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Case Presentation

Mindshare - 2005

January 2005 AD...

The Arena
The 7 islands (Mumbai) overlooking the Arabian Sea

Land of opportunities Entertainment & Financial capital of India At 17mn people the most populous city in India Attracts the largest number of immigrants from the rest of the country Highest tax payer @ US$ 13mn paid as Income Tax by the city per year Costliest city in India Mumbaikar or Bombayite a synonym for Mumbai residents

Most Liberal & Cosmopolitan city in India

Reality Times (Jan) 2005 AD

The Mumbai Print Media Market

Advertising revenue of print media - US$ 180 mn.

English v/s Vernacular 70:30 TOI (The Goliath) resident for the past 150 years grabs the lions share of the pie netting revenue of US$ 90 mn Mid Day the Teenager of Mumbai the second runner. Maharashatra Times & Loksatta the Local Flavours of Mumbai Indian Express the Crusader

Dynamic Times (Jan) 2005 AD

Indian Newspaper Market has ballooned @ 14 % with advertising revenues of an estimated

US$ 1.3 bn (2004)

Ad revenue potential (Mumbai contributes almost 15% of ad revenues in the country) Growing middle class India print readership moving upwards (estimated to cover 20 % of 1bn + population in 3yrs) Compared to a 17 mn population only 750,000 copies of English Newspaper are sold in Mumbai

Mumbai declared the War Zone

Enter The Astute Marketers

Their Credentials:
Diligent Media a joint venture floated by the Zee Group (a leading Television Media House) & the Bhaskar Group (a leading Print player in 5 major states) armed with a war chest of US$ 140mn The Bhaskar Group owns Dainik Bhaskar & Divya Bhaskar (two leading regional newspapers)

Spearheaded by Mr. Pradeep Guha (CEO Zee) & Mr. Girish Agarwal (MD Bhaskar Group)

Their Rationale:
40 % of Mumbai population read, write & speak English - while only 20 % are currently purchasing English Newspapers Scope of dramatic market expansion (estimated at 75 % in the next few years) Presence of a need gap to cater to the existing English reading masses in Mumbai

Appoint Ingenious Communication Specialists


Mindshare, the Media Agency appointed to launch DNA (Daily News & Analysis)

Rediffusion DY & R appointed as the Creative Agency

Engaging Consumers thru Synergized Marketing Communications with Broadmind stepping into the arena.

Communication Task
Create Hype Ensure Reach, Visibility & Saliency Maintain SOM

The Limitations
Print (Leading English Dailies not an option) Television not an option due to high wastage

The greater the difficulty, the more

the glory in surmounting it.


Quest & Concepts

SMART Objectives:
Develop a coherent communication plan in sync with TG identity for each medium, with relevant key benefits consistently identified. Achieve TOM recall of at least 70 % Aided recall of at least 80 % Drive subscriptions of 200,00 copies on the day of launch

Limitations led to opening New Doors beyond the Conventional Treading the Non Conventional trail setting the bar higher for others.

IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications) the 360 deg approach

Break clutter & stand out Birth of TRL (Teaser Revealer Launch) concept

The Shock-Wave Strategy

Stun the city of Mumbai through a spectacular creation of unique messages which

strike an association with each & every resident of the city.

Arouse curiosity levels to an unimaginable summit.

Raise decibels unparalleled in history getting under the skin of the TG giving
rise to state of euphoria & presenting Mumbai with a publication which is their creation.

Ripples of The Shock-Wave

Shifting the battleground from Media Deliveries to Consumer Meetings

Understanding destinations for Consumer Meetings

TG Analysis by the 24 x 7 Technique

Driving Experience to achieve impact & reach with a much larger audience
Amplification sought through minimal investment in smart mediums

Radio Kills the Video Star


Identifying the people who are most active in a product category and contribute most to brand profit


Understanding the lives of core target groups; what they own, what they think, how they behave


the media habits

of core target group what & why

Result: Brand centered communication solution for consumer meetings which maximizes ROI

Knowing the Consumer

(3D Study)
Time Spent Topics of interest : Weekdays 145 min / Week ends 186 min : News, Cricket, Science, Infotainment

Time Spent : Week day / Week end : 50 min

Topics of Interest

: India news, local news, foreign news, sports, politics

current affairs

Time Spent : Week day / Week end : 23 min : Clubs, Discs, Restaurants, Fast Food Joints, Coffee Bars, Theatres, Malls & Parks et. al

Sports and Leisure

The 24 x 7 Technique
Local Trains Rush
Bus Queues Jogs in the morning 8am to 12pm Work is Worship Wada Pav Break Time Time Groceries Cutting Chai Time again We are the Asian Yankees

Entertainment Rendezvous' @ The Club / Restaurant / Multi Plex / Mall / Home et. al.

