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Analysis of the opening sequence for ‘Tangled’

This is a long shot of the opening scene which sets the story for the audience. In the opening scene only the producers credits appear. This first shot also tells us that the film is going to be animated.

This sets the scene of the film, it a close up of a poster which shows one of the main characters face. The first impression we get of him is that he is a villain as he is wanted. There is a voiceover at the begging which is non-diagetic as the villain shown in this picture gives us an insight into what the film will be about.

The next shot is a lot darker than the first, indicating that it is either night time, or something bad is happening. The non-diagetic music continues, telling us a story about a special flower, shown in the centre of the shot which attracts the audiences attention, so there main focus will be on it. The woman in the corner of the shot is portrayed as a villain because of the way she is hunched and her green lamp, which symbolises evil.

This is a long shot of what we would assume to be the main setting of the film. It shows clear blue skies with a few clouds in the background which gives off a warm feeling. It also shows that the film is about a character who is of high importance as there is a castle in the middle of the island.

This is a medium close up of the characters, the character with the most importance being in the middle. The shot is being shown from over the characters shoulder, while the male at the front of the shot has a worried and anxious face. This makes the audience think that there is something wrong with the lady.

This is a mediums shot of the old lady we saw previously. She looks mischievous and has the green lantern behind her still symbolising evil. The shot shows her either uncovering or covering the bright flower. We assume that something bad is happening in this shot. We understand from the nondiagetic sound that she is up to no good.

This shot shows the mother and father of the little girl. Lighting a lantern for her birth, we found out it was her birth from the non-diagetic voice over in the background. They are releasing a lantern which represents Rapunzel's birthday.

This is a close up shot of the women holding the little girls glowing hair. The glowing hair shows to the audience that there is going to be a mystical aspect to the film. The hair or powers in the hair must have a big part in the film as it is being shown at the beginning of the film.