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MME Databases Overview

Includes databases Ruby, Cpt, YCRM, Archdb, Farmdb, Gentcl, Revstat etc

MME Architecture

These are down stream databases that pull data from RUBY, JOUK and PRDYCRM.

Ruby: Ruby US enables Sales Ops to manage campaigns, and provisions contract data to the Ad Serving engine. (twiki for more info Application Overview Twiki : ) Usually Ruby us ads are served to Entire Asian countries which includes USA , Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil .

MME Architecture
Jouk : JOUK (Ruby UK) enables Sales Ops to manage campaigns and creatives, and provisions contract data to the Ad Serving engine for Europe region. (twiki for more info . Ruby UK ads are served to all European Countries which include UK, France, Germany .

MME Architecture
( com)

(Federated ad client)

GD1( Gets Data

from Ruby)


GD2 (Gets Data

from APT)

Quota Servers

Becan Servers & Aggregat ors


Stats Loaders

Archdb Farmdb


MME Architecture
GD1 and GD2 are AD servers They have all intelligent algorithms on what to display on front page . It will have millions of ads and GD servers makes a quick decision and picks ad . It also has intelligence to display based on which area the page is getting displayed . There will be several types of ads Class 1 and Class 2 Ads . Class 1 are high priority ads who pay more money to Yahoo. Once Class 1 ads are displayed Ad server compares the class 2 ads and picks high payee ad to display. Becan Servers : Becan Servers collect all information on exact impressions/clicks Aggregators : Collects & calculates information for every 5 minutes and puts in flat files. All these files are mounted on dl-stat machines also known as stats loaders and load data into archdb and farmdb . All the loader jobs run every 3 minutes. file formats example -- /cscdata/us/2012/08/10 and gets loaded into Adddata_hourly , Adddata_montly, line_lifetime, line_iotime

MME Architecture
Archdb: On Archdb there will be month end jobs which calculate number of impressions and clicks and sends info to OFA . Farmdb: Farmdb send info to reporting team on Impression count Mainly used for reporting . Quota servers Quota servers will add x threshold to exact impression limit and compare the With current impression count and let gd servers know if the max limit is reached. To remove ad from display.

MME Architecture






MME Architecture
CPT Campaign planning Tool proposal planning is done and it will created in ycrm with compaign id .Usually it has initial yahoo agent and advertiser meeting inventory . YCRM PRDYCRM is Yahoo!'s version of Siebel Sales for Yahoo Media .It is a single database that stores all information relating to companies, contacts, opportunities, and forecasts. It also facilitates the quote and order creation process through integration with IMS (Inventory Management Systems) and Ruby. In other words it has all customer / Advertiser , initial rate , order ,quote information . Once order is ready it will be sent to ruby via tibco application and gets inserted into insertion_order and then once its approved in RUBY it will be sent back to YCRM via API .

MME Architecture
Eample order on ycrm side :
Yahoo REP New



01-01-2012 01-01-2015 $1 million Book US Only from 9 am to 12 pm

MME Architecture