Training Guide for Residents
When you arrive at this screen you will enter your hospital’s login which is case sensitive

User Name and Password
Enter your user name and password. The first time you log in they are the same, your first initial and your last name in lower case letters without spaces. (unless you have be provided a different user name and password by an administrator)

and possible links for curriculum and notices about expiring items.Welcome Screen After you log in you are taken to your welcome screen. . On this screen you will see any department notices your coordinator has set up. a link for any evaluations that need to be done.

Some sections such as “My Favorites” can be collapsed by clicking on the arrow or you can add or remove favorite links by clicking on the “Add/Remove” .

You can also navigate by clicking on “Main” from the far left drop down list and selecting a module .

Change Password Select Main>Change Password to change your password. You can change both your user name and password but the two cannot match and they can only contain letters or numbers. Once entered click “Save”. If you forget your password your program coordinator can reset it for you. .

( If you were not with the subject long enough to evaluate them .Evaluations Once you click to view the evaluations you must complete from your welcome page you will be taken to this page. To complete an evaluation. simply click on the word Evaluate. place a check mark in the box(es) under NET and click the link that says: “submit selected evaluations as NET) .

.Score the Evaluation Once you’ve clicked on Evaluate you will be taken to the online evaluation form. To score. select the appropriate circle for each question.

The evaluation will remain on the welcome screen with your saved answers. click on the “Submit Final” button. but wish to retain your answers so far. To finalize submission click the OK button. click on the “Save Draft “option.Submit the Evaluation Once you have finished scoring your evaluation form.) . You will be asked to make sure you are ready to submit. (If you are unable to finish the entire evaluation.

Viewing Completed Evaluations You can view all evaluations that you completed about others and any evaluations that were completed about you that were not anonymous by going to EVALUATIONS>View>Completed Evaluations .

. click on “view” next to the report named Individual Report (General). Normally this will not include anonymous evaluations unless your coordinator has set up the report to allow viewing of anonymous results.Generating a Report to see your Personal Evaluation Results To generate a report and see cumulative results for evaluations completed about you go to EVALUATIONS>Reports>Custom Evaluation Reports.

click on the blue link in the curriculum column (0 of 1 shown below) .View My Rotation Schedule To view your rotation schedule click on Scheduling-Block> View> My Rotations If you have curriculum to view for a rotation.

. Click on the name of the Curriculum which will be a blue link. That will date and time stamp the review.View Curriculum A new window will open. When you are finished reading click the Confirm button.

calls. shifts.View My Schedule You can view your complete monthly schedule. conferences. etc by clicking on Scheduling-Assignment> View> My Schedule . including rotations. clinics.

It will show you the conference name.View Conference Information You can view information for your conferences by clicking on each individual conference link on the schedule. location. topic and any files that correspond to that conference such as power point slides. time. speaker. .

.View Rotation Information You can also view your rotation information and curriculum details from the My Schedule view by clicking on the rotation name.

Any field with (Required) must be populated or you will not be able to save. To log a single procedure on a patient. . click Save and Clear. To log multiple procedures on the same patient. click Save and Retain.Procedure Logging To log a procedure click on Procedure Logger -> Add/View/Confirm -> Add Procedure Logs.

click on Procedure Logger -> Add/View/Confirm -> View Procedure Logs. You can also edit or delete logged procedures from this screen. Procedures that have been confirmed by an attending may not be deleted.View Logged Procedures To view the procedures you have logged. .

Procedure Log Reports There are various reports to track procedure logging. To view these reports go to Procedure Logger >Reports>Student/Physician Reports .

Duty Hours To Add Duty Hours. click on the link on the link on your welcome screen or click on the menu Duty Hours If your default data entry method is Multi Day your screen will look like this. .

.Add Duty Hours. Enter your start time.Multi Day Entry Choose what you did from the Duty/Assignment box. Choose from the calendar below the dates you worked that assignment and click on the date. and a duration of duty (note: this is how many hours you worked not an end time). Populate any comments and click Add Hours.

Click on Continue to add the hours or Cancel to go back and edit .

Graphical To add hours select increment size for hours entered.Add Duty Hours. . whether you want the graph to display Horizontally or Vertically and click on any day for the week you wish to add hours and click Continue.

a location and either click on the increment or hold down the mouse and sweep across the intervals for the time worked.Select a Duty Type.B and C for other types of hours you wish to log and then click Save. . Hours that have already been added at other times will display in gray and cannot be edited or deleted from this screen. Repeat A.

. Set the start time .Vacation Leave Hours can be entered by clicking on the Vacation Leave link. the duration and click on the calendar for the first day of the vacation and the last day then click Save.

Added Duty Hours The duty hours you just added will appear below in a table format. You may edit any of the hours. . You may also see hours that the coordinator built into the monthly schedule – the source column will say Sched. you may only delete hours you entered yourself. You may see hours that your coordinator added for you – the source column will say Admin.

. click on the Did Not Work button. you may also delete on this page. or adjust the duration and then click Approve. To edit either adjust the start time. If you did not work those projected hours. click on the edit link in front of the entry row you wish to change. If you entered the hours.Edit Duty Hours To edit duty hours.

. you will see (DNW) appear next to the start time. If you indicated that you Did Not Work a set of hours.View Edited Hours Once you have edited your hours you may view them in the table format from the main Duty Hours entry page.

.Approve Existing Hours To approve existing hours that you entered for yourself or hours logged by your administrator. click on the link at the top of the Duty Hours Screen to Approve Existing Hours. Place a check in the box in front of the hours you wish to approve and click the Approve Selected Entries button.

View My Duty Hours .

. There may be a link on your Welcome Screen to sign off.Your coordinator may have set up your Duty Hours that will require you to sign off on hours entered after each block .

This will bring you to DUTY HOURS>My Duty Hours>Signoff my Duty Hours Place an X in the box to the left of the interval and click Sign off .