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Construction of a Pasig Riverside Green Building condominium in downtown Manila

BY Mehrad Sarabandi

• Define High level customer requirements and then Define project goals and objectives

• Establish key Measures of project success based on the key customer requirements

• Analyze design options

• Create the detailed construction design based on the chosen building design

• Construct and verify the design process

Business Case
As we know nowadays because of the cost energy and make a friendly environment, people looking for something new. This is about consumer requesting. Constructors are also very welcome to find a way to sell better and most profitable way to sell. So green building it ’s a new way to make it happens . And we are as a designer, we design green building, this will be from first sketch up to final proposal all in all, so we can sell our design to the constructors. I designed “ Construction of a Pasig Riverside Green Building condominium in downtown Manila” as 3 different ideas.

Define .

Till now we had 10 projects about green building design. riverside rehabilitation.October 2015 (12 months) Initial Assumptions: Local government will readily approve the design and provide construction permit like normal construction projects.Project Title: Construction of a Pasig Riverside Green Building condominium in downtown Manila Background and Business Strategy: Our company started to work since 2002. Estimated Timeline: October 2014. Revenue: we will have 10% of the total amount of the project profit and we deduct 3% out of 10% for our expenses in building (Material. high quality Deliver green compliant building Project Scope: (deliverables only not the project process) Design and Construction of building. We have many specialists about the green building design and our mission is to spared it into the world specially in the Philippines. Identified Major Risks : • Location risk: Pasig river can flood during strong typhoon and high tide. Lim Project Lead: Sam Project members: 10 (architect). Our company is an international company with 100 employees. Work-around: include flood control in the plan and charge to client • Cost risk: Green building materials unforeseen price increase esp in the global market Work-around: propose additional buffer on top of original project budget of the client Project Cost & Benefit: Our revenue streams are Selling idea to the other designers and Contract with construction company and deliver the unit to clients. Company doesn't ’t work just in the green building design but the green building design is one of our main branch in this company. Goal Statement: Design and construct a green building for client Project Objectives Deliver building on schedule. within budget. . benefit: bank will accept up to 40% of the total amount of money. Obtain discounts from suppliers of green technology.workers and etc. 3(PM admin works). Availability in local market and on time delivery of imported green technology materials Pasig riverside can sustain a mid-rise 20Floor green building Project team Client: constructors (DMCI Company) Project champion: Dr. 3 (Util). 5 (AHU).design.) so our pure profit is 7%. pathways within the vicinity and connection to main road Clients will expect Easy access to the main road and less distance and less traffic. 5 (Construction engineer).

17 Nov. 22 Sep. 13 Oct. 22Dec. . 12 Jan. 1Dec. 3 Nov. 11 Agu. Process .Timeline Time 6 Oct.

Financial risks low low The additional costs of green buildings may affect completing projects on time and on budget. Lack of experience by the green High construction can lead to problems obtaining LEED certification.Risks Description Impac Time t process High Mitigation Activities Consultants/Subconsultants and Subcontractors. but must be weighed against the cost of not going green Standard of Care/Legal Mandates regarding LEED certification bring an increased risk of legal liability for green building design and construction professionals. Non Low . delays and improper material specifications.

Measure .

schedule.Identify Project Stakeholders Customer Client Current Role & Responsibilities Provides the requirements – budget.Reviews and approves the whole project. building design concept . 9 Focus on LEED cooling and ventilation .

Identify Customer Needs (5W1H) WHO Who is/are the customers in this project WHAT What is/are their general needs? Healthy life. using environmental resources WHEN When do the needs arise? When they get enough request for the green building WHERE Where does the need come from? WHY Why do they need it? Why do the needs arise? For improving their life quality and budget HOW How do we satisfy their needs? By accomplish our mission properly and saving money Client Energy-efficiency Focus on LEED cooling and ventilation . less expenses.

Measurable Project Success Criteria Stakeholder Voices Client Success Criteria Favorable design Success measure Compliance to LEED cooling and ventilation Target >100 11 Focus on LEED cooling and ventilation .

Analyze .

Analyze Idea Concepts Stakeholder Voices Client Requirements Compliance to LEED cooling and ventilation Idea 1 Use radiant cooling Idea 2 New Shading devices which absorb the enough sun inside of building Idea 3 Use energy efficacy window Focus on LEED cooling and ventilation .

so this technology will absorb exceeded heat so air ventilation will be much easier with less energy. it will increase occupant thermal comfort. and increase architectural design. The process of radiant exchange has a negligible effect on air temperature. Option 2: we can specify each unit to use shading device for better performance but undoubtedly it will be exclusive for client and a bit expensive than option 1 . reduce the glare. Option 2: comes with 25 radiators under the floor for each 20 square meters and reduce the temperature up to 28%. QFD options: Option 1: we can do the shading devices in our design. We have 2 options as our goal to QFD for clients: Option1: comes with 15 radiators under the floor for every 20 square meters and that helps reduce temperature up to 12% but absolutely cheaper than option 2.Quality Function Deployment (QFD) Radiant cooling (Idea 1) This method will absorb the heat inside the room and transform it to radiators under the floor for chilled floor. Shading Device (Idea 2) Shading device is one of the cheapest method that we can design in a building to keep cooling inside according to VOC.

