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Pronunciation refers to the ability to use the correct stress, rhythm, and intonation of a word in a spoken language.



English Consonant Sounds

Consonant letters and their sounds : A consonant letter usually represents one consonant sound. Some consonant letters, for example, c, g, s, can represent two different consonant sounds.

Letters Sounds Examples b c d f [b] [s] [k] [d] [f] baby, buy, blind, absent, number center, cigarette, agency, notice; cake, come, cucumber, clean, cry, scratch, act, panic day, dear, die, door, duty, admire, hidden, lady, kind fast, female, five, forest, fund, flight

[h] hair, help, history, home, hotel; h [-] hour, honor, honest, Sarah j [j] l [l] jam, Jane, jet, jelly, joke, John, June, just late, alone, close, slim, please, old, nicely, table k [k] Kate, kind, sky, blanket, break, take, look m [m] make, men, mind, mother, must, common, summer, n [n] napkin, never, funny, student, kindness p [p] paper, person, pick, public, repair, apple, keep,

r [r] rain, red, rise, brief, grow, scream, arrive [s] send, simple, song, system, street, lost, kiss, release; s [z] cause, present, reason, realism, advise, always, is, t [t] task, tell, time, tone, tune, hotel, attentive, student, v [v] vast, vein, even, review, give, move, active w [w] wall, war, way, word, swear, swim, twenty, twist

Pronunciation is important!

Soup - soap

English Vowel Sounds

A vowel letter can represent different vowel sounds: hat [ht], hate [heit], all [o:l], art [a:rt], any ['eni].

The same vowel sound is often represented by different vowel letters in writing: [ei] they, weigh, may, cake, steak, rain.

Vowels and vowel combinations

The vowels A, E, I, O, U, Y alone, in combination with one another or with R, W represent different vowel sounds. The chart below lists the vowel sounds according to the American variant of pronunciation.

Sounds Letters Examples [i] [e] i y e ea a ai, ay ei, ey ea it, kiss, tip, pick, dinner, system, busy, pity, sunny

Notes machine, ski, liter, pizza [i:]

let, tell, press, send, end, meter [i:] bread, dead, weather, leather sea, mean [i:] late, make, race, able, stable, aim, wait, play, say, day, said, says [e]; eight, weight, they, hey, height, eye [ai] break, great, steak


ar [a:] a

army, car, party, garden, park, war, warm [o:] father, calm, palm, drama; BrE: last, class, dance, castle, half

i, ie ice, find, smile, tie, lie, die, [ai] y, uy my, style, apply, buy, guy ou [au] ow [o] o out, about, house, mouse, now, brown, cow, owl, powder not, rock, model, bottle, copy group, soup [u:] know, own [ou]


or o aw, au ought al, waoi, oy

more, order, cord, port, long, gone, cost, coffee, law, saw, pause, because, bought, thought, caught, hall, always, water, war, want oil, voice, noise, boy, toy

work, word [r]

[oi] [ou]

o go, note, open, old, most, oa, ow road, boat, low, own, bowl use, duty, music, cute, huge, tune, few, dew, mew, new, euphemism, feud, neutral, hue, cue, due, sue, suit

do, move [u:] how, owl [au]

u ew [yu:] eu ue, ui

Pronunciation is important!