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A single documents that integrates both curriculum and assessment (Pentaksiran)

The DSKP lists the Curriculum Standard, Learning Standard with the Performance Standard (Standard Prestasi) Curriculum Standard + Learning Standard + Performance Standard



5 2

6 3

On going improvement to provide the best method to implement PBS

Analysis of the 3 years of running KSSR Found A lot of Misconception, misunderstanding, ( Kecairan Maklumat ?)

Comments , ideas, discussions , observations from teachers are heard and listen to and the best solution and improvement are made
What to expect ?

Simple and easy to use report (excel form) Simple and straight forward(single DSKP doc) PBS, SPPBS Student

Reduce Work load and stress

Reminder- all worksheet and exercises must still be kept and recorded accordingly

Year 3
Topic 1

Specific Listening Skills Specific Speaking Skills Specific Reading Skills Specific Writing Skills Skills Specific Listening Skills Specific Speaking Skills Specific Reading Skills Specific Skills Writing Skills Specific Listening Skills Specific Speaking Skills Specific Reading Skills Specific Writing Skills

Teacher are given skills as tools to adapt to any topic

Year 4

SKILLS General Listening & Speaking Skills General Reading Skills General Writing Skills

Theme 1

Year 3 Topic 2

Year 4

Year 3 Topic 3

Language Arts

Theme 2

Covertly vs. Overt

Level 1 Year 1,2,3

Level 2 Year 4,5,6

As with mainstream performance standard are based on band 1 to 6 with adaptation to the needs of special education pupils.
Band Arus Perdana Band For Pendidikan Khas

4 5 1 2

1 6
5 4

2 3


Know basic skill in L.S.R.W (listening speaking reading writing) Know and understand words, phrases and sentences, heard, spoken , read and written. Know, understand and applying knowledge obtained through Listening , speaking, reading and writing. Apply knowledge obtained through listening, speaking , reading and writing in various situations using good manners Demonstrate well the ability to apply knowledge of listening, speaking, reading and writing for various purpose using admirable manners.

1 2

4 5

Appreciate literally works by performing, presenting idea using exemplary manners

Lesson Planning

Evaluating & Reporting

Data Maklumat Murid Excel Form Laporan Murid (Individu)

How many English Language class/session per week?4 session(30min/session) Checklist

What topic or title you want to teach ? (level 2 teacher choose own topic) Occupation
How many session do you want to dedicated for one topic ? remember each topic are different , some easy ,some hard to teach 8 session = two weeks Listening & How many skills to teach ? Speaking

Reading Writing , Language Art

Learning Standard : 1.1.2 Learning Standard : 4.2.1 Sample Lesson plan / teaching breakdown (according to session) Checklist Sessions Skills

Session 1
Session 2 Session 3

Listening & Speaking, Language Art

Listening & Speaking, Reading Listening & Speaking, Reading

Session 4
Session 5 Session 6 Session 7 Session 8

Reading, Writing
Reading, Writing, Language Art Writing, Reading Writing, Reading, Listening & Speaking, Remedial

Listening & Speaking

Example: Yes , it is. (means you add a simple phrase to Yes

simple sentences in appropriate situations



With correct punctuation

Language Arts

Each Topic

Fill in

School & address Teachers Name Class

Data Maklumat Murid

Laporan Murid (individu)


Fill in basic info in excel

Teach Evaluate (formative vs Summative)

Print Report (file it ,show if parents wants)