eProgress Training

When you get a student from Kelly you’ll need to make contact with the family within 48 hours. Never expect a parent/guardian to return your call. If you call and no one answers at 9am call again at 11am and again at 1pm and 5pm until you get someone to answer the phone. Call several times all throughout the day. Once you get in touch with the parent/guardian you’ll need to gather the following information in order to begin the tutoring process for that student.
•Name/Address of Parent/Guardian (be sure to confirm both first & last name as it may differ from the student’s last name •Name of the district & school that the student attends •Name & phone number of his/her teacher • Grade level •Subject that he/she needs tutored in •Confirm that there is a computer with Internet in the home, if they don’t, ask if they can go to a library or community center that they can go to. If they can’t then you can mention that in-home tutoring is a possibility but that you will have to get back with them. •What time/days the student prefers to be tutored (make sure it fits into your schedule) Most students will tutor 2 or 3 times a week. All sessions are 1 hour. When you set up this time it should remain consistent from one week to another. Ex. Tuesdays/Thursdays from 4:005:00pm. •Email address if you’re tutoring online Once you’ve gathered the information above thank them for their time and let them know that you’ll be contacting the teacher and writing a Student Improvement Plan. Tell them that you’ll mail the plan to them for them to sign and return to you. Inform them that tutoring (in most districts) cannot begin until the plan has been returned.

Making the Initial Contact

After you’ve gathered information from the parent you’ll need to attempt to contact the student’s teacher to confirm the needs of the student. If you can’t get in touch with a teacher after trying for 48 hours move on without their input.

Once you’ve gathered information from both the parent/guardian & teacher, if possible, you’ll want to take a look at any test data the district has provided (note: test data is not always provided for our students). You’re just looking, again, to confirm the needs of this student to ensure that you write a Student Improvement Plan that will help meet those needs. The time that you spend gathering information and writing the plan is to be included on your invoice at the end of the month so keep track of this time.

Writing the SIP (Student Improvement Plan)
After you’ve reviewed the information that you have gathered from parent/guardian, teacher & test data you’re ready to write the SIP. To do this you’ll either go to the Cayen website (only available for a few districts-if you’re tutoring a student in one of those districts you will be trained on Cayen) and submit the SIP online using their form or you’ll fill out the form on the next screen. Either way you’ll want to be as detailed as possible, include state standards from www.achievementtech.com (covered later in the training), and make certain that you have thoroughly filled out the SIP. After it has been written you’ll mail a copy to the parent with a paid return envelope for them to return it in once they sign it. You’ll also email a copy to Kelly. She will submit it to the district for approval and let you know when tutoring with that student can begin. Some districts let us begin before the SIP is approved, others have us wait. Whether online or on the sample below you’ll need to submit your SIP for approval & mail a copy to the parents within 1 week of getting your student.

Fill out all of this information at the top for each individual student.

This entire table section should be filled out with appropriate goals, start/end time, assessment information, etc. You’ll also copy/paste State Standards into this table that your student will be working on.
This is where the parent needs to sign the SIP. Once they’ve returned the signed SIP to you send it to Kelly. She’ll sign it and submit it with signatures to the district. Hopefully by this time the district will have already approved the email copy that Kelly sent them so that you can get started.

Once you have the ‘ok’ to begin tutoring you’ll let the parent know that you’re ready to begin and set up the first date for tutoring to start. Explain during this conversation that you’ll be sending a link (for online tutoring) to the email he/she has provided. Explain to the parent to simply click on that link at the time tutoring is to start and allow the computer to go through the download process. Make sure they know to ‘accept’ the downloads. If they haven’t shown up after 15 minutes call to make sure they’re doing alright with the download. This can be a lengthy process the first time but once it’s on their computer it won’t take very long at all for them to sign in to the online tutoring session. All online sessions take place on elluminate. It is important to know the number of sessions your student is allowed to have. This varies by district. If you don’t have a copy of our “Number of Sessions” document email Mary @ mbondurant@columbus.rr.com and she’ll send you a copy. You have to track how many sessions they complete and make certain that you don’t go over the number of sessions they’re allowed to have. If you do go over you will not be paid for the extra sessions.

