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Geeks Gone Global 2014 /1

Journey To Sankalp Africa

5 Countries in 14 Days
All Geeks Gone Global Innovation Excursions are 14-16 day trips that go through a minimum of 5 countries. The Journey to Sankalp will take place between Feb. 1, 2014 and Feb. 14, 2014. Starting from New York to Accra, Ghana, Lagos Nigeria, Johannesburg, SA, Cape Town, SA and ending with our partner, Sankalp Forum Africa in Nairobi, Kenya.
Geeks Gone Global 2014 /2

Mr. Born Global

Chief Geek
Geeks Gone Global Innovation Excursions are led by a global entrepreneur and innovator with over 20 years experience working and living in over 90 countries.

Faruq Hunter
Founder and President of GeniusCo and its subsidy GeniusCorps he has travelled and worked in over 90 countries servicing both the public and private. Mr. Hunter has been featured in Black Enterprise Magazine for creating a legacy of wealth and stability for your family and selected as one of the top 50 most important African American's in technology. Mr. Hunter has over 18 years experience in information Technology management and implementation and over 10 years experience in Global Business Development.

Geeks Gone Global 2014 /3

Connecting The Worlds Passionate People

Founders of The Innovation Excursion

Geeks Gone Global is the official transit system of the innovation ecosystem. As more and more people are trying to create solutions for a future with many more people and far less borders, the concepts, programs and people that grow the innovation ecosystem are constantly growing. Incubators, accelerators, events, hubs and a plethora of resources are constantly coming online all over the world in order to help more people innovate and grow their ideas into viable and impacting products and services. Geeks Gone Global is dedicated to exposing the full breath of the innovative ecosystem to as many people and as many places as possible. Our role in the ecosystem is awareness and connecting..

Geeks Gone Global 2014 /4

A Blur of Business and Fun


We want to make real connections between people who are committed to truly changing the world and impacting the lives of others. GGG takes actionable people to actionable people who understand each other and make real things happen. Before and after the trip we solidify relationships for our attendees and we share every detail of the planning and planners with you so that you are empowered to take full advantage of your excursion. The daily agenda is filled with meeting and engaging with the most innovative members of each community, discovering the innovative ecosystems of the countries visited.

Geeks Gone Global 2014 /5

On the Ground Events

In each country, companies from the innovative community and the delegation take turns sharing 5 minute pitches about their companies followed by networking

GGG partners with the innovative ecosystems premiere events, such as Startup Weekend, Tedx, Sankalp Forum and SoCap

GGG takes its attendees to the offices and sites of the most successful innovative companies in each country visited

With over 7,000 virtual members of GeniusCorps and Living Bridges Planet, GGG hosts 3 Google Hangouts per trip followed by several very active social media campaigns


Geeks Gone Global 2014 /6

GGG Content Distribution Network For The Journey to Sankalp Africa

GGG Branded e-mails, collateral and links are distributed to hundreds of thousands of innovators around the world through these top tier partners. The assistance of the mailing lists and memberships of these organizations greatly increases the number of people who are exposed to the brands of GGG, GG Partners and sponsors.

Geeks Gone Global 2014 /7

Over 100 News Articles and Over 100 interviews

GGGs first Africa trip PR

On GGGs first innovation excursion to Africa over 50 stories were written about the trip and GGG Partners and attendees. In addition, the same excursions was either mentioned or referenced in another 50 stories.
Geeks Gone Global 2014 /8

Multiple Themes = Greater Exposure

15 Women to Africa
Design Capital Cape Town

Journey to Africa Atlanta Sankalp

Startup Weekend Mentors

Official Exploratory Trip For Mayor Kasim Reed



Crowdfunding Signup for Imagination for People

Euro Hacktrip Recruitment

A Vehicle for Lead Initiatives
The representation of multiple initiative on one trip dramatically increases the trips press and exposure. On the first GGG trip top Africa over 50 news articles were written about the trip and placed in news sources around the world.

Geeks Gone Global 2014 /9

Branding & Marketing

At Lead Generation and Qualification All attendees, participants and connectors are listed in the GGG, Citrix Sponsored, Extranet in Podio. All contact information and participant information gathered is available at all times for GGG sponsors and partners At Events Banners Digital Presentations on Flash Drives Speaking Panels Pitch Presentation Table or Booth Distribution of Materials Give Aways and Media 1,000,000 MB of Film 6,000 Professional Photos Entrepreneurial Interviews Over 100 News Pieces Sponsorship Press Release Branded Commemorative T-Shirt Branded Solar Genome Backpack Branded Scottevest Jacket Web Based Custom Landing Page Logos on landing pages and e-mails Lead Capture and Generation Custom branding of trip logo Links on


Since the primary goal of the Geeks Gone Global Innovative Excursions is to expose innovators to opportunities to grow their initiatives, there are multiple opportunities to present branding and marketing to the many participants and attendees. All sponsorship opportunities are customized to the sponsor or supporter.

Geeks Gone Global 2014 /10

Website and Responsive Mobile Branding 26K+ UNIQUE VISITORS

Landing Page
Geeks Gone Global maintains a professional and graphically pleasing web presence. Our Supporters are given custom landing page on our site.

Trip Page
Supporters are also listed on our main landing page for the trip, which receives premium traffic during the excursion

Geeks Gone Global 2014 /11

3 GeniusCorps & Live Living Bridges Planet Google Hangouts Per Trip

Over 7,000 Online Members

GGG has partnered with Living Bridges planet and SoCap, one of the worlds largest gathering of social entrepreneurs and investors to execute 3 live Google Hangouts from Ghana, South Africa and Sankalp Africa in Nairobi. Viewed by thousands of entrepreneurs around the world Living Bridges helps to insure that GG partners and supporters get maximum exposure.
Geeks Gone Global 2014 /12


Face to Face Innovators
Qualified Leads
Geeks Gone Global always reaches and retains reach to innovators and entrepreneurs through every excursion. Through GeniusCorps free memberships GGG has a reach of 7,000 members and will establish over 2,000 face to face interactions while on the continent. With 160 more trips planned in the next 2 years this number will grow to every country in the world.

+ +
Existing Online Members
Members and Participants of Organizations Reached

Unique Online Views from GGG Sites, Partner Sites and Media

7,000 +
Geeks Gone Global 2014 /13


Social Entrepreneurs

100% Innovators




Target audience
GGG Targets innovative entrepreneurs and the organizations that facilitate that community.

Tech Startups



Geeks Gone Global 2014 /14

Focus on Women

Female Attendees
Extraordinary effort has been put into focusing on female innovators during the GGG Journey to Sankalp Africa. Three of the GGG Pitch Parties are themed around women entrepreneurs as well as an initiative that drew 15 dynamic female entrepreneurs, investors and political and business leaders. The GGG Journey to Sankalp Africa will be the largest privately ran excursion of female leaders from the US to Africa that has focused on female led innovation.

Female Male

Male Attendees
Not to be counted out, 10% of the delegation to Africa is male and over 50% of the participants on the ground will be male as well.

Geeks Gone Global 2014 /15

Our website

Custom Sponsorships Available




+ 1 404 990 0613 faruqh

For sponsorship or press opportunities, please contact us. GeniusCorps Ambassadors are also fully empowered to develop sponsorship and press opportunities.


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