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Graciela Kahn, Marina Moser, & Aaron Regal

Outdoor advertising, also known as out of home advertising (a term coined by its advocates), is a mass media communication strategy that includes any advertisement presented in the public sphere.

● Greater exposure ● Custom placement

● Message must be short ● Requires long-term

● Brand development
● May promote interactivity ● Can become part of the

● Method is passive ● May be difficult to quantify

community identity

● Some find it intrusive

Five Ws
Who will see it? What format is best for our message?
(who uses that bus, lives in that neighborhood, etc.) billboards have different connotations.) (eg. city benches vs.

When is the right time?
quantity) places they normally use.)

(It depends, consider the tradeoff between location and

Where should we place ads?

(identify target market and the public

Why advertise outdoors?

(increase your visibility and broaden your audience)

Things to Consider

• •


American FactFinder, Claritas, CRM System

Laws and Regulations

Special Zoning Districts Location vs. Quantity

Organization Budget

Guerrilla Marketing
Advertising that uses surprise and/or unconventional interactions for promotion of a product, service, or idea. This personal interaction based channel typically has a smaller budget, and it employs small groups of

promoters that cover a particular location as opposed
to wide-spread media campaigns.1

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