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Types of Drama Tragic Comedy Farce Tragedy Comedy Melodrama .

. However. a vital weakness within the hero’s character (his tragic flaw which precipitates the tragedy) 2. rather than in the hero himself.TRAGEDY : The Tragic Pattern 1. an outstanding personality as center of conflict (classical tragedy demanded a “noble” character) 4. the conflict within the hero is the source of tragedy. or in man’s relationship to it. since Nietzsche. a theme of fatal passion (excluding love) as a primary motive 3. the tragic flaw is often found to be in the universe itself.

Certain comedies are geared toward different age groups.COMEDY designed to be humorous. unusual characters. and strange circumstances. . often filled with witty remarks.

MELODRAMA a play in which the characters are types rather than individuals. the story and situations exaggerated to the point of improbability or sensationalism and the language and emotion over-emphasized .

disguises. chance encounters. repetitions. surprises. uses such theatrical devices as duplications.FARCE A generally nonsensical genre of play. . Fast moving. are often overacted and often involve slapstick humour. often many doors and closets. reversals.

uses tense situations and moments of extreme conflict. but the tragedy is averted and transcended. . and with the kindly and tolerant attitude of comedy but without its underlying spirit of humour.TRAGIC COMEDY OR DRAMA a play with the sincerity and earnestness of tragedy but without its inevitability of impending disaster.

• Examples of drama .