Your Challenge

You need to earn good money, but you can’t work 40 hours a week, and part-time jobs don’t pay very well.

Our Challenge
We need to hire six-to-ten full-time people to handle marketing and sales of our product, but we don’t have the funding, and don’t want to give away ownership to get it.

Economic Challenges
• Make the price appealing because people are just not spending money they way they were two years ago. • Get the word out cost effectively • Build a compensation plan that encourages loyalty, even among independent contractors • Get the word out, and hire the people.

Our Responses to the Challenges
• Reduce prices on hard-copy goods • Use cooperative advertising from organizations like Costco and shared mailings • Seek out pay-per-sale compensation agreements • Seek out publicity • Offer 50% of Gross Profit • Engage people who work independently

Here’s a Creative Solution Inspired by Two (2) Ideas
• Job Sharing + • SETI at Home

Different people, in various locations, with different skill sets, work for the common goal. The virtual team produces sales, and the gross profit is fairly shared!

Be a part of
• a virtual marketing team. • $10 investment, reimbursed after 10 sales. • Get paid
– Monthly (some affiliate programs) – Weekly (some affiliate programs) – or daily (using our PHP/MySQL/ PayPal system)









rs ou h

Total 80 hours

A stay at home dad
• Invests 10 hours a week making entries on Dad blogs. • He uses anchor-links that go to a specific landing page on a web-site, a page that resonates with other fathers.

A father and daughter team
• Invest 5 hours a week making posts on Linked In and Facebook. • They recruit fans and use links that go to landing pages for parents, grandparents and teachers. • They also invest 5 hours a week e-mailing and writing to editors of major magazines, requesting book and product reviews. They attach detailed .pdf files. Example.

A high-school student
• Invests 5 hours a week contacting college librarians. • She builds relationships and motivates them to order licenses for digital versions of books that are used by students for job seeking and elementary-ed student teachers. Monbed

A freelance writer
• Invests 5 hours a week writing blurbs for newspapers. • He gets paid for each placement by the newspaper and he makes money when people place orders.

A grad student
• Invests 5 hours a week writing blurbs posting on a variety of forums and contacting bloggers. • Some of the posts that he makes are so compelling that hundreds of people follow his links and make purchases.

A college student
• Invests 5 hours a week talking to outplacement firms about including How to Get Job Interviews in their outplacement package. • Three companies agree to buy 1,000 copy licenses to give to their clients.

A newly-hired secretary
• Invests 5 hours a week discussing the books on Internet radio shows and making comments a variety of shows on

A laid off marketing executive
• Invests 5 hours a week creating Google Adsense ads that drive many people to a landing page. • He also motivates many people to “Stumble Upon” landing pages.

A blogger
• Invests 5 hours a week doing guest blogs and contacting other bloggers. As articles and reviews show up on various web sites, hundreds of people purchase.

The cumulative result of all of these efforts . . .
• Is greater than the sum of the parts. • There is a synergistic relationship which enhances each person’s efforts, and each person makes good money.

All Proceeds Go into Pots



Half goes to LB Creative, LLC for developing new products, and as a profit for the risk and capital already invested.


The other half is prorated, based on units sold and/or time invested.


Diverse approaches bring increased Gross Profit for everyone.

$8,4 00

5/ 80

= $1 ,050

x$ 8, 40 0
5/ 8

10/8 0x

=$ ,400 x $8 525

x 10/80 0= $8,40 0 $1,05

0 2/8

0 ,40 8 x$

0 0/8 2

0 ,40 8 x$

0 ,01 2 =$

5/80 x $8 $8,400 ,400 5/ 0 = $5 80 x$ 25 x$ 8, 40 8, 40 0 = 0 $5 = $5 25 25

15/80 x $8,400 = $1,575

0 $21 =

$5 25

Back-end commissions increase total earnings.

Don’t get angry
Instead, earn good money, as part of a 21st Century, virtual team.

To Determine your Profit Potential
• Please download this Excel Spreadsheet. • Look at all of the “sheets” • Identify the areas where you feel you would be most effective. • If you don’t see the area where you’d be most cost effective, make your own projections, modify the spreadsheet and tell us about your idea.

To Get the Ball Rolling
• Contact us and let us know how many hours you can dedicate and the goals you have set.

But, before you contact us
• Think about all of the reasons you may not live up to your commitment. • If you feel any hesitation, don’t contact us. • For this methodology to work, everyone who joins must be willing to live up to their commitments for at least four (4) weeks, eight (8) weeks would be better.

For more information . . .
• Establish a PayPal account so you can receive commissions as soon as a sale is made. • Alan – Write or call • (775) 453-6636, Pacific Time, and let us know the email address (not the password) that you use for PayPal access. • (blog, being expanded) • (Children’s book) • (e-book) • (member-based web site—being revised.)

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