Energy Efficient Window don’t require tinting in order to perform. paper. fabric. and wood. Tinting can reduce visible light and obstruct views. . Option2:same window with option 1 but its require to have special frame that helps us to make big and width window for towers and apartments Option3: This method can be very cheap and popular for costumers it ’s a thin window and reduce the ray of sun 75% and we can use it in any house by changing window. Energy efficient coatings on glass reduce ultraviolet (UV) rays by up to 75 percent. carpet. Option1: it comes with 2 layers of glass with Arcon inside that ’s why this window doesn’t allowed to transfer temperature. drafts. And protecting the home against leaks. In the same way. Also it constructed to eliminate drafts.Energy Efficiency Window (Idea 3) Energy Efficient windows are designed to keep cold air inside and saving energy inside by eliminating the need to overcompensate for air leakage and entry during both the summer and winter months. and condensation. The sun’s harmful rays can fade artwork.

Performance of Energy Efficient Window in three different options(Idea 3) Option 3 Option 2 Option 1 .

We are going to connect them with the main road and create easy access for our clients. .SITE PLAN: This is our site plan for both designs. Pasig River is running next to the site.

Design 1: radiant cooling A radiant cooling system refers to a temperature-controlled surface that cools indoor temperatures by removing sensible heat and where more than half of heat transfer occurs through thermal radiation .

Design 2: Shading Devices New Shading devices which absorb the enough sun inside of building and distribute the light in the room .

High quality edge spacers and frames are also common with energy efficient windows. .Design 3: Energy Efficacy Window Energy efficient window are designed to keep cold air and those types of windows are multiple-glazed and they have low.E coatings.

2) (Opt.1) (Opt.2) ) 10 + + + + + s s s 7 4 0 2 s 1 0 0 10 s 1 0 0 10 + 2 0 0 17 s 0 0 1 10 s s s 0 0 1 s 0 0 1 0 10 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .1) (Opt. Idea Options Radia E-EW E-EW E-EW nt Rating Radiant Shading Shading (Opt.1 (1-10) (Opt.Comparison of Solutions Pugh Matrix Pugh Selection Matrix Stakeholder Voice Compliance to LEED cooling and ventilation Reduce The Ray Of Sun Sum of Positives Sum of Negatives Sum of Sames Weighted Sum of Positives Weighted Sum of Negatives 21 .2) (Opt.3) AS-IS (Opt.

Comparison of Features vs. Needs Quality Functional Deployment for Idea 03 Idea 3: Energy Efficiency Window (Option 3) Better comfort and No drafts Importance Rating (1 to 5 ) Increased light and views 8 Less damage to furniture Less weight and Less condensation Custom er Needs Compliance to LEED cooling and ventilation 4 6 5 6 9 Raw score 24 20 24 32 36 Relative % 18% 15% 18% 24% 26% 3 3 3 3 Importance Rank 2 Energy Cost Savings .


Focus on LEED cooling and ventilation . and Ecological Sustainability eliminate negative environmental impact Manpower and training program Environmental filter Reuse water supply Information requirements IT systems & solutions create projects that are meaningful innovations Process automation requirements Energy Efficient Window New high tech equipment Cost / Revenue Plan We should show our window to engineer before installation so they will know this special window need special frame according to the options that we proposed so we don’t have any other special task for them.Design for LEED Compliance Design for LEED Compliance Sustainable Design (ss) Material and Resources(MR) Indoor Environmental Quality(IEQ) Innovation in Design(IN) Comply Social. Economic.

also it will increased light and views and absorb the harmful rays can fade artwork. paper. carpet. Drafty windows are one of the most common complaints when it comes to older. . fabric. and wood.Design 3: Energy Efficacy Window Energy efficiency window will keep the cold air inside and energy efficient windows are constructed to eliminate drafts.

3. 4. Precise virtual models are automatically part of the design. length.implementation docs. and engineers allows for better decision making. helping to reduce uncertainty in documents and chose the best design of the window. contractor. thickness. form. Construction can be completed on schedule and on budget. width etc. climate . of the window and they will predict the climate and the form of the building then according to that they will make decision. team members are able to use best option of the windows according to plan.Design Collaboration between the architect.Conceptualization The project team comes together at the earliest stage. budget etc. they will talk about the size. helping to improve quality and better cooling and ventilation.Produce Because of careful early planning. 2.How engineers will produce the window: 1. .

Energy-Efficient window technical design • .

Energy-Efficient Window saving Window Compression of Energy-Efficient For Option 3 .


Window Material Comparison conventional windows Energy-Efficient Window .

Advantages of Energy-Efficient Window .

.Front Elevation I want the building windows to look like these Glazed systems that occur on the ground floor. or between a floor slab and building structure above. Installed between floor slabs. and typically include aluminum entrances.

Building Façade .

Building Movement .



How we will check the effectiveness of our design? We divide it to 5 phases: .

rather than just the final outcome What should improve: Six sigma is base on the statics or data so many people would fail to use real life experiences or cases to improve their own business. .What I appreciate are • • six sigma is customer driven Six Sigma addresses the entire process behind the production of an item or completion of a service.

You can understand your problem during the process and try to eliminate it by using DMAIC. it will helps us to encounter with the problems in innovation and show how successful business it will be and reduce the factors that we should avoid it to use. DMAIC: by using this process you are aiming to perfect the productivity of your services by eliminating defaults and errors. At the end I should add it that Six Sigma will come with us step by step and mostly it takes 6months /1 year to implement it for our business. . so we can use Six sigma for both current business and innovative businesses which help us to achieve our goal and create success. It is also a way to help improve customer satisfaction and consumer delight.What we learned from Six Sigma ? According to six sigma we have two kind of Six Sigma. Both DMAIC & DMADV are used within the Six Sigma Methodology to keep things organized. Also by using DMADV. and deter faults within your business.