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Introduction History of Nepalese tourism Major attractions  ourists related data Nepalese !conomy" Brief #e$ie%  ourism #elated Businesses Nepalese !conomy And ourism Major !$ents (onclusion


 ourism is tra$el for recreational" leisure" or business

According to 0 1:

ra$elling to and staying in places outside their usual en$ironment for not more than one consecuti$e year for leisure" business and other purposes'

Brief Review of Tourism in Nepal Historical #e$ie% of ourism in Ancient Nepal'  ourism after 3nification of Nepal'  ourism after )4.5' .

Historical Review of Tourism in Ancient Nepal. too had $isited <umbini" the birth place of <ord Buddha" and built the Asho. Pillar there'  he marriage relations bet%een Princess Bhri. A Glance 6Manjushree7 had made the $alley fit for human habitation by cutting the (ho$ar Hill of 8athmandu 9alley %ith his s%ord and thereby letting the %ater flo% out from %ithin the $alley' Although Manjushree is said to ha$e come either from India or (hina" yet he is regarded as the first tourist e$er $isiting Nepal'  he :reat 8ing of ancient India" of the northern state <hasa' .uti" daughter of 8ing Amshu$arma" and =rong>sten :ampo" the .

Tourism After Unification Of Nepal 8ing Prith$inarayan =hah unified the scattered principalities into bigger Nepal in )?+? A'@ After the treaty of =ugauli in )A)+ A'@ there %ere regular $isits of British nationalities in 8athmandu 8ing :eorge 9 and the Prince of 0ales came to Nepal for hunting tigers in the terai forests in )4)) and )42) respecti$ely @espite these de$elopments" the #ana autocracy isolated Nepal from eBternal influence for a hundred and four years' @uring that period" Nepal %as a 6forbidden land7 for foreigners eBcept for the small traders and Indian pilgrims' .

o$er>A555m pea.s ? of the A o$er>A555m pea.s in Nepal %ere for the first time successfully scaled'  he %orld7s highest pea.2  here after $arious strategies to promote tourism are formulated . Mount =agarmatha D!$erestE %as successfully ascended by enCing Norgay =herpa of Nepal and =ir !dmund Hillary of Ne% Fealand on May 24" )4.?' In )4.5" Nepal open its door to $isitors'  ourism @e$elopment Board established in )4.4" Nepal joined the membership of international union of official tra$el organiCationDI31 1E"present name" 0orld ourism 1rganiCation D0 1E @uring the decade" of the %orld famous ).Tourism After 1950 0ith the da%n of democracy in )4.

a!or Attractions  Mountaineering Pilgrimage #i$er #afting* (annoning Jungle =afari 9illage ours =ight> =eeing Bungee Jumping ..

"or A#ventures lovers #!88IN: #AG IN: PA#A:<I@IN: B3NJ!! MI(#1<I:H J3MPIN: bist-jpg)./yahoo'com AI#(#AG M13N AIN (<IMBIN: .

/yahoo'com .$ultural %orl# Herita&e 'ite (HAN:3NA#AIAN 8A HMAN@3 @3#BA# =H3A#! BHA8 AP3# @3#BA# =H3A#! PA AN @3#BA# =H3A#! bist-jpg).

$ultural %orl# Herita&e 'ite PA=H3PA INA H B13@@HANA H <3MBINI =0AIAMBH3NA H .

255.55555 . 255+ 255? 255A 2554 25)5 25)) 25)2 .No Of Tourist Arrival (n Nepal 455555 A55555 ?55555 +55555 .55555 255555 255555 )55555 5 ourists arri$al by air otal no 2552 2552 255.

) ))'4+ ))'?A ))'22 4'+ ?'42 )5'2 4'54 )2'+? )2')2 )2')+ 2552 2552 255. 255. 255+ 255? 255A 2554 25)5 25)) 25)2 .Avera&e 'ta) Avege stay (days) )2'.

Annual Growt* Rate 2?') 22'? )2'4 2552 2552 255. >2'. 255+ )A'2 2'2 255? 255A 22') 4'5A >. 2554 )'4 25)5 25)) 25)2 >22'? . 255.

5555 255555 2.isit .5555 )55555 .5555 Holiday*Pleasure 25) ) 5 1fficial (onference*(on$' .5555 .+urpose Of .5555 255555 )..55555 2.

in /01/0 Country Ran1 1 Ran1 / Ran1 5 Ran1 8 Ran1 5 (n#ia $*ina 'ri 6an1a U2'2A2 U292 Ot*er % /0230 429 427 321 521 5023 .a!orit) of visitors come from--.

