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Watch your Walk


Walk that Matters

Welcome Sharon Christian Assembly Thane

Read the Scriptures Matt 14:28-31; Matt 16:21-24; Matt 26:73-75 :


Identify Yourself in Three Incidents from Peters Life:

A Man with the Bad Beginning: 1) In Matt 14:30 Beginning to Sink - The Lord Caught him. 2) In Matt 16:22 Beginning to Stray - The Lord Corrected him. 3) In Matt 26:74 Beginning to Swear - The Lord Challenged him. By the Gracious Intervention of the Lord

Peter Beginning to Sink (Matt 14:30)

We are not focusing on a Failing Disciple but a Faithful Saviour. His timely intervention. May be today, here and now in your life. Notice Three Things: a) Crises he Experienced b) Cry he Expressed c) Care he Enjoyed

Crises he Experienced: Are you sinking in

Sea of Difficulties:
- Bereavement

- Unemployment - I am losing my spiritual level. I cannot handle. I am going down - Pressures of life.

Sea of Doubts:
- More workload, How to go on? Is it worth? - Failure, increased responsibilities. Unable to copeup.

Sea of Devotion:
- No Quiet Time. Eliminated. No hearing from the Lord. - Instead of Scriptures Screens, wandering in sites not healthy and holy. - Keeping Christian front, but deep within know Sinking. Any unequal yoke? You were committed but not so now.

The Crises he Experienced but The Cry he Expressed

It was cry of desperate faith & not desperation You say what can I do? Get back to the Lord, Dont wait. Have you neglected prayer? Where the water level was?
Knee, vest, chest or chin level? Or Crossed all levels? Detect, cry, confess.

The Crises he Experienced but The Cry he Expressed and The Care he Enjoyed
Cry, Call, Confess, Clear between you and Lord

The Care of: - The Arm of Omnipotence - The Grip of Grace - There was no wind, no wave, no storm that can dislodge Peter from Him.

Remember He was sinking in well known water

you can go down in waters that are very familiar

Samson, began to sink near home. David, began to sink within his own palace. Peter, began to sink in familiar sea. There are dangers on every side, you may think you can handle it, but we need Lords hand. Thank God, immediately, the Lord Caught him.

Peter Beginning to Stray (Matt 16:22)

He began to rebuke the Lord The Road he Resented &The Role he Adopted It is not my national way, nor natural way. Who should decide whose path? We are associated with Christ whom the world rejects - We like the soft path, options, rewrite the program. - Remember: When Saviour will have His Rightful Place, we will have ours - Thank God, He Catches when we Sink & He Corrects when we stray and stumble.

Peter Beginning to Swear (Matt 26:74)

What was Peters Denial? - He didnt use obscenity, vile language, curse words. - He didnt deny His Deity but Relationship. To Reinforce his position, the guise of: - Certain Language - Certain Dress - Calculated Moves to prove.

Peter Beginning to Swear (Matt 26:74)

But Cock Crew & Peter Knew He Used his Voice Lord used Roosters Voice He went out and wept bitterly. Notice: - The Speech that he employed - The Signal that he heard - The Sorrow that he experienced Cock Crow Signal of Warning & Signal of Dawning

Signal of Warning & Signal of Dawning

Its time to Awake. He Wept. He Walked Out: - Not out of life - But into life for the Lord - Sermons he preached, Souls he led - Letters he wrote, life he offered. He had bad beginnings bt He finished well.

How did Peter finish well?

Because of the Timely Interventions of the Lord: 1) In Matt 14:30 Beginning to Sink But - The Lord Caught him. 2) In Matt 16:22 Beginning to Stray But - The Lord Corrected him. 3) In Matt 26:74 Beginning to Swear But - The Lord Challenged him. It is not so much of
Failing Peter but Faithful Lord