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Homoeopathic Repertory of


Dr. Dushyant Kamal Dhari

M.D. (Hom)
Homoeopathic Repertory of
HYPERTENSION - acon. adon. Adren. agar. aids.

ail. all-s. Am-m. Ambr. aml-ns. androc. ang. anh.

ant-ar. antip. apis aran. aran-ix. arg-n. arn. ars.
asar. aster. atra-r. Aur. aur-ar. aur-br. aur-i. aur-
m. aur-m-n. aur-s. Bar-c. bar-m. bell. benz-ac.
boerh-d. borra-o. brass-n-o. cact. cactin-m. cal-
ren. calc. calc-ar. calc-f. calc-p. calc-s. carb-v.
carbn-s. caust. cean. cench. chin. chinin-s. chir-
fl. chlor. chloram. chlorpr. choc. cimic. coc-c.
coff. CON. convo-s. cortico. cortiso. crat. crot-c.
crot-h. cupr. cupr-act. cupr-ar. cur. cyna. cyt-l.
dig. diph. diph-t-tpt. dulc. ergot. esp-g. eucal.
fago. ferr-i. ferr-m. ferr-p. ferr-s. fl-ac. fuma-ac.
gels. glon. glycyr-g. graph. Grat. grin. halo.
ham. hist. hydrc. ictod. ign. iod. ip. iris kali-ar.
kali-br. kali-c. kali-chl. kali-m. kali-p. kali-sal.
kres. lac-c. lach. lat-h. lat-m. laur. lyc. lycps-v.
lyss. mag-c. mag-m. mand. med. meli. merc.
methys. morg-p. naja nat-i. nat-m. nat-met. nat-
ox-act. nat-p. nat-s. nit-ac. nux-v. onop. op. ph-
Homoeopathic Repertory of
Hypertension (contd) - ran-b. Rauw. reser. rhus-t.
sabin. sal-l. sang. scop. Sec. sep. Ser-ang. sil.
spartin. spartin-s. spig. squil. staph. Stront-c.
Stront-i. stroph-h. sul-ac. sulfa. sulph. Sumb.
syph. tab. tarent. tela ter. thal. ther. thlas. thuj.
thyr. toxo-g. tub. tub-d. tub-m. uran-n. usn.
valer. vanad. VERAT. verat-v. verb. Visc. wye.
 x-ray . zinc-p.
Accompanied by –

- apoplexy - bell. gels. glon. lach. op. Pitu-gl.

- face; red discoloration of - stront-c.

- head; pain in

 morning – fuma-ac.
- heart, hypertrophy of - aur. crat.

- kidney, complaints of - cupr. kali-bi. kres. pic-ac.

Homoeopathic Repertory of
Accompanied with nephrosis - fuma-ac.
- urine; albuminous - aml-ns. calc-ar. dig. glon.

 ser-ang. spartin. stroph-h. thyr. tub. visc.
- vascular degeneration – Bar-m.

Acute attack - acon. bell.

Aged, of the - bar-m. glon. iod.

Anxiety, from - adren.

Arrhythmia, with - lith-c.

Arteriosclerosis, with - adren. ambr. ars-i. aur. aur-

i. aur-m-n. bar-c. bar-m. cact. calc-f. con. crat.

ferr-p. gink-b. pituin. plb. plb-i. saroth. sec.
stront-c. sumb. tab. vanad. visc.
- cerebral & coronary arteries - aur. bar-m.

Aspirin, after - antip.

Homoeopathic Repertory of
Asthma, with - bar-c. bar-m. visc.
Asymptomatic - ail. am-c. naja

Atherosclerosis, with - aur-m-n. dios. rauw. stront-c.

Attacks of - thal.

Belladonna fails; though indicated - adren.

Cardiac symptoms, with - bar-m.

Cerebral symptoms, with - arn. bar-m. caust. glon. ictod. op.

Children, in - cortiso. hydr.

Cholesterol, with high - dulc. kali-c. lac-c. med. plb.

Chronic - ail.

Constipation, with - sep.

Corpus luteum disorder - puls.

Diabetes, in - chlorpr. plb. thyr. visc.

Drenching, after - rhus-t.

Dropsy, with - uran-n.

Homoeopathic Repertory of
Dysentery, after - merc.
Dyspeptic - ars. cact. crat. kali-c. lyc. puls. pyrog.

Ears, with roaring in - adren.

Epistaxis, with - bell. meli.

Eruptions, after suppressed - graph.

Essential – acon. adren. ars. aur. bar-c. bar-m. cact.

calc-f. con. crat. dulc. gels. kali-bi. lach. lyss. med.

plb. rhus-t. stront-c. stront-i. verat. verat-v. visc.
Excessive - toxo-g.

Flatulence, with - arg-n. lyc. sulph.

Glaucoma, with - spig.

Gouty - benz-ac. visc.

Haemorrhages, with - adren.

Haemorrhoids, with - aur-s. lycps-v.

Homoeopathic Repertory of
Headaches, with - adren. all-s. ambr. ant-c. bell.
lach. pitu. sang.
- occiputal – all-s. bell.

- right sided - sang.

Hepatic - bell.

Hyperacidity, with - nux-v.

Hyperthyroidism, with - thal.

Intracranial - cortiso.

Lung complaints; after - nat-ox-act.

Malignant - adren.

Memory diminished, with - ail.

Menopause, at - aur. con. graph. lach. sabin.

samb. sep.
Mental exertion, after - lach.

Homoeopathic Repertory of
Nasal engorgement, with acute - iod.
Nervous mechanism; due to disturbed - aur-m-n.

Ocular - streptoc.

Portal - perh. sep. sulph.

Pregnancy, during - bell. glon. hydr. thyr.

Prostate, with enlarged - dig. ph-ac.

Pulmonary - bar-m. brass-n-o.

Renal sclerosis, with - kres. saroth. ser-ang. visc.

Renovascular hypertension - spartin.

Retinopathy, with - cic.

Sadness, with - aur.

Salt, after abuse of - nat-m. phos.

Septic - pyrog.

Sexual desire, with insatiable - anan.

Homoeopathic Repertory of
Spasms, after - ip. nux-v. spig. visc.
Sudden rise - adren. coff. Glon.

Sulphur patients, in - carbn-s.

Sweets, abuse of - arg-n.

Systolic high; diastolic low - bar-m.

Systolic high; diastolic normal -

caust. sulph.
Systolic low ; high diastolic - crat.

Tachycardia, with paroxysmal -

Tonsillitis / tonsillectomy after -
Homoeopathic Repertory of
- scanty - dig. kres. ser-ang.

-, - oedema, with - dig.

-, - oedema, without - ser-ang.

Variable - ign.

Vertigo, with - ambr. bar-m. bell.

lach. morg.
Worry, from – kali-ar.