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Shop Floor Integration

General CIM aspects Fieldbus MMS standard

Interconnecting data processing activities

Text pp. 63-66 Rembold Figure 2.13 p. 65 Rembold

The manufacturing system model

Text pp. 66-68 Rembold Fig. 2.14 Rembold p. 67 See also definitions: MAP, TOP (Rembold p. 281& R. Hannan p. 169) Filedbus (R. Hannam p. 100; R. Hannam p. 170) See also fig. 6.17 Rembold p. 284

A computer network for CIM

Fig. 2.35 p. 86 in Rembold And Fig. 2.37 p. 88 in Rembold

A good page about Industrial Control Systems (which consist of Inputs, Controllers (often with HMI or OI) and Outputs. From KOM which provides all these three types:

Fig. 6.19 p. 286 Rembold Text:
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Fieldbus (a definition)

A Fieldbus is a digital, two-way, multi-drop communication link among intelligent measurement and control devices. It serves as a Local Area Network (LAN) for advanced process control, remote input/output and high speed factory automation applications.

Fieldbus vs. MAP/TOP

Fig. 6.16 p. 282 Rembold (text p. 169 R. Hannam) For fig. 6.16 p. 282 Rembold see definitions of acronyms in R. Hannam pp. 167-168: VT, FTAM, MHS, MMS Definitions of terms: token bus, token ring (R. Hannam p. 138); CSMA/CD, carrierband, broadband, basedband, twisted pair, coax pair (p.135 R. Hannam) . Mb/s, Ohm.

Fieldbus implementations
Text p. 170 in R. Hannam Standardized or partially standardized by the following standardization organizations: DIN (Germany) AFNOR (France) IEEE

(text in R. Hannam p. 170)

European standard (1966 EN 50170)

P-Net from Denmark PROFITBUS from Germany WorldFIP from France

US competition

IEC/ISO efforts for Intl. standards

profibus (process field bus) is an international, vendor-independent, open fieldbus standard, under the european fieldbus standard en 50 170. in manufacturing, industrial process and building automation applications, serial fieldbuses can act as the communication system, exchanging information between automation systems and distributed field devices. both high-speed time critical data transmission and complex communication tasks can utilize profibus.

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Page of Profitbus

LonWorks (fieldbus)
http:\\ - A good starting point for further information on LonWorks

Fieldbus References (very good page about what a fieldbus is from the Fieldbus Foundation) (Article in Manufacturing Automation Title: Figuring fieldbus into automation By: Heather Angus Multi-Tank Application at Quebec Distillery By Geoff Hodgkinson /fieldbus.htm (Article comparing Profitbus with DeviceNet and LanWorks)

Fieldbus references (ctnd) (Fieldbus Comparison Chart - DeviceNet Profibus Foundation Fieldbus Industrial Ethernet Interbus AS-I Remote IO DH+ Serip comparison of sensor buses, fieldbuses and device level networks) A tale of three buses: DeviceNet, Profibus-DP, Foundation Fieldbus Mike Santori, National Instruments

The Manufacturing Message Specification protocol (MMS)

Very good page at:

token bus, token ring, CSMA/CD, carrierband,

(in Glossary R. Hannam p. 245)

Transmissions using different frequency bands within one transmission; the signal frequency is modulated by the frequency of the bands used.
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A good on-line interactive journal si: Manufacturing Automation by Kerrwil Publications Limited at: Very interesting article about current advanced manufacturing at: 8

a transmition in which one signal is transmitted at its own frequency.
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twisted pair, coax pair. Mb/s, Ohm

Carrier sense, multiple access with collision detection, the Ethernet medium access protocol.
(in Glossary R. Hannam, p. 245 Also p. 139 bottom and 140 top in R. Hannam) Back to the Fieldbus vs. MAP/TOP slide ry/keywordlist.html
(NIST Manufacturing Systems Integration Publications Keywords List)

Computer-Related Abbreviations and Acronyms acro.html ine96.pdf
(an article on feature based manufacturing, 1996)
(Glossary in French - Le Monde Informatique)