Life And Times Of

Lord Krishna III
Excerpts from Sri Mahabhagavatham Authored By Rishi Vedvyas

Krishna –Early Childhood

Krishna Feeds The Cat
• On Further Search ,Mother Yasoda found Krishna on the Grindstone feeding butter to the cat!

Yasoda Ties Krishna
On to Mortar (Rice Pounding Stone)
• Angry at this Mother Yasoda tries to tie Krishna to a Rice Pounding Stone.After several attempts of perpetual shortage of the coir required, she could finally tie him as Krishna took pity on her and “yielded”.

Krishna Gives Deliverance
• Krishna toodles ,with the heavy mortar rolling behind him and while passing between two trees ,the mortar fells the twin tres and two Angels (Yakshas) appeared out of tree and praised Krishna for their deliverance as they both Nala, and Koobera became trees on the curse of Narada ,the divine sage for their indifferent indulgence in a pond with divine ladies

Cowherds Fleeing Ambadi
Considering all the instances of “accidents” “mishaps” the Cowherds of Ambadi-,ruled by Krishna’s step father ,Nanda –decided to move out in a Procession and resettle in Vrindavan
With Krishna coddling in the Lap of Mother Yasoda,wife of Nanda, in the Leading Chariot,the maids of Ambadi did not feel the distance and time or tiredness !

Krishna Explores Vrindavan
Krishna,alongwith Balarama waded Through the woods Of Vrindavan He liked Vrindavan,its lush Greenery,rolling hills, The birds,the bees, The peacocks,swans, Lotuses and everything !

Krishna Kills a Demon
• Once Krishna saw a demon in the form of a quadruped moving among the cows.Krishna hurled it by its hind legs and it died,giving up its demon ghost !

Krishna Kills a Stork Demon
• Another day a demon by name Bakasur in the shape of a Giant stork Overpowered Krishna and swallowed him. When Krishna made himself hot like an ember in its stomach,the stork vomitted him out,upon which Krishna killed the demon by tearing its beaks

Krishna and the Python Demon
• Another day the cowherds entered the cavernous mouth of a serpent demon Aghasura,mistaking it for a cave.Fearing the safety of his friends,Krishna too entered and choked the Python by Enlarging his body and helped the cowherds escape by the hole punctured at its neck .

Brahma Becomes Jealous
• Once Brahma,the Creator God among the Trinity grew Jealous of Krishna and hid the cows and Cowherds making the whole woods appearempty

Krishna Recreates The Cowherds
• But Krishna recreated all the cows and the cowherds and without anyone noticing the difference,took them to their homes .Thus after an year brahma accepted defeat and released all the cows and cowherds and apologised Krishna!

End Of Dhenukasur
• Anotherday Dhenukasur a demon in the form of a quadruped fell from the palms when Balarama shook the palms for its fruit.Krishna bade Balarama to kill the demon

Suppression Of Of Kalia
• Another Occasion The people of Vrindavan Complained to Krishna about a deadly serpent Kalia whose poison was polluting the Kalindi river.Krishna took on the monstrous,multiheaded serpent,defeated him and forced him to leave Kalindi for ever !