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By Himanshu Gupta 111638

I have one speed, I have one Gear; Go…!

Requires forward motion to produce thrust  . A scramjet (supersonic combustion ramjet) is a variant of a ramjet air breathing combustion jet engine in which continuous combustion process takes place in supersonic airflow.

velocities. • No operational systems. but a number of test and on a few aircraft. • Widely used for missiles.• Scramjets operate at • Ramjets fly at high hypersonic (>Mach 5) subsonic to supersonic velocities. flights and many ground tests . through flow speeds but the airflow and combustion takes through them and their place at supersonic combustion is subsonic velocities.

where incoming air is compressed and decelerated. where the heated air is accelerated to produce thrust.  .A CONVERGING INLET.  A COMBUSTOR.  A DIVERGING NOZZLE. where gaseous fuel is burned with atmospheric oxygen to produce heat.

Basically in order to achieve the initial speed.  . a second engine is integrated in the Scramjet model. diffuser passage. it may be rocket or turbojet engine.  There are inlet passage. combustion passage and exhaust passage. All the operations are done by the varying cross section of passages.  Scramjet works on the same principle of Ramjet.

. Hence the air from the atmosphere enters in the inlet section having very high velocity is reduced in diffuser section. thereby its static pressure increases.   Temperature of air also increases when passing through the narrow cross section towards combustion chamber. As these are air breathing engines. air from the atmosphere enters at very high speed in the inlet passage.

 The fresh air supply to the diffuser builds up a pressure at the diffuser so that these burned gases cannot expand towards the diffuser.Hot air flows in the combustion chamber and at this moment the propellant i. hydrogen (having a very low ignition temperature) as a fuel are injected by the injector in the combustor.  Instead. the gases are made expand in combustor towards tail engine hence providing the required  .  Where it gets self ignited within a millisecond and the combustion process is carried out at the supersonic speed.e.


 Artist's conception of the NASA X-43 with scramjet attached to the underside .


helicopters. and the SR71 Blackbird with varying degrees of success. Ramjets and Scramjets have been used in missiles. .

. although depending on the design it could act as a ramjet at low speeds. both of which it easier to manufacture lead to high • Higher speed could mean instrumentation costs. cheaper access to outer • A scramjet cannot space in the future produce efficient thrust • Higher efficiencies unless boosted to high speed.• Does not have to carry • Testing difficulties:oxygen expensive launch • No rotating parts makes vehicles. around Mach 5.