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January 2013 GQTS Enhancements

PPAP PPAP Promise Run@Rate & Valve

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PPAP Enhancements

PPAP Barcode Lab Addition

PPAP Barcode Required for New & Existing Samples

New Samples Barcode Required

Existing Samples Barcode Required

PPAP Barcode Requirement Review

Parts requiring a Barcode or Electronic Scan must meet GMW15862. CG2503 Form Used to document compliance to GMW15862 Specification. Required for PPAP Full approval based on direction from NOA QLT-196B. GM Employees requiring more information: The CG2503 Form is not required to be uploaded. Only PSW, Dimensional Report, Material Test Report, AAR, GM1411, GM3660 require uploading in GQTS.

CG2503 Form


PPAP Promise Dates Display

PPAP Promise Dates Display

PPAP New Email Reminders

PPAP New Email Example

The PPAP Status for the following parts have recently expired. Please take immediate action..

Part Number 22838564 22838580 22838565


Supplier Duns: 99999999 Supplier Name: ACME INTERNATIONAL OF AMERICA INC Please logon to PPAP to take appropriate action.

Promise Date Input Enhancements

PPAP Promise Update Sample Promise Date

PPAP Promise Update Sample Promise Date

PPAP Promise Update Forecasts Events

PPAP Promise No Active Samples

Run @ Rate Enhancements

Run at Rate Current Screen

Run at Rate Screen Deletions

Run at Rate Verbiage Modification

Customer Contact to Run@Rate Approver QTC to Part SDC Req Doc Received to # Available Docs Customer / Supplier Monitored APQP to R@R Type

Run at Rate Screen Additions

Run at Rate R@R Type

SQE Selects Supplier or Customer Detached from Risk Assessment Module

Run at Rate R@R Approver

R@R Approver Select SQE Name or Select ACS India

Run at Rate Target SDC & HRS

Run at Rate Buyer Group ID

Buyer Group ID shows data located in the Buyers Part Grouping Tool

Buyer Group Detail

Buyer Group Detail Group Data

Run at Rate Capacity Notifications

Capacity Notifications Red indicates New Messages Yellow indicates Messages have already been reviewed Link to Messages

Capacity Notification Detail

Run at Rate Pending Status

Run at Rate Document Upload

Run at Rate Document Upload

Run at Rate New Email Reminders

Run at Rate New Email Example

Hi, The following parts require grouping and Customer/Supplier monitored should be selected. Supplier Duns : 99999999 Supplier Name : ACME GMBH Part Number 22941159 Part Name BRACKET ASM-ECM

Please logon to GQTS to take appropriate action.

Valve Enhancements

Valve Column Sort

Valve Comment Input 2 Step Process!

1. Change Comment

2. Save Comment

Valve Tool Construction Date Error Proofing

System will require good dates before allowing valve A to be saved.

Valve Red Launch Alert Create Option

Valve Red Launch Alert Create Option

Valve New Email Reminders

Valve New Email Example

Hi, Please provide the Actual or an Updated Estimated Tool construction Start date for the following Valves.

Duns Number 627345312

Activity Number 452905

Tool ASD Tool ESD 20-Sep-2012

ValveA LockDate 11-Oct-2012

SQE Name Lutz,Marc

Please logon to VALVE to take appropriate action.

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