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NetQoS Evolution

01 Mar 2005

2005! Such a
long time ago!
Company Early History

Jan99: Founded as Sole Proprietorship, Team=2

Mar99: Incorporated, Team=2

Jan00: Deployed RA on client network, Team=2

Mar00: Sought VC funding, Team=2-4

Jun00: Closed on $11 Million Financing, Team=2

Aug00: Kitchen Club=>Chevy Chase, Team=10

Sep01: Moved to Bridge Point, Team=45

May02: Closed on $5 Million Financing ($16M)

Sep02: Team=56 full-time

May03: Closed on $5 Million Financing ($21M)

Feb05: Team=72 full-time Today we
have 247
© NetQoS, Inc. 2002
Initial Team

Mark Gully (3rd) – HR Dept Head

Brett Panter (4th) – Finance Dept Head

Paul Steiner (5th) – Systems->Software Engineering->Sales

Jim Sampson (7th) – Training->Support->Account Mgmt->Sales

Shane Bordeau (8th) – Systems->Support->Sales

Dan Street (9th) – IT/Systems Dept Head

Ben Haley (13th) – Software Engineering Dept Head *

Mia Dubberke (14th) – Marketing->…->Account Mgmt

Rob Osterhouse (15th) – Perf Engineering Dept Head * [29Sep00]

Gone are Donny (6th), Robert (10th), Ed (11th), Wilson (12th)

Sales: 2 Teams, Scott was our 1st choice to lead [02Jan01]

Marketing: 3 Heads, Michael was our 1st choice to lead [30Apr01]

© NetQoS, Inc. 2002

NetQoS Slogans

Jan99: “Improving Network Performance”
 Two-person consulting firm This lasted a
 Names: Network Reporter, Virtual Consultant whole month.

Jun00: “When Network Performance Matters”
 First funded
 “Powered by NQ-View, Augmented by Professionals”
 Names: NQ-View, NQ-VC, NQ-007
I can’t believe we’re still in

July00: “Our Name Says It All” business after running with
 First Marketing VP this slogan for 18 months.
 Names: VisionQuest, NQSA

Sep02: “Performance Experts”
 Names: Reporter-Analyzer, SuperAgent, NetFlow Manager, Investigator,

© NetQoS, Inc. 2002

NetQoS Logos

What were we

Back then, we
were experts.
And it spins
Aw, man, that too!
swoosh brings
back memories!

© NetQoS, Inc. 2002

NetQoS PowerPoint Templates

Welcome to NetQoS
Network Analysis/Modeling:
Improving Business Communications Austin, Texas
First Annual NetQoS
Cathy Fulton, NetQoS NetQoS: When Network Company Gathering
Performance Matters

Yep, we really
used that logo…

Performance Experts

Board Meeting Emulation
February 19, 2001
November 1, 2000 Corporate Summary

© NetQoS, Inc. 2002

Client Growth (219 in Feb05)

# Unique Clients (by Qtr)

Q4/00 Q1/01 Q2/01 Q3/01 Q4/01 Q1/02 Q2/02 Q3/02

© NetQoS, Inc. 2002

Annual Revenue It’s five times
this now!






2000 2001 2002 2003 2004

© NetQoS, Inc. 2002


NetQoS: When Network

Performance Matters
Performance Management
HTTP (Web), FTP (File)
SMTP (E-mail), Real Audio

WAN Link

 Performance Management Solves Problems

Optimizes the efficiency of network resources
measured in terms of application bandwidth,
response times and traffic flow. Some things
haven’t changed.

NetQoS Confidential
This looks practically simple by
today’s standards.

Typical Fortune 1000 Network

 Scale: 1000 lines, 700 sites, 70 telcos, 38000 users

 Complexity: Interdependent mesh, dynamic flux
 Investment: Hardware, software, people

NetQoS Confidential
Our investments
Example: Traffic Types
in UI
were well worth
it. Would you
want to work with

Note no entries
for BitTorrent,
YouTube, or

NetQoS Confidential
Example: Web Usage
Online porn is what companies
worried about before World of
Warcraft.  Legal
 Business
is 24hrs for

NetQoS Confidential
NetQoS – What Does it Mean?
 net • kōz – Web Page for Insomniacs

 net • kwáz – Australian for Networking

Mental note. Never let
engineers name your company.
 net • q • o • s
 Net – short for networking
 QoS – industry term for Quality of Service