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appraisal  What is performance management  Concept of performance management  Features performance management  Difference between performance management and performance appraisal  Performance planning  Process of Performance planning

performance appraisal
It is the systematic evaluation of the individual with regard to his or her performance on the job and his potential for development. performance appraisal is the key ingredient of performance management.

Performance Management
An iterative process of observation and communication to support, retain and develop employees for organizational success.

Concept- performance management
performance management is the process of planning performance, appraising performance, giving its feedback ,and counseling an employee to improve his performance.

Need for performance management
In the present highly competitive world, organizations have to ensure peak performance of the employees in order to compete at the marketplace effectively. -traditionally performance appraisal method is used for this purpose but it was not considered enough to raise the employee performance at the desirable level. -performance management has overcome this problem to some certain extent.

Features of performance management
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management system is closely linked to the other system of human resource management

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is a continuous process of monitoring and feedback mgt involves effective use of technology in conveying desired competencies and monitoring, collecting, and giving feedback

 Performance

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is a dynamic system that is suitable for changing workplace realities emphasizes comprehensive training to managers not only for their improvement but to act as a effective coaches

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Difference between performance management and performance appraisal

Performance mgt is more comprehensive than performance appraisal, though latter is the key ingredients of the former. Besides performance appraisal and performance management involves Performance planning and providing feedback and counseling to employees to improve their performance.

-In performance management the entire activities are linked to organisational objectives and strategies to achieve these objectives. because of such a linkage, the focus is on ‘why to appraise’ rather than the usual approach of what and how to appraise of performance appraisal

performance planning
It is the first step of performance management. It is the process of determining what and how a Job is to be done in such a manner that both the employee and his superior understand what Is expected from the employee and how success is defined and measured .

performance planning process

In consultation with the superior,the employee formulates his job objectives keeping in view the organizational/unit objectives. During this session, each objective and its contribution to organisational objectives is discussed. If any development activities that will be required by the employee are worked out.


Once performance plan is established, it is the responsibility of the employee to carry out the objectives and other responsibilities specified in the plan.

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