Skipso Overview

Enabling Sustainable Innovation

Company Purpose

Skipso aims to leverage the po wer of the Int ernet to accelerate the next wave of Cleant ech Innova ti on

Cleantech / Sustainability

Web 2.0

Open Innovation


enabling sust ain able innova tion www .skip so. com

The Problems We Address Macro Level: We address the issue of clima te cha nge and the fight for energ y i ndep end ence Industry Level: We tackle the roa db locks that hinder Cl eant ec h innova ti on User Level: We enable coll abora tion, pr ofess iona l mat chma king and Inn ovat ion on a global level
enabling sust ain able innova tion www .skip so. com

The Opportunity

“This is largest economic opportunity of the 21st century, the mother of all markets” [John Doerr]
• $400b / year new investments by 2012 • 20% renewable energy consumption and 20% increase in efficiency by 2 020 • $16.9 b current R&D spend too low to support required growth • 20 mil lions new jobs created
Source: New Energy Finance, Worldwatch Institute, EU 4
enabling sust ain able innova tion www .skip so. com

How Do We Define Cleantech?
Renewa ble Energy Energ y Efficie ncy & Dist ribu tion Clea n Pro duct s & Prod uct ion Wa ste & Po ll utio n Wa ter Ma na gement Ot her Sect ors

How d o we gener ate en erg y?

How do w e use ener gy?

What p rod uct s and how d o we pr od uce them?

Wha t i s left and how d o we manage it ?

How do we g et and us e w ater ?

All ot her sect or s

• Solar • Wind • Bioenergy • Geothermal • Hydro • Marine • Other sources

• Transportation • Energy Infrastructure • Energy Storage

• Materials

• Emissions

• Water Treatment & Purification • Water Use Efficiency • Water Pollution

• Management & Business

• Smart Industrial Production

• Waste Management

• Agriculture

• Product Design & Innovation

• Soil Remediation

• Others

• Buildings • Smart Grid


enabling sust ain able innova tion www .skip so. com

The Solution: A Cleantech Innovation Ecosystem
Researchers Entrepreneurs



Ski pso
Executives Professionals

Service Providers

Cleantech Start-ups


enabling sust ain able innova tion www .skip so. com

Who Uses Skipso?
Comm uni ty (T al ent Poo ls)
Cl ea nt ech Entrep reneurs

Or gani sat ions / Busi ne sses
Service Provid ers

• Gain easier access to capital, resources & support services
Ac adem ics / Resea rcher s Busin esses

• Create a company profile and generate business leads

• Solve innovation challenges in return for cash, publish research findings
Professiona ls / E xpe rt s

• Outsource R&D, sponsor innovation challenges, find top management talent
Co nt en t Pr ovid ers

• Generate leads to sell expert advice services to the cleantech community
Indust ry Execut ives

• Share industry content reaching a broad professional cleantech community
Universit ies & R esea rch Inst it ut io ns

• Network, share knowledge and find selected jobs globally
Cl ea nt ech Invest or s Ad vert isers

• Promote their research, get funding and participate in innovation challenges

• Tap into entrepreneurs globally as well as selected experts to support their deals
Poli cyma ker s Develop er s

• Advertise products and services targeting specific talent pools

• Promote their ideas and policy to stimulate growth in clean technologies globally

• Develop ad hoc applications for the Skipso community


enabling sust ain able innova tion www .skip so. com

The Skipso Open Innovation Lab
The Skipso Open Innovation Lab enables organisations to accelerate their clean tech innovation by tapping into a worldwide network of experts and innovators
Innov at io n Lab Chall eng es:

• Any sci enti fi c o r bu sines s prob lem an organisation faces in the different stages of the innovation life-cycle: from idea generation to growth • An entr epreneur ial comp etiti on , sponsored by organisations looking to foster clean tech innovation • Every challenge must be related to the fields of clea n techn olog y or clim ate chang e

enabling sust ain able innova tion www .skip so. com

How Does it Work?
Skipso supports organisations throughout the life-cycle of the challenge as well as providing a platform to reach out to a wide community of challenge solvers

• Organisations for mul ate and po st challenges to a worldwide community of clean tech experts and innovators • Skipso advertises the challenge throughout the Ski pso network allowing challenge solvers to register and submit their solutions • Best sub mi ssions are selected and cas h awa rd paid if the solution provided satisfies requirements • Comprehensive In tell ec tual Prop erty protec ti on provided to seeker organisation
enabling sust ain able innova tion www .skip so. com

The Innovation Challenge Process
Innovation Seekers pay a cash award to the solutions that satisfy their requirements

enabling sust ain able innova tion www .skip so. com

What Types of Challenges?
Skipso Challenges are designed to support organisations in any stage of the innovation life-cycle or simply to foster clean tech innovation

Connect with passionate people around the world to get groundbreaking ideas for your clean tech business or product

Tap into a global network of experts that can help you crack the most complex technical challenges at a fraction of the cost



Find solutions or expertise by outsourcing to top suppliers or consultants within the Skipso network that will bid for your job

Sponsor or create entrepreneurial competitions to find nextgeneration clean tech entrepreneurs around the world

enabling sust ain able innova tion www .skip so. com

What are the Benefits?
Skipso challenges are the right solution if you are a private or public organisation operating in the environmental and clean tech sectors and are looking to:

• •

Overcome pr oje ct roa dblock s by tapping into the minds of top experts and thinkers Incr ea se R& D succe ss and red uce ti me -to- ma rk et by ‘opening up’ your R&D departments to a world-wide network of experts and scientists from specialised clean tech fields Decr ease R& D cos ts – only paying for solutions that work Fos ter entr epren eu rs hip or discover the most innovative ideas and products from cleantech innovators around the world Gain bra nd awa re nes s and vis ib ilit y by spon sor in g open clean tech innovation challenges

• • •

enabling sust ain able innova tion www .skip so. com

Example – The Rwanda Electrification Challenge
Swiss NGO Mabawa is looking to harness the power of Open Innovation to bring electricity to the rural village of Nyamyumba, Rwanda

enabling sust ain able innova tion www .skip so. com

Contact Us

For more information about Skipso, general enquiries, feedback and comments please contact us at:

The Skipso Team – Enabling Sustainable Innovation

enabling sust ain able innova tion www .skip so. com