Welcome to Elluminate!

Elluminate is the site where you will communicate with your students during each tutoring session.

This is the whiteboard area. The tools to the left allow you to highlight or type important information on this board. To use any tool simply click on it and then click on the board. To type simply click on the capital A and then click over here and start typing. To highlight click on the yellow marker and highlight what you’d like on the board. The wand is another tool you can use to point out important information. I typically use this board to type important tips & formulas for students to refer back to as they work on their lessons. You can add shapes to your whiteboard as well or you can freehand draw if you need to using the pen.

This is the chat area. You communicate by typing in the smaller rectangle below, then hitting enter to send your message. It will appear in this box for your student to read.

Once you are logged in your name will appear in this box. Your student’s name will appear here as well.

To save the chat conversation simply click on “file” above, then “save” then “direct message” conversation. This saves it to your computer for future reference.

In addition to the whiteboard and chat area you can also communicate with your students/parents using the microphone in the lower left corner To use it simply click once on the picture of the microphone, then click again to shut it off. It must be shut off before your student can respond with their microphone. In the same way they must shut theirs off before you can respond. If they forget to shut off the microphone you can temporarily take it away from them by clicking on the picture of the mic beside their name in the box at the top left of the screen. You can take away the whiteboard or other tools by clicking on their picture beside the student’s name. If they get out of control drawing on the whiteboard, for example, you can take away that tool by clicking on the white square beside the student’s name.

Please note the hand with an arrow, faces & hands to the left. Students can click on the hand with the green arrow to let you know they have a question. It will ding to alert you. Students can also click on the faces/hands to express understanding or confusion. When they click on one it will appear beside their name in the top left box. Students in general really enjoy this site and students of all ages use these tools.

If you happen to be tutoring more than one student and you need to send a message to just one student you can do so by using the pulldown menu to the left beside the word “send.” It currently says “all” in the pull-down box. When you click on it you can select the student you wish to send a message to and type in the chat area. When you hit send your message will only go to the student selected.

When you meet with your students on elluminate you’ll spend the first few minutes welcoming them to the tutoring session. You’ll let them know what lessons they’ll be working on for the day and then direct them to open a new Internet window and go to http://www.myskillstutor.com where they’ll work on their lessons for the next 45-50 minutes. Then use the last few minutes of each session to communicate with the parents. Anytime your student has a question about the lessons he/she will come back here for your guidance. Use this site to communicate and answer questions. You can also speak on the microphone even when this window is minimized. (Possibly necessary to minimize this window while you read to your student if the need help with directions or something of that nature.)

Welcome to My Skills Tutor

This is the website where students will work on their lessons. User Name: first/last name, no spaces, no caps Password: eprogress Site: vcsohio01 This is the login for both tutors and students.

Once you’ve logged on you’ll see this page. Anytime you need refreshed on how to do something on this site you can click on the “View Tutorials” link to the left.

The first step on myskillstutor is to create your class. To do so begin by clicking on “classes” to the left.

You’ll have to add a class the first time you login to myskillstutor but once you’ve completed this step you don’t have to do it again, that will be your class for the entire year. To add a class simply click on “add classes” to the left.

Type your class name here, then click “add this class.”

Give your class a name. It can be as simple as “First Last Name” (insert your first and last name of course.) 

Once you’ve added a class you’ll be brought back to this screen. From here you can click on “class properties” to add students and create/give assignments. The next time you login you’ll simply click on “classes” and then you’ll go straight to “class properties” to set up your assignments for each individual student.

Adding Students to My Skills Tutor
The first step after creating your class will be to add students to your class list. To do so click on “students” to the left.

