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Marketing Management-I
Competitive strategy refers to how an institute

competes in a particular business. Competitive

strategy is concerned with how an institute can gain a
competitive advantage through distinctive way of
committing. FIIT has direct competitors in the form of
DU, IP, JNU and indirect competition in the form of
other institutes, foreign institutes, jobs. In order to
maintain the market position there should be certain
which should be follower

Top institute Leader: top leaders for MCA course in
Delhi are Delhi University, Indraprastha college, JNU, Jamia
Milia which hold 40%market.

Top institute Challenger: Thirty percent is in the hands

of a institute challenger.

Top institute Follower: Twenty percent is in the hands of

a market follower, these firms are the follower of the

market leaders.

Market Nichers: Ten percent is in the hands of market

nichers, firms that serve small market segments not being

served by larger firms. They are the innovators
I think FIIT should have a combination of market follower

and nichemanship

Market follower strategies and

FIIT should follow the pathway of the leaders in

this course they should follow various aspects of

top most institutes like faculty, course curriculum,
infrastructure. Along with this fiit should innovate
various ideas which will make this course
effective. For example by adding various
additional sub programs.

FIIT should attack their competitors by attacking

directly or indirectly.
 Nominal fee structure
 Good infrastructure like wifi campus,library,fully
ac,labs,auditorium,conference room
 Adding sub programs like MCA+PGDCA
 Personality development program(PDP)
 Improved services which will include free study
tour, free laptops, guest lectures
 Professional and experienced faculty in its

 Tie ups with other institutes and foreign
universities for more reference and
 Intense advertising and marketing with the help
of colleges, MCA coaching institutes
 Short term and long term goal should be well
 Research and development should be used
 There should be a specialization in every aspect
of the course
 Should know the weakness of other competitors
 FIIT should identify every opportunity for long
term profit
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