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Tailoring Your Invoices with Oracle’s Bill Presentment Architecture March 7, 2005

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 Bill Presentment Overview  Demo

Key Features – – – – – – – – Data Retrieval Template Management Interactive Preview External Template Upload Template Assignment Invoice Batch Printing Drilldown Capability Supports Multiple Languages .

not just Oracle Receivables Register Oracle applications and third-party data sources and their corresponding database views and content items • Support Oracle Receivables transaction flexfields • Retrieve billing data from multiple data sources at runtime • Pre-defined data sources include Oracle Receivables. and Oracle Order Management • .Data Retrieval Description Allows you to incorporate billing information from any source. Oracle Service Contracts.

Template Management • Provides extensive abilities & flexibility to design a bill that best suits your customer • • • • • • • • Create and manage multiple billing templates Configure bill content and layout Print summary lines with or without child lines Display itemized and summarized tax information Display custom images & messages Associate hyperlinks to content items Specify page setup for printed bills Select flexible header and footer format for printed bills .

B include the 11.10 release of OA Framework (OA 5.9 – BPA was not backported  Invoice batch printing was released in minipack 11i.10K).H) as well as the 11.5. – Pre-requisites for BPA.5.BPA.10 release of XML Publisher (XDO.5.Applications Version Requirements  Must be on at least 11.B. .

if there are 1000 transactions to print. If there are 1001 transactions. BPA launches two child programs. To determine the number of child programs required. – – – Each child program generates one PDF file for each group of invoices and stores it as the output file of the concurrent program. but will balance the number of transactions in each group. . the master program will launch three child programs. and the third will print 334 invoices. each with an output file of 500 invoices. BPA divides the number of transactions by 500 to create groups of invoices.Invoice Batch Printing  New concurrent program – Invoice Print BPA Master Program  Launches one or more child programs depending on the number of invoices requested for printing. Two programs will print 333 invoices. For example.

P.A .Additional Details .B.

Set INTERFACE_LINE_ATTRIBUTE1 (Contract Number) as an Autoinvoice optional grouping rule attribute in Oracle Receivables • Login with “Bill Presentment Super User” responsibility • Navigate to “Configuration” tab .Data Retrieval How to Set Up this Feature • Required step if Oracle Service Contracts is enabled as supplementary data source: .

Data Retrieval .How to Use this Feature .

Register Data Source .Data Retrieval .

Synchronize Flexfields .Data Retrieval .

Register View & Select Content Items .Data Retrieval .

Enable Data Source .Data Retrieval .

Template Management .How to Set Up this Feature • • Login with “Bill Presentment Super User” or “Bill Presentment User” responsibility Navigate to “Template Management” tab .

Template Management .How to Use this Feature .

Template Management .Enter General Information .

Template Management .Design Primary Page .

Select Content and Layout .Template Management .

Update Properties .Template Management .

Template Management .Move Content .

Template Management .Split Content Areas .

Template Management .Design Details Page .

Specify Print Setup .Template Management .

Preview Template .Template Management .

Template Management .Content Items .

Template Management .Create Content Item .