When you click on “students” you’ll be brought to this screen. Click on “enrollment” to continue in the process of adding students to your class.

If your student’s name is on the list simply put a checkmark beside the name and then click “enroll selected students.” If his/her name is not on the list go ahead and click on “add new students” and it will take you to the page where you will add them to this list. Make sure you check to see if their name is on the list before adding them! It’s important to avoid having them on here twice!

On this screen you’ll be adding your student’s to the list. Add the first and last name and then create his/her user name by typing first/last name with no spaces or caps. The password is always eprogress. Once you’ve completed those steps click “add this student” to the left if you’re adding one student. However, if you have a list of students to add you can click “add this student and next” and you can add all of your students one right after another.

After you’ve added your students, they will appear on this list. Make sure they are selected with a green check in the box next to their name and then click on “enroll selected students.” Then they’ll be in your class. 

This screen will appear to show you that the student is enrolled. Next you’ll click on “done.”

Creating Assignments in My Skills Tutor

You’ll need to add an assignment for each student. To do so click on “add assignment.”

You’ll first give the assignment a name. It is helpful to include the student’s first name in the name of the assignment. For example, Mary’s Math Assignment. Then type a note for students. Something simple reminding them to always do their best and ask questions anytime they have them. The mastery will need to be changed to 90%. Then choose the lessons that you’ll be assigning based on the conversations you’ve had with the parents/teacher of the student. To choose a lesson click on the plus sign beside the Content Title.

Once you click on the plus sign the titles of each section will come up for you. Simply click on “select all pretests” and the blue dots will appear. Then scroll up and click “done.”

You’ll then see this screen. This will be full of a spreadsheet with all of your students’ names down the lefthand side and all of the assignment names across the top. You’ll notice the small yellow box that appears when you move your mouse over the checkbox. This is when including the student’s first name in the assignment name comes in handy. You can make sure Mary Ann is getting the assignment that belongs to her…Mary’s Math Assignment. Check the box and then click done.

And that’s it.  The assignment is done and when your student logs in to complete the lessons everything will be ready for him/her. IF a student scores lower than a 50% on a pretest you’ll need to move them down one level (example from Math B down to Math A). If a student scores higher than a 90% on a pretest then move them up one level. To do that simply login to myskillstutor, click on classes, class properties and then modify assignment. There you’ll be able to follow the previous steps to assign the correct level.

When a student logs in this is the first screen that he/she will see. Instruct them to click on their assignment, example: “Mary’s Math Assignment”

That will bring the student to this page where your note to them will appear in the box and then you’ll instruct them to click on the assignment title (Math B).

This screen will appear for the student. Please note the computer guides them through their lessons at the top of the screen. You can instruct your students to complete the next recommended activity. If they score lower than a 90% (mastery) they will have to complete the lesson again (except for pretests/posttests). It’s important to let them know this so they’ll be sure to ask for help as they need it. The computer will not change the next recommended activity until they score a 90% on the lesson. Once they have completed the pretest/all of the lessons/posttest for a section THEN they can move on to the next section.

As students complete the lessons their score will appear on this page to the right of the lesson title. It is helpful as their tutor to login as them in a separate window and come to this screen. Just leave it open and as they finish a lesson you can click on the refresh button and the score will pop up for you so you’ll be able to see immediately what they got on each lesson.

When you are logged in as yourself you can view any activity the student is working on by clicking on “view activity” to the left of the homepage screen. The activity will pop up for you to work through so that you can assist your students. It is from these activities that I get the tips/formulas/etc to type on the whiteboard for students to refer back to as they work on lessons. That insures that all tips and formulas are consistent with their lesson and directions to avoid confusion. Make sure you’re not logged in as the student when viewing an activity or you’ll be doing their work for them!

SIS Website

Welcome to the SIS (Student Information System) website!

Login using your first/last name, no spaces, no caps and the password “changeme” unless you’ve already created your own password.