Brief Review Poorest and least de$eloped bet%een t%o giant gro%ing economies' Agriculture is the primary economic acti$ity' :@P composition: Agriculture: 2A')J Industry: ).Nepalese :conom).J E 22'A J of the population are belo% po$erty line' .'2J =er$ices: .+'+J #emittance based economy D 2.

" tra$el agent" online tour and accommodation sales' Restaurant & other facilities: restaurant of e$ery genre .%d tag>along tours" guided to%n tours" ad$enture tour" local sightseeing tours' Tourism hire and retail: sou$enir sales" art and artifact sales Dpo.Tourism Relate# Businesses Accommodation: bed K tours" .hara la.esideE Bookings: tour des.fasts" tents resorts" lodges" cabins" home stay" hotels" motels" campgrounds' Transportation: bus or coach dri$er" rental cars" air transport operator' Attractions: museums" cultural centers" mountains" ri$ers Tour operators: bush tuc.

Hotel D8ath' 9alleyE re.52 .ing Agencies re.555 .ing :uide . 242.2..555 2555 2555 )555 5 25)) 25)2 A)+2 ?252 2A2.22 2))+ )2?A ).Tourism Relate# :nterprises 4555 A555 ?555 +555 . )42+ ..

.Nepalese :conom) An# Tourism Based on the theory that one tourist employs nine people" %e cannot deny the fact that ... percent of the $alue of the country7s total eBports  he industry pro$ides employment to more than ?.J' Income is forecast to gro% by 2') percent in 25)2 and .2".5"555 people in a country %here the unemployment rate is more than .') percent per annum from 25)2 to #s .55 jobs has been created in 25)2" In 25)2" Nepal earned #s 2+'+ billion from tourism" eLui$alent to 2.+"555 international tourists in 25)2' .'+ billion in 2522 According to the 0 (" Nepal is eBpected to attract 4.

))'?A )5'+ 2555 2552 255.'A 25'.')4 ).c*an&e :arnin& .2 ))'A2 )5'.) )2'). 255+ 255A 25)5 25)2 . Rs (n Billion0 24 2.Gross "orei&n :.? A'2 ). 2A'?+ 22'.'.

2'2 2'A 2'. 255+*5? 255A*54 25)5*)) . )'A 2 2555*5) 2552*52 255."orei&n :. )'.c*an&e :arnin& "rom Tourism As % of GD 2'. 2'? 2'. )'4 )'A )'.*5.

*++ 25++*+? 25+?*+A 25+A*+4 .? .A ).Total Revenue "rom National +ar1s An# +rotecte# Are . Rs2 (n illion0 2.'.A'.5'2A 25+5*+) 25+)*+2 25+2*+2 25+2*+. 25+.+ +. 4.'?. 25+.*+..?'2? ))?'4 ?A'.'.2 254'4+ ).

'ome Of T*e a!or :vents T*at :ffecte# Nepalese Tourism 'ector  (i$il %ar that cost almost )2"555 li$es in a span of )5 years D)44+>255+E  Hijac. in )444 #oyal massacre in 255)  8ing :yanendra7s coup in of Indian Airlines flight I( A).  (omprehensi$e Peace Accord in 255+ that ended the ci$il %ar  Nepal ourism Iear 25)) <umbini 9isit Iear 25)2 .

Glo<al (nfluence (n Nepalese Tourism (limate change  he global economy A$iation capacity International competition Gluctuations in the eBchange rate .

of in$estment'  hreat of socio>cultural degradation and disappearance of the con$entional good culture .eting <ac.illed manpo%er <ac. of s. of effecti$e Mar.$*allen&es Of Nepalese Tourism Political instability <ac. of infrastructures =ecurity of tourists <ac.

5 25)5 25)) 25)2 .Tourists Relate# $rimes ??A ++? +.

$onclusion Nepal has a great potential in tourism industry' Nepalese tourism is playing a significant role in Nepalese economy' Proper mar.eting and promotion are reLuired to increase the no of tourists' Political instability is the main obstacle of tourism in Nepal  he rural tourism need to be encouraged' In$estment in tourism sector is most important' .

ipedia :oogle 'com .References  ourism statistics 25)2 !conomic sur$ey 25)2 by ministry of finance 0i.