Role of Management Information System In Tata motors

The company’s manufacturing base is spread across multiple plants. Tata Motors presence extends across the length and breath of India. . ‡ Tata Motors is India’s largest automobile company and the second largest in the passenger vehicles market .5 million Tata vehicles have driven on Indian roads since the first one rolled out on 1954. ‡ Over 3.About Tata Motor ‡ Established in 1945. supported by a nation wise dealership. sales and services and spare parts network comprising of about 1200 touch points.

Jamshedpur and Lucknow. Spain And UK.000 lakh unique materials. It has 27 spare part warehouses comprising of over 7.00. -There exited a need for collaboration between vehicle manufactures and dealers. The corporate office of Tata motors was located in Mumbai .It has 42 regional and sales offices. -Given its sheer size and its distributed units there were no online real time data available.Reasons For Implementation of ERP -Tata motors had its manufacturing plants located in Pune. -The sales. -Its Spare part dealer network consisted of 1200 touch points. . the information flow was very cumbersome. -Inappropriate real time data led to production loss. finance and production planning systems were independent of each other and hence. Its R&D centers were located in South Korea.

and quality to keep production in tune with overall business requirements and customer demands. materials. -Perform Model Option Planning The portfolio offers fully integrated solutions for planning. plant maintenance. It supports multiple manufacturing strategies. production plans. . and forecast driven processes. warehouse operation. HR. execute. availability checking. assemble-to order. Company can plan. production. and control manufacturing operations in sequenced -build and just in time production environments. configuration. billing and financial reporting. including repetitive. giving the company a consistent view of the product in sales orders. flow. order processing. The company can draw on information about planning. pricing. lean. analyze.Selection of SAP as the ERP Package SAP helps TATA motors in following ways: -Drive adaptive manufacturing and procurement. and profitability analysis. accounting.

and track vehicles for their customers. labeling and shipping. . SAP gives importers a powerful channel based tool for procuring. and for generating advance shipping notifications to maximize operational efficiency and effectiveness. for data capture and error-proofing on the shop floor. search for obtain. distributing and tracking vehicles and service parts. dealers and importers can collaborate on full range of activities associated with selling and delivering vehicles. while enabling dealers to easily configure. for packaging.-Manage the complete vehicle order-to-delivery process Manufacturers. -Manufacture and deliver components Suppliers in all tiers uses SAP for Automotive to ensure compliance with customer mandates for receipt of material releases. to synchronize production with demand. selling.

components and vehicles to drive strategies based on an understanding of factors such as part failures and returned part pattern and participation pattern for a given recall campaign. including design and production start. -Strengthens the management of programs and projects SAP solution help them by providing them tool they need to plan. . -Streamline the service parts process This helps in performing time-phased demand and replenishment planning while handling procurement warehousing.-Handle warranty claims with efficiency and accuracy SAP helps in processing warranty claims and automating the claims payment process for increased efficiency. Company can analyze. distribution and workload scheduling. manage and control programs and projects of any size. -Collaborate across engineering and design SAP solutions provide tools for internal and external collaboration at every stage of engineering.

-Manage relationship with customers and partners It provides the company with CRM management tool needed to manage sales and service interactions with all partners in their value network including dealers. . and reporting help company plan budget. and work with a complete picture of operations. -Improve the management of Enterprise Assets Support for enterprise asset management covers the complete asset life-cycle the includes the specification and design. development and procurement. forecasting. maintenance and disposal helping the company reduce operating cost. improve sales planning and monitoring. optimize internal and external processes. suppliers. customers. operation. -Understand and Control Operations in Greater depth Comprehensive tools for Analytics.

Management Distribution Management IPMS Supplier Relationship Management Integrated Production Management CRM PLM Customer Relationship Product Life-Cycle Management Management . Services Plant Maint.SAP modules FI / CO MM PP QM SD ESM PM Finance / Control SRM Materials Management Production Planning Quality Sales & Ext.

Critical Success Factors Some of the CSFs that TATA Motors took into consideration are: -Improved Sales revenue -Cost Reduction -Reduced Inventory -Improved production scheduling -Improved Productivity -Enhanced organization-wide communication .

Decision support. • Reduce manual effect of invoice capture. .Benefits After Implementing SAP Supplier Collaboration Knowledge Management Monitoring and Control • Provide supplier with order management system. • Operation support. Strategy development support. • E-Learning is convenient and faster knowledge sharing is done.

Growth Of TATA Motors 65 40 20 Pre 1990 Mid 1990d 25 Yearly Y2ky 2003 3 .

SAP provided a strong IT infrastructure to support Tata Motors’ aggressive globalization plans. resource planning.000 Tata Motors users now work with SAP solutions. . Improvements identified in general costs. Tata Motors claims to have the widest range of SAP functionality of any SAP installation. purchasing. logistics. and the process for providing important financial information .KEY FINDINGS Over 3.

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