Technology in logistics is used in the Following areas  Automatic Identification  Communication  Material Handling  Facility Design .

Speed 4. Accuracy 2.Automatic Identification Technology Benefits of AID 1. Convenience . Cost Saving 3.

Popular ID techniques  Bar Coding  RFID  Radio Frequency Identification  Magnetic Strip  Voice Recognition .

 Communication of dispatched items for Preparation of Bills by accounts department and Making periodic reports about the inventory .BAR Coding (Use)  Used for identification  Handling  Retrieval and Storage of goods in warehouses and Stores.

 Also helps in tracking a consignment .Contd  Facilitates the tracking of specific items and warehouse during inventory audit or Material Pick up.  .

 Manufacturers Name  Product Details  Date of Manufacture  Material Content  Presented in a Machine readable code conduct.Information Used in Bar Code  Country Code. .

Eliminate human Error. Increase the productivity of the warehouse Facilitate system automation . Reduce Paper Work and Processing time leading to cost reduction.Benefits of Bar Code  Facilitate Easy identification of inventory items during     storage retrieval and pick up packing dispatch transit and inspection.

Types of Bar Code  Linear-linear symbologies consists of a single row bars and can be read by a single line scanner.  Stacked-A stacked Symbology consists of several rows of bars and spaces and can be read by multiple ID scanner. .  Matrix-these symbologies are Polygonal array of data cells and are read from 2D image scanner.

retailing and logistics Industries.Radio Frequency identification  One of the preferred forms of auto identification of goods in the manufacturing .  Uses RFID Tag or transponder.  Identification relies on storing and remotely retrieving data using a device called RFID tag or transponder .

Integrated Circuit for sorting and processing information modulating and demodulating RF Signals and other specialised function .Contd  RFID Tags contain 2 Parts  1. Is an antenna for receiving and transmitting signals. .  2.

Memory Buttons  These are used to supplant the common means such as bar coding to identify the goods.  Memory contains encapsulated microprocessor. Several Pages of information can be stored on a button and the reader can physically touch to retrieve the information .

the memory buttons are keyed with information required by the agencies. .  The information regarding the contents of the package is strored in the Memory Button which is attached to the package.  Used in the case of overseas dispatches.Use of memory buttons  Portable data base for product identification of storage retrieval and movement of large size load containing large number of items .

RFTs are pieces of silicon chip to store data in the microcircuit.Radio frequency Tags (RFT)  RFTs are used as an alternative to bar codes for communication . They are programmable and have erasable memory. Data is stored in the coded form and communicated to the reader at the centralized  computer.The reader is connected to a central computer. .

. Reader  act as data carrier and reader or antenna which transfers information to and from the tag.RFT(Components)  1.Tags (act as data carrier)  2.

 Can be helpful for quick dock clearance at octroi or customs posts.Use of RFID  Useful accomplishments to truck shipments as the tag can contain information on consignor. inventory items . Quantity and value . consignee.  They do away with lots of paper work .

. The operator Creates a voice template for each word uttered which is stored for future reference.Voice Interactive system  This technology was developed for space travel application in 1980s  Voice interactive system consists of a voice synthesizer and a head Set.

.  It keeps the warehouse workers hands free to pick pack and inspect goods.USE of VIS  Used in legal medical manufacturing warehousing and so on  In warehouse application it allows the worker or operator to communicate the data to the central computer without using key board.