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Going to and will

Use of WILL
We use will to express a prediction, a promise or something that we want to do in the future.
For Example:

I will call you tomorrow.

Where do we use will?

Will always is accompanied by another verb, to form the future.

Here is an example:

I will work tomorrow.

Negative form of WILL

The negative form of will is Wont, but sometimes we use will not, and we express that the action wont be done.

Example: I wont go with you.

How do we ask with will?

To express a question about the future, we use "will" first and then the complement of the sentence.

Will you play baseball tomorrow with us?

How do we contract will?

Will can be contracted. The form to contract will is: Ill be a doctor. Will is contracted thus: ' ll .

We use Going to to expres the intention of do an action in the future that is already decided.
Christmas is going to be in december.

When do we use Going To?

We use Going to after the verb To Be.
Example: I am going to go with you.

Be careful!
When the verb that is after Going to is GO, the sentence can be confused. You should be careful.

Negative form of Going To

The negative form of Going To is built putting the particule NOT after the auxiliar verb.

He is not going to play baseball tomorrow.

How do we ask with Going To?

The interrogative form is made investing the order of the subject and the auxiliary verb.

Example: Are you going to celebrate halloween?

Be careful!
Sometimes we use the verb To Be contracted before GOING TO. For Example: Hes going to play the piano.

Differences between will and going to

A prediction based on opinion. For promises / requests / refusals / offers. A decision at the moment of speaking.

We use "going to" to talk about a planned activity for future. We use "going to" for prediction in the near future. The speaker is sure because there are signs about it.

And now its time to play

Can you find the correct word?

will be happy tomorrow. I ______


Going To

Well Done

Going to enjoy the party. Hes _________

Going to


Lets try again

You are doing a good job!

Going To sleep. They are ________


Going to

Im Sorry Try one more time

You got it!

Thanks for your attention

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