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Blues :
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When you think of the blues, you think

about misfortune, betrayal and regret.

You lose your job, you get the blues. Your dog dies, you get the blues.

While blues lyrics often deal with personal adversity,

the music itself goes far beyond self-pity.

The blues is also about overcoming hard luck, saying

what you feel, ridding yourself of frustration, letting your hair down, and simply having fun. The best blues is visceral, and cathartic emotional.

The blues has deep roots in American
history, particularly African-American history.

The blues originated on Southern

plantations in the 19th Century.

Its inventors were slaves, ex-slaves and the

descendants of slaves - African-American

sharecroppers who sang as they toiled in

the cotton and vegetable fields

After 1920
the popularity of blues
the rise of the commercial recording industry
aimed at black record-buyers after 1920, and the emigration of black Americans from the rural South to the urban North.

the introduction of race records

The first blues songs to be recorded

often called classic blues,
jazz-influenced songs in a vaudeville style
sung by the great blueswomen: Gertrude Ma Rainey, Bessie Smith, and others. These singers were often accompanied by pianists, guitarists, or even small jazz combos.

country blues was recorded
recorded by a single male singer, self-accompanied on the guitar or piano, with perhaps an accompanying harmonica or simple percussion.
Charley Patton, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Blind Boy Fuller, and Robert
Johnson were country blues musicians.

Beginning 1930s
blues musicians fell under the

influence of urban culture,

including popular music and jazz.

During 1940s
Some blues bands even incorporated saxophones,
although the preference was for amplified harmonicas,

especially in Chicago, a predominant center of blues

recording in the 1950s. Blues from this period is often called urban blues, electric blues, or simply Chicago blues.


th 19


Blues embraces a variety of styles,

including country blues, classic blues, jump blues, and Chicago (urban) blues.

During the 20th century

Blues directly or indirectly influenced
the vast majority of popular music, including jazz, rock, rhythm and blues (R&B), and gospel.



Blues? The expression I got the blues Referring to depression, loneliness, or general suffering. A persons emotional state.

Blues Music?

A form of music associated with African American culture. Sometimes perceived as a mournful and depressing style of music

A means of self-expression
Developed by a new generation of agricultural workers in the Mississippi Delta, in
the southern part of the United States, in the later half of the 19th century.


Characteristics of Blues Songs

Blues is a genre of music that originated from the African American

Blues is known for its repeated verses, its twelve bar basis which has 48 beats,
lyrics that are often about poverty, love, sexuality and redemption and the

emotional call and response phrase which is usually repeated back on a



Types of Blues Songs

Classic blues Country blues Boogie-Woogie and Guitar-Piano

Urban blues Club and jump blues Electric blues

Post-war blues


Form of Blues Songs

The blues song form structure has been formalized as having a 12-bar chorus length AAB lyric order (4 bars each) of rhymed couplets steady tempo melodic employment of flatted thirds, fifths, and sevenths (blue notes), suggesting

early blues is based on just three chords built from the first, fourth, and fifth degrees of
the major scale: the I, IV, and V chords; in the key of C this would be the C, F, and G chords

The typical blues form consists of a 12-bar harmonic pattern that subdivides
into three groups of four bars each.

The 12-bar pattern usually follows a traditional blues chord progression. This
form was standardized in 1912 with the publication of Memphis Blues by musician and composer W. C. Handy.

Example :
A: IEverydayI, IeverydayI II haveI I the bluesI (4 bars) A: IEverydayI, IeverydayI II haveI I the bluesI (4 bars) B: IWhen you see meI Iworryin' babyI, Iyeah it's youI I I hate to loseI (4 bars) A: INobodyI Iloves meI, InobodyI Iseems to careI (4 bars)

A: INobodyI Iloves meI, InobodyI Iseems to careI (4 bars)

B: ISpeaking ofI Ibad luck and troubleI, Iyou knowI II've had my shareI (4 bars) A: II'm gonnaI Ipack my suitcase andI, Imove onI Idown the lineI (4 bars) A: II'm gonnaI Ipack my suitcase andI, Imove onI Idown the lineI (4 bars) B: IBecause thereI Iain't nobody worriedI, Iand ain'tI nobody cryingI (4 bars)

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2. Structure/characteristics 3. Types 4. Benefits of using Pop Music 5. Examples


Pop music is
Music of general appeal to teenagers; a bland watereddown version of rock n roll with more rhythm and harmony and an emphasis on romantic love

Pop music (an abbreviation of "popular") is:

originated in its modern form in the 1950s, deriving from rock and

commercially recorded music often oriented towards a youth market borrowing elements from other styles
including urban, dance, rock, Latin and country


Traditional pop music

Also classic pop/pop standard consists of Western (and particularly
American) popular music that generally predates the advent of rock and roll in the mid-1950s. very widely known within mainstream culture.

the term "standard" can be applied to any popular song that has become
Traditional pop music is often regarded as having enduring appeal,
possessing certain ineffable qualities, including still emphasizing on the melody, as well as wit and charm of lyric.


Broadway Tin Pan Alley

Bing Crosby
Lorenz Hart Johny Mercet

George Gershwin

Popular Singer

Frank Sinatra Bing Crosby

Dinah Shore
Perry Commore Jo Stafford

David Whitfield

Song by Frank Sinatra

Modern Pop Music

By the end of the 90s and into the early 2000s pop music consisted mostly
of a combination of pop-hip hop and R&B-tinged pop, including a number of boy bands.

Notable female divas also cemented their status in American and Worldwide
popular music, such as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Beyonc, and Taylor Swift.


pop music is the song and usually a song consisting of verse and
repeated chorus.

Most often the songs are between 2 1/2 minutes and 5 1/2
minutes in length.

pop music has been and continues to be a melting pot that

borrows and assimilates elements and ideas from a wide range of musical styles.(Rock, r&b, country, disco, punk, and hip hop are all specific genres of music that have been incorporated into pop music)

"Black Or White"
I Took My Baby On A Saturday Bang Boy Is That Girl With You Yes We're One And The Same Now I Believe In Miracles And A Miracle Has Happened Tonight But, If You're Thinkin' About My Baby It Don't Matter If You're Black Or White They Print My Message In The Saturday Sun I Had To Tell Them I Ain't Second To None And I Told About Equality And It's True Either You're Wrong Or You're Right But, If You're Thinkin' About My Baby It Don't Matter If You're Black Or White

Benefits of using Pop Music

'Many parents also seem to be more familiar with pop

songs compared to the more traditional ones so it's only natural they end up singing what they know to their children. Any way that parents engage with their children over music is a good thing
Read more:

The story of rock n roll holds many important lessons

about the major events and developments in American culture over the past 60 years(Jamie Foxx- Blame it on the alcohol). This can go very well with whole brain learning by helping students think creatively.

Teachers feel that the use of popular music will increase a

class's enthusiasm and provide inroads to certain topics because of the students' familiarity with the music.

Examples of pop songs

Shine Your Way (from the movie The Croods) Can You Feel The Love Tonight (from the movie The Lion King)

Shine Your Way

Can You Feel The Love Tonight