soccer goal dimensions

A football field is the field on which is organizing a part of football. Its characteristics of soccer goal dimensions are defined by the Act 1 of football.
According to the laws of the game that define, the land has traditionally to dimension a length between 90 and 120 meters (100 to 130 yards, the unit originally used in the laws of the game) and a width between 45 and 90 meters (50 to 100 yards). It is professional soccer goal dimensions. Reconverts to Palouse.

Surface The games may be played on surfaces of natural or artificial, in accordance with the rules of the competition in question. The artificial land must be green in color. When artificial surfaces are used for games of competition between teams representing associations affiliated to FIFA or two games of international competitions for clubs,high school soccer goal dimensions the surfaces must meet the requirements of the FIFA Quality Concept for the surfaces Football Turf or the International Artificial Turf Standard except in cases of exceptional derogation granted by FIFA.

Marking of the field
The field of play must be rectangular and delimited by lines. These lines are an integral part of the surfaces they delimit. The two lines of demarcation the longer are called lines of goal dimensions fifa The two shorter are named lines of purpose. The playground is divided into two halves by the median line that attached the middle lines of key. The central point is marked in the middle of the median line. Around this point, traces a circle of 9.15 m radius. In order to materialize the distance to be observed by the opponent during the execution of a corner kick, it is possible to put a mark at 9.15 m from the arc of circle corner, on the outside of the field of play,soccer goal dimensions youth perpendicular to the goal line and to the touch line.

Goal Area
Two lines are drawn at right angles to the goal line, at 5.5 m from the inside of each goalpost. These two lines are progressing on the field of play for a distance of 5.5 m and are joined by a line drawn parallel to the goal line. The space delimited by these lines and the goal line is called goal area.