Evolved rushing adrenalin achiever thriving to make a mark in history knows what he wants sets the bar high crusader social activist family man friend host

Mapping the City

City Segregated into Zones

Basis MHI / Property Rates / Destination

Density / Geographical Spread Zones:
A1: A2: B1: B2: Colaba Dadar (W) Andheri (W) Mahim Dadar (E) Wadala Powai Bandra (E) Sahar Kalina Borivali


Vashi Mulund


Quest of .

One Cult Unsplit, Integrated & Whole.

Welcome to
Born: (23rd Mar) 2005 AD

Campaign Flow The TRL Approach

(T) Teaser Phase Trigger curiosity.

(R) Revealer Phase Increase levels of curiosity & create awareness Ensure that the consumer is receptive for the Survey Phase
Connect with the consumer to design a newspaper with his recommendations / inputs. Basically Creating His Kind Of Paper Re Connect Share survey findings with consumers Invite consumers to sign up for the product, drive subscriptions. Build hype around the launch, create anticipation amongst masses.

(L) Launch Unveil the newspaper at all possible consumer contact points
Sustain hype around the brand, convert non users into users & users into advocates.

Role of Conventional Media

Phases Teaser Survey Outdoor Role Create Intrigue Create awareness about the research taking place 150 outdoor sites changed overnight palstering the city with multiple messages Informing the consumer that the surveyors would be visiting their homes Conventional Spots Grand Prizes - A Trip Abroad as an incentive for Language / English Publications readers interested in our Product To address the Advertising & Media Fraternity Showcase the Product & Brand Communication Activity News + Movie + Infotainment plan to address the TG Revealer Re - Connect Induce Bookings of the product 150 outdoor sites changed overnight palstering the city with multiple messages Inducing people to book the Newspaper Conventional Spots Live RJ plug in & conventional spots To address the Advertising & Media Fraternity Create impact by launching in a completely innovative & unique manner 150 outdoor sites changed overnight palstering the city with Brand Communication Launch Product Communication

Activity Undertaken

150 outdoor sites changed overnight palstering the city with multiple messages Create Intrigue Live RJ plug in specials on the Teaser Campaign on GO 92.5 FM Create Intrigue

Showcase the Product & Brand Communication

Radio Role Activity Undertaken

Showcase the Product & Brand Communication

Press Role

Showcase the Product & Brand Communication

Television Role

Role of BTL (Below The Line)


Teaser Survey

Revealer Re - Connect Induce Bookings of the product


Product Communication


Create Intrigue

Create awareness about the research taking place

Create impact by launching in a completely innovative & unique manner

Activity Undertaken

Soliciting subscriptions, Consumer Meetings @ Malls, Consumer Meetings @ Malls, Theratres, Restaurants, Pubs, Clubs, Introduction of the Brand to the Theratres, Restaurants, Pubs, Super Market On Ground with Live Interactions through a Mobile Media Fraternity, Taking the Clubs, On Ground Roadshow Launch On Ground

Showcase the Product & Brand Communication

24 x 7 Connect

Media Spread

ATL (Mainline)

BTL (Retail Activation) 6 Malls

OOH / On the Move (Connect @) Railway Stations & Trains Coffee Shops

Television Print

15 theatres
& Multiplexes

Parks Evening Getaways Mobile / Roadshow


50 Restaurants
25 Pubs & Bars 10 clubs 45 Super Markets

3 day Laser Projection

123 Hoarding 500 Kiosk

Reaching out to 70 % of the TG

100 Bus Shelters

The Teaser Campaign: (Phase I)

123 Strategic Outdoor Locations Plastered Across The City

Bringing Alive The Teaser


On Ground
& @ Retail Destinations

On Ground
250 Individuals On The Move in the City
Local Trains

Bus Stops

AC Buses Local Trains



The Teaser @ Retail Destinations

15 Multiplexes & 6 Malls added to the Teaser Excitement


The Teaser @ Retail Destinations

Storming across 25 Pubs & 45 Restaurants in the city of Mumbai


Bars & Pubs

Teaser Campaign: (Phase II)

Idea Keep The Excitement Alive of the campaign

The Teaser @ Other Connect Destinations

Bars & Pubs


Revealer Campaign
Subtle Brand Connect: A Tongue in Cheek approach showcasing relevant issues

Using the Communication to cue in the survey

The Revealer @

Retail & Consumer Connect


Revealer Phase @ Other Connect Destinations

Static Branding @ Restaurants & Clubs

Revealer Phase @ Retail Destinations

Escalator Ceilings

Branding at Malls Seat Branding @ Plexes

Branding @ Multiplexes

Revealer Phase @ Other Connect Destinations

Static Branding @ Restaurants & Clubs

Revealer Phase @ Other Connect Destinations

The Graffiti Board gives The City a VOICE

Inviting Consumers to interact with the Brand

Advance Bookings @ Select Destinations

Objective: To get on board a select few thought leaders who would help propogate the product and give an impetus to the bookings phase.


