A case study of mitsubishi motor sales

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Introduction to case
• Until, the late 1990’s Mitsubishi motor sales America Inc. lacked customer focus. • Has 18 toll free no. to customer. • Approached to retail customer. • One voice and one set of ear to customer, so increase focus on customer. • All the members contribute resources as needed. • Team members also decided to implement changes slowly. • Adding technology when all employees were using the last implemented. • So they can get comfortable with technology

CRM Technology Development
• Journey began in june 1999 when they outsourced most basic level customer call to Baltimore based sitel corp. • 18 tall free customer no., multiple call centers with Siebel system. • Customer centric data base was consolidated to more focus on customer. • Unfortunately system obstacle has occurred. • In 2001 digital phone switch from Avaya Inc. was installed. • Flexible skilled based call routing. • Single tall free no. • Routed based on menu choice.

• Half of customer get information without live contact but with fairly sophisticated queries. • Avaya IP agent software introduced in 2001. • could see agents’ from this software. • Blue pumpkin software to forecast call canter coverage • NiceLog software from NICE system installed to record agents’ voice and screen activity. • Today mitsubishi has 1 call center and outsource service provider that handle most basic calls. • Cost per call has declined by 2/3, saving alone paid for the system in 18 months. • Save agents’ time and activity and unable call center to handle 38% more volume.


Key application component CRM system and its business purpose.

• Give satisfaction to customers.  Retaining old ones.  Direct marketing  Increasing value of firm  Cost reduction  Increase productivity • To solve customer problem  Product innovation  New product launch

2. Benefits to a business & its customers
• There are three type of benefits in CRM system • Sells force automation  Here company is not doing direct sell by call center so there is only one way from where sales can increase that is customer retantion. • Customer service  Here company is using call center only. There is no web self service and wire less service.  Call center of the company can improve.  Handle more call per day.  Achieve more productivity.

• Marketing  Direct marketing is happen in this mis system • To know the customer value and loyality • Customer life time value • Churn rate

3. Do you approve CRM system?
• • • • YES System has fundamental change with technical change Company has changed its business process. Employee accept the change in technology and aware to the technology and feel comfortable with technology.

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