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Chapter 6: How did World War 2 affect Singapore?

What were the efforts made by the British to defend Singapore? Why did the British fail to stop the Japanese? How did the people of Singapore react to the Japanese attack? How did the Japanese Occupation change the lives of people in Singapore? Did life return to normal after the end of the Japanese Occupation?

The Fall of Singapore

The dense jungles of Malaya were thought to be a Natural Barrier against invasion.

Why was Singapore seen as the Impregnable Fortress? What is Impregnable? Use your handphone to check the meaning online. Only 1 handphone per group.

Why was Singapore known as the 'Impregnable' fortress?

Singapore was protected by 20+ big cannons. Some can shoot as far as 42km! It was also protected by the 2 battle cruisers which were thought to be unbeatable as the HMS Prince of Wales had the latest airtracking systems present at that time.

Why was Singapore known as the 'Impregnable' fortress?

The British thought that the seas were controlled as both the guns and the ships were protecting the sea from invasion. The British also had 137,000 soldiers, from Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Nepal, India, Malaya and even some from Singapore. Their 130+ Brewster Buffalos which were very slow planes were thought to control the skies.

Page 98-99 of the textbook.

Background of the war

Japanese Invasion of China- 1937 (Page 100) To protest against Japans attack on China, the United States of America (USA) cut off their Oil Supplies to Japan. Why? Japan then turned towards Southeast Asia which was rich in oil and natural resources. Examples of some raw materials? Britain sends reinforcements to Singapore but was still focused on the war in Europe

War in Europe- September 1939 (pg 100-101)

Japan signed a treaty of Friendship with Germany and Italy [Central/Axis powers] On 7th Dec 1941, the Japanese carried an attack on Pearl Harbour. The Prince of Wales and the Repulse were sunk on 10th Dec 1941. However, the British were unable to send more naval or air Reinforcements because of their involvement in Europe. Is the Great Colony of Britain being stretched?

Why did the British fail to stop the Japanese?

Japanese Soldiers

Japanese Intelligen ce

Japanese Imperial Army

Japanese Zero Fighter Planes

Video What were the means that the Japanese used to attack Singapore?

What was the mode of transport that the Japanese employed?

Japanese Intelligence
The Japanese set up Intelligence Services in Malaya and Singapore. This provided them with information on British Defence and readiness.

Read the bottom paragraph of page 101 for 5 minutes

Japanese Soldiers (pg 102)

Better trained in Jungle Warfare. Besides using tanks, they were also able to use Bicycles to move swiftly down the jungles of Malaya.

Japanese Imperial Army

Had a large modern Airforce and Naval fleet. Would die for the country fighting spirit and Kamikazes.

Japanese Zero Fighter Planes

Destroyed half of the Old and Outdated British planes.

Mind Map Activity

Do a graphic organizer that shows The Weakness of the British Army

Weakness of the British Army

Weakness of British Army

The British thought Tanks were unsuitable for Jungle warfare. They were no match against the Well-Trained Japanese Soldiers.

th The Fall of Singapore: 15

February 1942
The British had a final conference at the Fort Canning Bunker. Lieutenant-General Percival wanted to avoid bloodshed. Supplies of food and water were also running out. The British Opted for Surrender.