Primavera Project Management

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What is Project ?

What is Project Management?

Introducing P6
The Best Thing That’s Happened to Project Management

Countdown to launch date: 73 days

We Want to Eliminate Project Failure
Primavera is the leading solution for corporations and public agencies to propose, prioritize and select strategic project investments, and then to plan, manage and control the entire portfolio of projects through to a successful completion.

We Want to Eliminate Project Failure
Primavera which is designed to assist project managers in developing plans, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, managing budgets and analyzing workloads.

Primavera Today
• • • • Customers in 108 countries 40% of revenue is outside US/Canada 510 employees Offices: Philadelphia, San Francisco, Chicago, Houston, Portland, London, Jerusalem • In market since 1983

Introducing P6
The most powerful, easy-to-use solution for projects of any size RiskProject & Web Access for Management
All Users Risk Management for the Power User

Anytime, Anywhere Access


Rich functionality and administration/ security

Enterprise-wide integration and reporting

Planners & Schedulers


P6 User Levels: The right tools for the right roles


P6 Level 4 Users


PM Client Web PM Web RM Web Ptfl Dashboards Collaboration Timesheets Admin API Program Managers

Resource Managers

Project Managers Stakeholders

P6 Level 3 Users Web PM Web RM Web Ptfl Dashboards Collaboration Timesheets API
Project Participants

P6 Level 2 Users Web Resource Managers PM (Partial) Dashboards Collaboration Timesheets API

Team Members

Project Managers

P6 Level 1 Users Timesheets API

P6 is the Product users have been waiting for:
• Coding Structures
– – – Unlimited Resource Codes Unlimited Activity Codes Unlimited User Defined Fields Float Path Analysis Mixed Planning Units Activity Steps and Step Templates What-if Project Processing NEW! Hierarchical Resources Financial Periods Resource Bucket Planning NEW! Top-Down Estimation Multi-Currency High-Level Resource/Role Planning NEW!

Centralized Project Management
– – – – Global Resource Pool Cross Project Resource/Schedule Analysis Global Layouts Global Data Structures Multiple, Formatted Curtains User-Defined Indicators Creating Projects Wizard Adding Activities Wizard Import/Export Wizard Report Wizard Project Link (with MS Project)

– – – – – – – – – –

• •

– – – – – – –


Ease of use:

• •

Undo Advanced Security Features

• • •

Risk Analysis Issue Management Claim Digger

Cent ra li ze d Pr oj ect Ma nagem ent

User Defined Field Indicators

Port fol io Ma nagement

User Defined Field Indicators


Re sourc e Mana ge men t

Ti me She ets

Colla bor at ion and Co nten t Mana ge ment

Accura te Pr ogr essing wit h Ac tivit y Steps

Activity Steps

Pr oj ect Spe cifi c Layo uts and Fi lt ers

Impro ve d Gr aphi cs

Reports, Charts, Graphs

“Day to Day” Operational Reports

Business Intelligence Reports

Reporting Data Warehouse

Why P6? The Best Thing That’s Happened to Project Management
• • • • • Simple… Interactive Gantt Chart Powerful… Portfolio and Schedule Analysis Attractive… Dashboards Role-based… Configurable Views Fast… Instant Screen Refreshes

World’s Most Challenging Projects on Primavera

US $ 100 Million under Budget & 11 Days early

Indian Projects

Primavera – Manpower requirement.
• • • • • 2009 Turnkey Projects by PMP’s. Industries are looking for institutional tie-up for their employees training. Requirement of 11334 Primavera experts - Today ( BHEL – 1000 Licenses. Users Around the world by more than 78 thousand companies

CADD Centre is Authorized Training Partner of PRIMAVERA in India

For more details on Primavera Training contact :
caddcentre_himayatn aar@y

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