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M. Badruz Zaman

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This is a tool that we call the "Automatic Fish Feeder". This tool is used to feed the fish at certain hours that had previously be set. The reason we make this tool is that we can easily feed the fish automatically according to a

predetermined time.

The advantages from this project, that is : Equipped lead time; Easier maintenance costs and efficient ;

Not using voltage PLN ; Can be turned on even if the

power goes out.

Reference reason we make this automatic fish feeding apparatus that is when we have a pet fish but we do not feed the appropriate schedule when we are traveling in a long time we will feel guilty . Consequently with this automatic fish feeding apparatus we feel lucky to be able to schedule automatically feed us even though we were traveling in a long time. lpemberi-makan-ikan-otomatis.html

The material of this project, that is :

Jack PC 2. Push button on-off 3. Dioda 1n4001 4. LED 5. Capacitor 47 uF / 16v 6. Resistor 7. Push button reset and setting 8. Relax 9. Seven segment clock 10. Transistor 9013 & A733 11. Acrylic

12. Pipe 13. IC 7805 14. IC AT 89S51 15. IC 74LS247 16. Socket IC 17. Black Housing 18. Battery Casing 19. Battery 20. Casing 21. Gear 22. Limit Switch

The Procedure of making it, that is :

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Prepare equipment and materials on Prepare the PCB which has been printed previously Pairing the components on the PCB that has been provided in accordance with the schematic Perform soldering on each component Making the box to put the PCB and Motor Perform programming modules that can be run Raft of all the material that has been provided in the box and covered with acrylic

The selling price is Rp. 100.000

How marketing this product is by way of

introducing this product to the fish farmers or

corporate fish farmers. This tool can be sold at the fish market and fish breeding places.