Create your own password. This will be your password for the remainder of the year.

Adding Students to SIS
You’ll first need to add your students to the SIS website. First check to be sure they’re not already on this site. Type the first few letters of their last name in the student information box, if their name doesn’t appear go ahead and add them to the SIS. To do this simply click on “add new student” beside Student Information.

Add all of the information you have available to you. Including first/last name, gender, etc.

Scroll down on that page and add the school district, email address, grade level, pupil type and pupil status. To begin with you’ll make their status “assigned” using the pull down menu. Once you begin tutoring you’ll change that status accordingly until they have completed their allotted number of sessions and are “done.” Click “add” to add them to the SIS website.

Finding Your Students on Once you’ve SIS
added your students to the SIS to get to his/her page in the future you’ll simply login to the website, type the first few letters of his/her last name in the Student Information blank and click on the name when it pops up for you. This will take you to the individual

The student information page has two blue rectangles in the center. The smaller of the two is used to jump from one student’s page to another without going back to the home page.

Journaling on SIS
The larger of the two rectangles is where the majority of our record keeping takes place. To begin with you’ll click on “journals” and then click “view info.”

This screen will appear and you’ll want to click on “add” under the word journals to the left. To view all journal entries simply click “view all.”

To add your journal entry simply start typing in the empty box. ALL contact with parents and teachers must be entered in the SIS as a journal entry. Be sure to record all emails that you send, voicemails that you leave as well as conversations that you have. Include details in your journal entry such as time/date/content or outcome of the conversation. Record everything-even if they never answer and voicemail doesn’t pick up! Also use the journal section to record the amount of time you spend working on SIPs for students. You’ll also want to create an entry noting the tutoring schedule that the student will have, for example, T/TH from 4:005:00. When finished click “add.” IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU ADD ALL COMMUNICATION IMMEDIATELY TO THE JOURNAL AREA! As soon as you make a call or send an email come and journal the results!

Reassignment Policy: It is important to journal your contact as soon as you communicate with the parents/teachers. Every attempt to contact them must be entered into the journal even if no one answers and no machine picks up. Once you are given a student you will have 72 hours (3 days) to attempt to make initial contact with your student’s parent/guardian. Never assume a parent is going to call you back. Feel free to leave messages and journal that information but you must keep calling to try to get in touch with the parent/guardian. If there are no journals after 72 hours your student will be reassigned as it will be assumed that you are too busy to take on more students at that time. It is vital that we get these students started and contacted right away. If no contact has been entered administration will assume no contact has been made. Again, even if they don’t answer-journal your attempts to show to administration that you are trying to reach that student.

Creating Session Records & Two-Week Reports
In addition to journaling you’ll also use this site to keep track of all session records and two-week reports. Click on “SES” in the larger blue rectangle and then click “view info.”

You’ll be brought to this screen. Simply click on “add new” under Session Records to create a new session record.

Session Records (Lesson Plans & Session Summaries)
Make sure your name appears as the tutor name and that the time and date of the tutoring session are correct. Then write your lesson plan. This will be based on the lessons the student will be completing on myskillstutor. You’ll also want to copy and paste the state standard that the lesson meets from www.achievementtech.com into your lesson plan. To find the standard that each lesson falls under simply click on “alignments and correlations at the top of the page on that website. Then click on states, choose the state you’re working with. Choose the content that your student is working on (example Math B) and then you’ll see each of the individual lessons from Math B and the standards that they meet. Copy and paste that standard into your lesson plan.

Once you’ve completed the session with your student you can scroll down and complete the summary of the session. This is simply a summary of how the session went. Include in your summary the scores that the student earned on each lesson, any concepts that you discussed with student with on elluminate, any improvements the student made, etc. Then at the end of the session click “add.” Note: lesson plans should be completed prior to the tutoring session. Once you click “add” this session record will show up automatically on your invoice for you. If you need to edit it at anytime you can do so by clicking on ‘view’ and ‘edit’ from the student’s information page.