Bookings were opened to a discerning few at: - Premium Clubs - Fine Dining Restaurants - Malls in upmarket neighborhoods

generated across
10 destinations

over a weekend.

RevealerBookings Open
Idea Profiling the DNA Reader

30th July 2005 AD

30th (Jul) 2005 AD The Launch

150 Strategic Outdoor Locations Across The City

Changed with the brand colors Highlighting the everyday life of Mumbai

30th (Jul) 2005 AD The Launch

Major Traffic Junctions & Outside High Traffic Retail Destinations

Mumbai colored Purple & Yellow

On Ground
For the Launch
Idea Display the product at relevant consumer contact points in the most subtle manner.


Teams of promoters reading DNA in:

- First Class compartments in trains - On Railway Stations

- In AC Buses
- At Coffee Shops

30th (Jul) 2005 AD The Launch

And the Internet too turns Purple & Yellow

Banners & Interstitial

Post Launch (Ongoing)

Supplement Specific Communication

Post Launch (Ongoing)

Profiling the Editors

Clutter Breaking Innovations

(In the course of the Campaign)

Use the topical news in the city to gain mileage for our Brand Idea & to emotionally touch the hearts of Mumbaikars

Used the Outdoor medium to pay homage to the renowned Actor &

Politician who served the city of Mumbai to make it a better place

During the 26th Sept floods in Mumbai, we saluted the spirit of the Mumbaikars who braved the floods.

Tribute to Late Shri Sunil Dutt, renowned actor and politician


The idea was to pay homage to Mr. Sunil Dutt and salute him for the way he helped make
Mumbai a better place.

Tribute to the people of Mumbai 26th July 05

Mumbaikars did not succumb to the heavy rainfall & were back to work

For the Teaser Phase
Use the most popular RJs on the FM station to create additional buzz around the Teaser Campaign

Popular RJs Jaggu and Tarana from FM station GO 92.5 took the Teaser Campaign to a talk of the town level by inviting listeners to share their views on the teaser & asking them to guess the Brand. Live RJ plug ins across other FM stations also highlighted the On Ground Laser Projection Display during the course of the Teaser Campaign

The Radio Dialogue Linked Files\Radio\Jaggu Tarana.mp3

Linked Files\Radio\Jaggu Tarana - Listener Feedback.mp3

For the Revealer Phase

Glow Ball Airport IC Arrival

For the Launch
Idea Unveil the product on CNBC Channel Approach
Build up the hype created by the entire campaign by creating a vignette highlighting the entire communication since inception This is aired one day prior to the launch on the channel Next morning the product is unveiled in the program : Power Breakfast where the news reader showcases the paper as part of the news content. Innovative way to showcase all the supplements of DNA

For the Launch

Build up the hype created by the entire campaign by creating a vignette highlighting the entire communication since inception this is aired one day

prior to the launch on the channel

DNA - CNBC - Pre Launch Buildup.DAT

Innovative way to showcase all the supplements of DNA

DNA - CNBC - Supplement Spots.DAT

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Post Launch
TG: The advertising fraternity Idea
Capitalize on the popular show Storyboard watched primarily by the
media industry

Created a live Storyboard event for the media fraternity Industry experts discussed the print media in this event This was then telecast on the CNBC channel as a DNA special

CNBC Storyboard

The Internet
Post Launch

Innovations on &

TG Media Fraternity

Masthead on Agencyfaqs HP

Massive Impact

The Report Card

TOM Recall

78 %

Aided Recall

99 %

Subscriptions solicited ON DAY ONE 2.75 Lac Copies

35 % of Mumbai i.e. 5.5 mn people connected through Retail

Activation (across 151 destinations) @ an average OTS of 4+

Grade A+

Circulation on Day One: 2.75 Lac Copies

Day 60 (3 Lacs + Copies)

Dynamic Times Demanded

Astute Marketers who engaged Ingenious Communication Specialists who went on

Audacious quests and Ideated

Awe Inspiring Concepts evolving into

Shock Wave Strategies which created

Spectacular Campaigns that achieved

SMART Objectives with

Clutter Breaking Innovations Creating a Massive Impact in a Dynamic World!!!

Creation of .
One Cult Unsplit, Integrated & Whole.

Welcome to


The New Paradigm of Pervasive Marketing

Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is more important than the outcome.
Arthur Ashe
Team DNA: - Vikram Sakhuja - Hiren Pandit - Deepak Jayaram (Deejay) - Anita Kotwani - Shashank Gawade - Rahul Satoskar - Priti Shah