managing transition from as is state to the to be state • Ensuring project managers adhere to established project management methodology • Ensuring project deliverables meet their business/technical requirements • Analyzing Progress to plan • Identify environmental change which may impact the program management pan or anticipated benefit 18 .

Deliver The benefit (contd) • Ensuring that common activities and dependencies between project or other program in the portfolio are coordinated • Identifying risk and ensuring appropriate mitigation actions have been taken • Identifying issues and ensuring corrective actions are taken • Coordinate the efficient use of resources across the program and project activities • Review change request and authorizing additional works as appropriate • Setting thresholds for corrective action when realized benefits are not delivered per expectation • Communicating with stakeholder and the governance board 19 .

Close The Program • • • • • • • • • 20 Review Status benefits Disband program organization Disband program team Dismantle infrastructure Provide customer support assuring that guidance and maintenance will be provided Develop lesson learned Provide feed back and recommendation Store index all program-related documents Manage any required transition to operation .

21 .

22 .

Program Management Process • • • • • Initiating Process Planning Process Executing Process Monitoring Control Process Closing Process 23 .

Program Time Management 4.Program Management Knowledge Area 1.Program Governance 24 .Program Financial Management 11. Program Procurement Management 10. Program Cost Management 5. Program Quality Management 6.Program Stakeholder Management 12. Program Human Resources Management 7. Program Scope Management 3. Program Communication Management 8. Program Risk Management 9. Program Integration Management 2.

Intiating Process • Initiate Program • Establish Program Financial Frame work 25 .

Initiate Program Establish Program Financial Framework 26 .

Analyze Program Risks 22.Identify Program Risks 21. Define Program Goals and Objective 3.Develop Program Financial Plan 27 12. Identify Program Stakeholders 5. Develop Program Management Plan 6.Plan Program Stakeholder Management 16.Plan Program Quality 19.Planning Process 1. Develop Program WBS 10.Estimate Program Cost 13. Plan Program Scope 2. Develop Program Requirement 8.Develop Program Schedule 11.Plan Program risk Management 20.Plan for Audits 18. Plan and establish Program Governance Structure 4. Develop Program Infrastructure 7.Budget Program Cost 14.Plan Communications 17. Develop Program Architecture 9.Plan Program Risk response .Plan Program Procurements 15.

ment Program Plan Benefit Real. Program Communication Program Realization Program Change Program Report Program Issue Program Audit Program Governance Program Risk Hari G Soeparto ©2011 . Plan Program Procurement Program Inf.RJP Program Benefit Program Road map Business Case Program Architecture Program Stakeholder Financial Framework Program Req.struct.

Progr Govrn.Plan Program Scope Est.Struct Define Program Goals & Objective Dev. Prgm Management Plan Plan For Audits Plan Program Quality Plan Program Risk Management Identify Program Risk Analyze Program Risk Plan Program Risk Develop Program Financial Plan Plan Program Procurement Identify Program Stakeholder Plan Program Stakeholder Man Develop Program Infrast Develop Program Requirement Develop Program Architecture Plan Communication Develop Program WBS Develop Program Schedule 29 Estimate Program cost Budget Program .

Executing Process 1. 5. 7. 2. 8. 30 Direct and Manage Program Execution Manage Program Resources Manage Program Architecture Manage Component Interface Engage Program Stakeholder Distribute Information Conduct Program Procurements Approve Component Initiation . 4. 6. 3.

Planning Direct & Manage Program Execution Manage Program Resources Engage Program Stakeholder Distribute Information Manage Program Architecture Conduct Procurement Approve Component Initiation Manage Components Interface Monitoring & Controlling 31 .

Administer Program Procurements 8. Monitor & Control Program Risk 32 7. Monitor & Control Program Schedule 4.Monitoring & Controlling 1. Manage Program Benefits . Monitor & Control Program Performance 2. Manage Program Stakeholder Expectation 6. Manage Program Issues 9. Monitor & Control Program Financial 5. Provide Governance Oversight 12. Monitor & Control Program Change 10. Monitor & Control Program Scope 3. Report Program Performance 11.

Monitor & Control Program Performance Manage Program Issues Monitor & Control Program Scope Monitor & Control Program Change Monitor & Control Program Schedule Report Program Performance Provide Governance Insight Monitor & Control Program Financial Manage Program Benefits Monitor & Control Prog SH Expectation Monitor & Control Program Risks Administer Program Procurements 33 .

Closing Process • Close Program • Approve Components Transition • Close Program Procurements 34 .

Close Program Approve Components Transition Close Program Procurement 35 .

36 .

Closing 37 .

PROGRAM MANAGEMENT Case of Integrated Steel Making Plant Expansion 11. EXECUTE COMPONENTS .

39 untuk meningkatkan Financial benefit. Shareholder value (Economic Value) PT “X” . Untuk mendorong penurunan biaya produksi tersebut.Contoh Kasus: Kebutuhan Investasi untuk menurunkan rasio unit production cost 13000 12000 11000 10000 9000 8000 7000 6000 Nilai tukar Rp thd USD – Harga bahan baku yang tinggi – Rupiah yang merosot (tahun-tahun sebelumnya) dan – Harga jual produk yang melemah menjadi pemicu penentuan strategi investasi PT “X” dengan target penurunan biaya produksi. total investasi yang diperlukan untuk melakukan ekspansi pengembangan produksi hingga tahun 20XX sekitar US$x milyar.

