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• Career Name-Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) • A clinical nurse specialist is a nurse with specific training in a field of medicine. This can include: • Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) has received either a master's or doctorate degree in a specialized area of nursing beyond the Registered Nurse license. The duties of a CNS include clinical practice, teaching, research, consulting, and managerial tasks. On average, a CNS can expect to make between $50,000 to $100,000 per year. The exact salary that a CNS makes will depend upon the area of specialization. These areas of specializations may be grouped by population, disease, setting, type of care or health problem.

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• To become a clinical nurse specialist, most universities require a minimum of 54 credit hours of study including 500 hours of clinical practice. Upon graduation, they are eligible to take the state certification exam for their CNS certificate as well as the professional certification exams for their specific area of


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Salary Range
Earning a starting salary of around $68,000, dependent on the local demand for the position, Clinical Nurse Specialists are required to assess a healthcare facilities nursing practices and give recommendations to increase the effectiveness of patient care. This position usually requires a Master’s degree as well as a minimum of five years experience.

Inherent Traits
Skills for becoming a clinical nurse specialist is not required but mostly likely you have to be able to deal with people, your hands, your thinking skills and be positive about what you do at all time.

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•Acute Care Nursing •Adult Nursing •Cardiovascular Nursing Community Health Nursing •Family Nursing •Geriatric Nursing •

Stress Level
Work stress is important to healthcare professionals and has an impact on their wellbeing, work effectiveness, and job turnover. Several studies had been conducted to evaluate work stress in nursing staffs. However, until recently, no studies have

My likes and dislikes
What I like most about this career is you get to save lives by assigning medicine to patients. What I like least about this career is nothing because I do not dislike anything about it. This career will work for me because I enjoy helping