Innovation And Entrepreneurship In Global Economy



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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Defined 23/01/2014 Seminar Entrepreneurship .

something new or revolutionary • Innovations is one of tools for entrepreneur in order to lead the market • Systematic innovations comes from purposeful and organized search for changes • Sometimes innovation came from something unplanned • Innovations comes from accidental activities • Innovation in business > Adapting to changes of business landscape 23/01/2014 Seminar Entrepreneurship .Message From The Journal • Innovations means creating something radical.

Message From The Journal (2) • Not every entrepreneurial business is innovative • Not every small business define as entrepreneurial or represents entrepreneurship • Entrepreneur always seen change as standrad – Peter Drucker 23/01/2014 Seminar Entrepreneurship .

you can start your new business in the existing field. and need an extra risk taking. 23/01/2014 Seminar Entrepreneurship . but being entrepreneur isnt always came with innovations.Conclussion Entrepreneurs are related to innovations. Innovations drive entrepreneur made a new way of business.

but innovation is something you can ever talks only in concept level. but it should be implement. • Implementation – The journal just didnt give a whole information about the process of being an innovator.Critics For The Journal • Theoritically – The theory seems easy as it looks. • Suggestion – There are certain rules that should be done for you to whether to be a good entrepreneur nor innovator 23/01/2014 Seminar Entrepreneurship .

Innovation And Entrepreneurs in 1980’s 23/01/2014 Seminar Entrepreneurship .

Message From The Journal • American heavy industry are losing their ground for few decades • The heavy industry should’ve transform into many ways because of emergence of innovations • Deregulating force people to came up with new ideas and stimulate innovation in the mid 80’s • Change becoming unavoidable in the mid 80’s 23/01/2014 Seminar Entrepreneurship .

which is: – The strategy not mutually exclusive – The strategy not always sharpnely differintiated – Each strategy certain kinds of innovations and does not fit to others – Each strategy require spesific behaviour on the part of entrepreneur – Each strategy has its own limitations and carriers its own risks 23/01/2014 Seminar Entrepreneurship .Message From The Journal (2) • There are certain way to emphasize the connection between entrepreneurial strategy and innovations.

Conclussions • In the mid 80’s many american industry transformed into new ways • Innovations are become unavoidable in mid 80’s • There are certain rules in innovations: – – – – – 23/01/2014 Being the fastest with the mostest (Blackberry does) Hit them where they aint (Apple does) Entrepreneurial Judo (Honda does) Changing economic characteristic (Yahoo Does) Ecological Niche (Givun does) Seminar Entrepreneurship .

cuz some innovations just didnt work out.Critics For The Journal • Theoritically – The theory representing about what entrepreneurs should do in order to facing the rapid changes • Implementation – The subject is quitely timeless. this subject is only about guidelines. 23/01/2014 Seminar Entrepreneurship . • Suggestion – Entrepreneur should’ve different understanding of what might changes are. the rest of it should be in entrepreneurs shoulder. it means it can be used for now even for the next century.