Steelmaking Production (simplified) Compliance & Enabler Raw Material Industrial Gas Energy Iron/ Steel Making Supporting Finished Steel Waste Gas Waste Liquid Waste Solid Waste Heat Coal Water .

dan shareholder value • Biaya bunga proyek mulai masuk dalam perhitungan Biaya Pokok Produksi Proyek Strategis sangat diharapkan keberhasilannya untuk mencapai sustainable competitive advantage 41 . dan joint venture • Financing Leverage menurun • Posisi debt covenant perlu diperhatikan • Pelaksanaan pembangunan proyek strategis • Kapasitas Produksi bertambah menjadi X juta ton per tahun • Pengurangan akan ketergantungan import raw material • Penurunan unit production cost yang akan menjadikan nilai harga jual yang kompetitif • Pembayaran Cicilan Pokok dan Bunga Pinjaman yang jatuh tempo • Memberikan support dan arahan penentuan kebijakan proyek strategis Pasca konstruksi Proyek Strategis • Peningkatan produksi. loan.penjualan.Gambaran Umum Suatu Sektor Kondisi. PT X dan Dampak kepada Shareholder Kondisi Sektor Industri Sebelum Proyek Strategis • Harga bahan baku yang tinggi • Rupiah yang merosot (tahun-tahun sebelumnya) • Harga jual produk yang melemah Kondisi PT X • Mengalami kendala keuangan • Cash Flow terbatas Dampak kepada Shareholder • Ekuitas menurun • Beban liabilities meningkat seiring dengan kurangnya nilai kompetisi di market Konstruksi Proyek Strategis • Kebutuhan Pendanaan sekitar USD X milyar dalam 4-5 tahun • Membutuhkan Pendanaan dari Ekuitas.

sehingga menurunkan biaya transportasi dan harga bahan baku terkendali • Menggunakan teknologi yang lebih efisien sehingga menurunkan biaya konversi • Menurunkan biaya produksi listrik .Langkah strategis • Mengusahakan penggunaan bahan baku lokal.

Tahap 1 Tahap 2 .

6 juta ton •Water Supply •Power Supply •Harbor •Material Handling •Waste Handling & Treatment waste air gas listrik air gas listrik Scrap air gas listrik SSM1 air gas listrik SLAB 1.air gas listrik BSM BILLET 0.8 juta ton waste •Enery Gas •Energy Listrik bahan bakar Gas •Enery Listrik bahan bakar Gas .7juta ton SSM2 SLAB .2 juta ton HSM HRC 2 juta ton Iron Ore waste waste waste DR Plant DRI 1.

BBG & Batubara •Enery Listrik .BBG & Batubara .3 gas listrik BSM BILLET 0.air •Batu bara Rotary Kiln Iron Making Pig Iron .6 juta ton •Water Supply •Power Supply •Harbor •Material Handling •Waste Handling & Treatment air gas listrik waste air gas listrik Scrap air gas listrik SSM1 air gas listrik SLAB 1.7juta ton SSM2 SLAB 1 juta ton waste Blast Furnace waste Liquid Steel 1.47 juta ton Iron Ore waste waste waste DR Plant air gas listrik DRI 1.2 jutaton •Batu bara •Enery Listrik .47 juta ton HSM HRC 2.

47 juta ton Iron Ore waste waste waste DR Plant air gas listrik DRI 1.2 jutaton •Enery Listrik BBG & Batubara •Enery Listrik BBG & Batubara •Batu bara “Y” JV SLAB 1.47 juta ton HSM HRC 3.7juta ton SSM2 SLAB 1 juta ton waste Blast Furnace waste Liquid Steel 1.3 BSM BILLET 0.6 juta ton •Water Supply •Power Supply •Harbor •Material Handling •Waste Handling & Treatment air gas listrik waste air gas listrik Scrap air gas listrik SSM1 air gas listrik SLAB 1.0 juta ton .air gas listrik Rotary Kiln Iron Making Pig Iron .

n Project 1 Project .n Project 1 Project ..Program Architecture: Competitiveness Improvement Program Market Asset Improvement Project 1 Project .n Project 1 Project ..n Organizational Asset Improvement Improve Comptetitiveness Knowledge Asset Improvement Project 1 Project ...n Hari G Soeparto©2010 Production Asset Increase Financial Asset Increase ..

Project n • C...Compliance Program – Project 1..Program & Projects • A. Supporting Program • Project 1...... Core Program – Project 1....Project n • D...Project n • B.. Enabling Program • Project 1..Project n Hari G Soeparto©2010 ..........

Proyek Perluasan Dermaga PT HI Note: • Source: PT KS team • Beberapa Proyek sudah berjalan .Proyek PT X Blast Furnace Proyek Blast Furnace Modernisasi SSM-2 .Proyek Penambahan Kapasitas PT IPP Power Purchase from PP (300MW) Combine Cycle PowerPlant (120MW) .Profil Proyek Strategis 2007 Jan Jul 2008 Jan Jul 2009 Jan Jul 2010 Jan Jul 2011 Jan Jul 2012 Jan Jul Manajemen Program PT X  Proyek Strategis PT X .Proyek Revitalisasi Main Revitalisasi HSM Main Revitalisasi SSM-1 Main Revitalisasi DR-Plant  Proyek Pengembangan Anak Perusahaan .Proyek Perluasan Waduk PT WS Reservoir Extension Tahap I .