Life And Times Of

Lord Krishna
Excerpts from Sri Mahabhagavatham Authored By Rishi Vedvyas

Krishna –Early Childhood

Krishna –Early Childhood

Poothana the Demoness
• One fine day a noble looking lady approached Yasoda and asked her permission to breastfeed the Baby Krishna • Since that was the practice to show affection to babies in those days,Yasoda gave permission and then the “lady” quickly thrust her poisoned “breast” to the baby Krishna’s mouth and see what happened

Poothana Drained, Morphs
Knowing full well the trick,Krishna sucked at her breasts hard till she was drained and fell dead,upon which her original form as the demoness Poothana Surfaced.

Krishna Playing
On the Chest Of the Huge , Morphed , Corpse Of Poothana

Cremation Of Poothana
Perturbed on seeing the baby Krishna playing on the huge dead body of the Woman, the maids of Gokulam took him aside and bathed him in sanctified water Meanwhile the neighbours assembled and cut the corpse of Poothana into pieces And cremated her. And when the smoke from cremation ground spread,it smelt sweet and divine,because all her Sins were washed away In the milk that was drunk from her breast by the Lord Of the Lords

Poothana’s Cremation

A fragrance spread from the cremation ground while Poothana’s dead-body was burnt

Krishna-The Cynosure Of Gokulam
At Gokulam,all the maids discussed the Miracle of the Baby Krishna put an end to Poothana. Day by day Ambadi (Gokulam) grew multifold in its glory due to Baby Krishna. Beautiful maids of Gokulam will talk only about the divine baby ,his looks,smiles and the miracles. It became their pastime to vie with each other to lift the baby,kiss on his plumpy divine chheks and get a feeling of salvation

Baby Krishna Kicks the Cart
Once on the first birthday of Krishna, Yasoda,his step mother,rested the baby under a cart in the palace grounds and started attending to the Guests After a while Krishna started crying for milk,which was not heard by any one in the din and noise of the guests

But when people saw the overturned cart and the scattered goods on the ground they were surprised to learn that the cart was overturned by the kicks of the tender feet of the Lord.Accordingly they informed the palace what they saw and concluded. But nobody believed that a child of one year could kick a cart !!!

Quelling The Tornado Demon Trinavarta
Once a Demon in the form of a Tornado Lifted Krishna and when the Storm was about to hurl him,Krishna Choked the Demon in Tornado form

Trinavarta’s Fall
Trinavarta fell on a rock and died, revealing his true form People rescued Krishna playing on the fallen demon’s chest

Naming Ceremony
• Nanda,Yasoda’s husband and Krishna’s Step father, decided to conduct the naming ceremony of the Baby Krishna (so far un named) and Consulted the Great Rishi Gargi who named him Krishna which in sanskrit means the One who attracts.Gargi also named the elder child transfred earlier to Rohini’s womb as Balaarama as he was also with Nanda • Gargi prophesied that those who love him will be freed from all miseries of life and he will be known in the world for his absolute divinity.

Bala Lila (Infantile Plays)
• With the ringing sound of anklets reverberatiing,Baby Krishna Crawled,then tottered throughout Gokulam as if he was every where.

Krishna Crawls
• With his enchanting face with smile baring the sparkiling white teeth,and with the curls drooping over the forehead ,crawiling on pink feet ,anklets ringing and with bangles almost coming off at the wrist the great Lord Of the Universe chilled every heart that was blessed to witness the same

Krishna Totters
• While totering through the lobbies and corridors of the expansive palace of Nanda,Baby Krishna fell many times and got himself soiled often. • And it was Mother Yasoda’s • Mission to ensure the “hygiene” of the Lord of the Lords!

The Great Rishis
(Sages/saints) who visited Nanda ,sang
glories of the infant,knowing his Absolute Divinity

Krishna’s Pet Animals
Krishna statrted tottering into neighbourhood houses and as infantile pranks will permit, chased Cows,Crows and ,Parrots ,which amused the Ladies of the Neighbourhood Exceedingly

Gopikas: The Maids Of Gokulam
• The Gopikas of Gokulam tempted the enchanting baby Krishna to dance or sing mellifluently by offering him loads of fresh butter, or boiled milk

Krishna Steals Butter
As if the butter gifted was of his lower preference ,Krishna with his elder Brother Balarama often stole butter and curd from these neighbourhood houses. Yet the noble Gopika’s of Gokulam liked him evermore for he was Krishna, the “Great Attractor”.

Revelation Of the Universe
• One day Mother Yasoda was breast feeding Krishna and,as she looked into the baby’s mouth,what she saw truly made her tremble with love and devotion for the Lord since..

Yasoda saw
The whole Universe in the Baby’s Mouth

Krishna Steals Fruits
• On another day,Krishna stole and ate the fruits of the Sheperd boys.The frustrated boys complained to Yasoda that Krishna ate sand for a vicarious vengeance on him. • Hearing this,Mother Yasoda summoned Krishna inquired,and on his denial,bade him to open the mouth. • Krishna Opened his mouth like a lotus flower blooming in the sun. Lo! What she saw put all her doubts on Krishna to rest,since she saw..

Revelation Of the Universe Again
Yasoda saw all Gods,Heavens, Nether Worlds,Earth,Forests, Riversand even Baby Krishna showing his open Mouth to Mother Yasoda !Wonder Of Wonders !!!

Krishna Resumes His Mortal Form
• Quickly Krishna drew attention of Mother Yasoda and Pleaded, like any baby, to Mother Yasoda to Nurse him ,as if nothing had happened.

Krishna’s Angst
• Another day while suckling at his Mother Yasoda’s breasts,he found her leaving to wards kitchen as the milk was boiling . • In a fit of frustration on interruption of the nursing,he took the wooden Curd Stirrer and smashed the curd pot !

Yasoda’s Anxiety
When Yasoda Came running on hearing the Crash sound he found theentire floor covered by the curd very much like his Glory that will Spread the whole world ! But Where is Krishna ? She wondered

Krishna With The Cat
• On Further Search Mother Yasoda found Krishna on the Millstone feding the cat with butter !

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