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PROJECT REPORT ON Role of AdveRtising

PRESENTED BY:Sonuram faujdar kannojia Roll No: 38 COURSE: BMS Under The Guidance Of Vaishali Singh

Advertising, generally speaking, is the promotion of goods, services, companies and ideas, usually performed by an identified sponsor. Marketers see advertising as part of an overall promotional strategy. Other components of the promotional mix include publicity, public relations, personal selling, and sales promotion.

History of Advertising
15th and 16th century- printing developedadvertising expanded to include handbills. 17th century- advertisements in weekly newspapers in England- mainly books &medicines 19th century- economy expanded advertising grew 1841- first advertising agency established by Volney Palme in Boston, USA. 1875- N. W. Ayer & Son- the first full service agency in Philadelphia, USA

Element of advertising communication

The sender : The sender of advertising message is the advertiser who wants to communicate with the readers, listeners or viewer in respect of his product or services The message : Through the advertising message the advertiser aims at achieving the following objective : To create awareness To build or reinforce attitudes To create band image. Medium The medium of communication refers to the media of advertising. The receiver It refers to the recipients or audience of advertising messages i. e. readers, listeners and/or viewers. Advertising messages is directed to either mass audience or to class audience.

Trends in advertising in India

Convergence of media One of the primary trends in the coming years will be media convergence. Convergence is the present and even more so of the future. Interactivity Interactivity means that audience can send messages back and forth of the media and vice versa. Permission marketing and advertising There is a growing trend towards permission marketing and consequently advertising needs to be in live with permission marketing.

Challenges faced by advertising in India

Multiple media options Challenges of ad Budget Challenges for print media Challenge for outdoor Advertising

Role of advertising in brand building

A major objective of advertising is brand building. Brand building involves developing brands core values in the minds of target audience.
Every advertisement should be thought of as a contribution to the complex symbol which is the brand image. Every advertisement is not a one-time shot, but a long term investment in the total personality of their brands.

Classification of adverting
Advertiser :
Adverting budget Nature of organization


Consumer Industrial Trade Professional

Local Regional National International

Press Broadcasting Outdoor Others

Media :

Type of advertising.
Newspaper Magazine Radio Television Directories Billboards

In todays competitive and a globalised economy the need and importance of advertising is increasing day by day, as the development in all fields is taking place rapidly. Advertising is really a very interesting and a very important topic related to marketing as marketing depends a lot on advertising. Advertising helps the advertiser to communicate the message to the consumer in a proper manner. Everyone needs advertising for promoting its products or services in this competitive market.