Two-Week Reports

To create a 2week report you’ll click on SES and then “add new” under 2-week reports. Again, anytime you need to edit a session record or 2-week report simply click “view” beside the report/record that you wish to edit. Then click “edit” and make your corrections.

Make sure the name and date are correct. Put a 2 for postage b/c once you type this summary you’ll print this page and send one to the parents and one to the teacher = 2 stamps. Type your two week summary. This should include scores, information of improvements the student has made, etc. You can copy and paste snippets from your session record summaries and add to them. Once you’ve finished typing it and have printed it click “add.”

Updating Student Information on SIS We also use
this page to keep track of a student’s contact information. To enter this information click on “family” then click view info.

When you click on family this screen will appear. To enter the information click on “edit” then enter the information that you have. If it changes please come back to this screen and update the information.

Creating An Invoice

To create your invoice at the end of each month click on “create service invoice” beside staff information.

Make sure the name and dates are correct. You’ll want to create the invoice at the end of each month when you are certain that you’re done tutoring for that month and won’t have anything else to add to your invoice. Click on “New Invoice.”

Your session records will appear automatically above. Then you’ll simply need to add any other amount of time that you’ve put into tutoring. For example, when you go through the training you’ll click “add a new line” and under description type “eProgress Training.” Then for QTY you’ll use a decimal system, if you’ve spent an hour and a half writing an SIP for example then you’ll put 1.5 under QTY. If you’ve spent two hours and 15 minutes in training you’ll put 2.25 in the QTY. Then make sure the description is detailed and accurate. The price should be 18.00. Then the computer will do the multiplication for you. Add a new line for postage, under QTY put the number of stamps that you’ve used, under type pull down the menu and choose postage, then write a detailed description of what you’ve used postage on (mailing SIPs). NOTE: THE POSTAGE THAT YOU ENTER ON YOUR 2-WEEK REPORTS WILL AUTOMATICALLY APPEAR ON THIS INVOICE. Price should be 0.41. If you’ve attended a fair or open house for eProgress you’ll get paid for mileage. Add a new line, record the amount of miles you traveled to and from the fair or open house. Then again, type a detailed description. The price should be 0.445. The computer will do the math. Once you’ve entered EVERYTHING from session records to time spent communicating with parents to postage make sure it’s all correct and then click “CREATE”. After you create it send an email to kelly.claibourne@eprogressacademy.org letting her know your invoice is ready to go. Do NOT click create until you’re done for the month!

A Few Things To Remember 
As a tutor of eProgress you agree that you won’t at any time talk about, teach, discuss or encourage anything having to do with religion or religious beliefs. • In the case of a no-show you’ll wait 15 minutes, call to find out why the student isn’t showing up and log that call (even if they don’t answer) in the journal of SIS website. Put the no-show on your invoice – you’ll be paid $6 per no-show. •If a student misses 3 sessions (you’ll call the parent/guardian after each session) call the teacher and see if he/she can encourage the student to attend tutoring. •After 5 consecutive no-shows tutoring services are terminated for that student. Call home one last time and inform them of this condition, also call and inform the teacher, district & Kelly. Journal this as well.

Quick List of Websites & Login Info
www.myskillstutor.com first/last name no caps, no spaces eprogress vcsohio01 www.elluminate.com first/last name no spaces, no caps tutor07 http://sis.eprogressacademy.org first/last name no caps, no spaces Password that you’ve created www.achievementtech.com No login required Lessons are completed on this site

Site where you’ll meet your online students
Site where you’ll enter ALL contact with students/parents & teachers, lesson plans, session summaries, two-week reports, and invoices Site where you’ll find state standards & benchmarks to use on Student Improvement Plans & Lesson Plans

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email mbondurant@columbus.rr.com or kelly.claibourne@eprogressacademy.org