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Kyle Ferguson Ulster Sports Academy

Include Everyone

Respect and Friendship

Just Play

Aims: Embed good practice among local organisations in reconciliation, racism and sectarianism through sports activities. The initiatives, events and workshops of activities will provide models of best practice which community-based organisations and practitioners in the sports sector can replicate and sustain. Objectives to: • Build trust and cultural understanding • Develop partnerships and creating shared spaces at a local level. • Create better understanding • Find a common ground • Develop confidence in own cultures, and ultimately trust and respect for and with other cultures • Help to dispel myths and perceptions • Create lasting structures to ensure sustainable legacy

Research and design – six months
Phase one implementation – 2 years

Monitoring and evaluation – throughout phase one
Phase two implementation – further 18 months Monitoring and evaluation – throughout phase two

Needs Analysis
Creating a picture of the current situation  Individual area objectives devised with local leaders Needs, Wants, Expectations and Attitudes.  Agreed implementation plan and – Through online timetable questionnaires, face to face  Resource interviews, focus groups requirement and desk based study.  How it would be monitored

Align Focus

OpportunityisNoWhere OpportunityisNowHere

Initial Principles based on Kvalsund (2007) Principle  Sport is used as part of a holistic Influence of cultural practices, requires developing local organizations delivery  Continually ensure Inclusive, open and welcoming to all.  Empowerment of local organizations to ensure sense of ownership  Reduce barriers to interaction and reinforce trust mutual cooperation Action  Sport and non-sport activities 1 of 10 projects, with Menu of choice of activities devised with stakeholders to meet local need.  Stepped approach to integration with venues / groups  Community involved in creation and management through consultation.  Role models +Local leaders, training, flexibility and ownership.


Understanding Own and Others Culture


School Project

Role Models

Olympic Theme

Cultural Understanding Awards and Recognition

Empowered local leaders

Ethnic Minority

Town Centre Events

Conference And Community Leaders

Phased engagement start single entity in own environment to build trust, break down barriers, dispel myths.
Progress to neutral environment to build relationships and challenge attitudes and then partnered activities in each others environment to create lasting partnerships and friendships. School and Club based. Importance of key local leader and role models for engagement Importance of building capacity of local leaders Risks and expectations ! Non continuous funding! Desire and enthusiasm at local level Branding and Images of project important to avoid barrier - need to feel ownership and identity!

Making change

Connections Context Communication

Learning from other cultures to speak the same language

Talking the Same Language


•The 2012 London Olympics •Relationships between the UK and Dutch sport and cohesion sectors •Joint Application NISB- University of Ulster Process: •Search for successful programmes on social inclusion •Compiling working elements based on successful programmes •Working Group in each country made up of researchers, policy makers and practitioners

Contribution UK/NL-project: •2 working groups one in each country •2 National meetings •2 Joint meetings •Exchange and sharing information •Develop useful and practical knowledge

Developed Principles
Establish a working relationship Stepped approach to engagement Build capacity of workforce Representative workforce Remove barriers Participants involved in all aspects of the project Marketing Appropriate language Embed good practice Adopt multi faceted approach Constructed a specific monitoring process