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Soundtrack Analysis. A soundtrack analysis for the film ’17 Again’.

v=B12SujDC7fs The opening sequence is introduced by music without dialogue; the sounds are musical instruments such as bells and chimes, along with music which sounds like a violin and a xylophone. Overlaying the music is a ‘bouncing ball’ sound. The music is non-diagetic as there is no sign as to where the music is playing from however the ‘bouncy ball’ sounds are diagetic as it is clear to see the figure on screen is creating that noise by playing basketball. The music that is being played creates a ghostlike effect due to the chimes and violin sounds that are exaggerated and quite loud. This effect can be related to when the audience proceeds to watch the film due to the narrative of the teenaged boy playing basketball, when this is in fact the father back in time. The father then turns ’17 Again’ and turns in to the young boy that is seen in the opening sequence. This can also be portrayed as a ghostly figure type due to the supernatural occurrence that shows once the change over happens. However another reason as to why the music sounds were chosen to play in the opening titles was because I feel as though it creates a feeling of suspense, as the sounds get deeper and then higher in a repetitive motion it also involves noises such as ‘twinkling sounds which I feel can be seen as quite spooky, I think that this introduces connotations that emphasises feelings of different emotions such as feelings of happy or sad. This can also be refereed back to the Binary Opposition Theory, this is an application of oppositions, where I feel there is an opposition in feelings that can be portrayed when listening and analysing the soundtrack in the opening sequence.

Although once the film is watched the overall feeling is unrelated to the feeling of terror or tension as the film involves comedic elements. This then conveys the fact that music such as this can actually portray many different emotions and meanings. I feel as though this type of music can be very versatile, however knowing that the film doesn’t in tale any feelings of terror, then it is easier to be open too analyse the music in a different aspect, such as the repetitive sounds of the deep and high notes could portray a comedic element, for instance in comedic cartoons there tends to be sounds such as this which is seen as funny, however not knowing the contextual elements, it isn’t as obvious. The fact that the meanings of this soundtrack isn’t obvious initially can then attract the audience to keep on watching, I feel as though regardless of knowing the narrative of the film, the suspense still occurs which in effect will encourage the audience to view the film. There is a school that is shown on screen for 5 seconds, the bells that can be heard in the music that is playing can symbolise the school bell. It helps set the scene and let the audience know the time of day and the location, this links to the genre because of in typical romantic comedy films certified at a 12A, they are usually set in a location in which the target audience can relate to themselves, therefore for an audience of children ages 12 and above they would be familiar with the location of a school. The other sounds that occur, which can help emphasise on the time of day can be the sounds of birds ‘tweeting’ which baby birds tend to do once they have been born, therefore this can be a representation of the events that are about to occur in the film, I feel as if the ‘tweeting’ of the birds can represent new life, which symbolises the twist in the narrative and it foreshadows the events that go on for example the character in the film turns ‘17 Again’, almost as if he is being ‘re-born’.

The reason as the time of day is important to emphasise upon is that the audience will be aware that the building is a school for definite and it is set in the day time which means that the setting will be in the school with other school students. The soundtrack correlates to the genre Romantic Comedy, as there are sounds such as ‘twinkling’ this occurs when the titles appear on screen and when there is a freeze frame of the character on screen, I feel as if the ‘twinkling’ convey the unnatural events that are about to occur due to the mysterious effect that is portrayed by the sounds, it can be referred to as either spooky or romantic depending on the context. There are also noises of a loud ‘bouncing basketball’. I feel as though the ‘twinkling’ sounds in according to this specific genre is seen as a symbol of romance, the ‘twinkles’ will be associated with symbolisations of stars on a dark night, whereas the harsh sounds that are created by the basketball are as if they are trying to ‘destroy’ the calmness and innocent sounds of the gentle chiming, which can be seen as a funny aspect to the soundtrack. This can be seen as humorous as the gentle chiming can be seen as a stereotypical romantic sound, when the basketball starts hitting the hard floor it is almost as if the figure is trying to ruin this noise in a comical aspect. The music can appeal to the audience due to the many meanings that it portrays; it encourages the audience to find out what the actual meaning was for this particular narrative. Overall I feel as though the fact that the soundtrack is so versatile gives many useful aspects as it conveys a feeling of the unknown in terms of the audience, as the audience will be unsure of what the meaning of the sounds actually are before watching the film.