Absolute Value

Just how far from zero are you?

What are opposites on a number line? Graph the integer set from –5 to + 5 Two numbers that are the same distance from zero are said to be opposites .

Remember distance itself is ALWAYS positive .But what is Absolute Value? Absolute Value is the distance a number is from zero.

How do we denote absolute value? x is the symbol used for absolute value. It is read the absolute value of SO let’s try a few: 3  5 0 What general statement can you make about absolute value? .

Do the work inside first THEN take the opposite of .Be careful! In math a negative sign in front of the absolute value sign should be read “take the opposite of”. This means treat the absolute value sign like a grouping symbol.

Let’s try a few  23  65 4  2   3 .

What if the variable is in the absolute value sign? x 7 This simply means what are ALL the solutions that make this a true statement? -7 0 7 .

Velocity and Speed Velocity is how fast is something going AND in what direction is it headed? Example: If I am plummeting to earth in a hot air balloon my velocity would be –15 feet per second! BUT my speed would be the absolute value which is? .

Final Thought for Today In math it is not enough to just know the answer you have to PROVE you know it. provide a counter example: The expression – x is never positive The absolute value of a number will always be greater than or equal to that number . If false. Give a counter example to this statement: All of the students in Mrs. Rose’s algebra classes are boys. Now determine if these are true or false. If you say something is FALSE you must provide a counter example.

Bring on the homework! .Individual Practice Complete Section 2.2 in the practice workbook Where are YOU now? 1: I have no clue what she is talking about! 5: I remember this from last year but better do my homework and ask questions 10: This is a breeze.

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