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Group Members

Bhavya Rastogi – 72 •Sandeep Ram - 70 • Jyoti Sharma - 86 • Jinal Vasa - 112 • Sneha Tejwani - 108 • Shashikant Sakpal - 77

 Vision:

To be the most established laundry outlet.
 Mission:

Friendly and Reliable service, so that we meet and exceed the expectation of our customer.

and give you more time to enjoy yourself. iron and fold it beautifully. .  Our great value laundry service is ideal for everyday clothes  why not make life easier? Bright Shine laundry service can ease the pressure. dry.Does the weekly washing get you down? Is it one chore you’d do anything to avoid?  Then simply drop off your laundry at Bright Shine Laundry Service and we will wash.

Step 1 1) Write a Business Plana) Services provided      Wet wash Dry clean Press Folding Pick-up and delivery b) Target Market  Hotels Hospitals c) Research .

2)Find an appropriate location  Location.1cr 28 lakhs  3) Purchase necessary equipments . ft  Initial Investment.2500 sq.vasai (East)  Plot size.

table clothes 100 kg machine – for bath towels. bed sheets Washing machines are Programmed for 2 types of washing: a) b) Hot washing for all white clothes at 65-70⁰ Celsius Cold wash for coloured clothes using normal room temperature water 3 a) b) c) Industrial Drying Machine : (1 load takes 10 mins) 30 kg machine – for napkins. table clothes 100 kg machine – for bath towels. hand towels 70 kg machine – for bath towels. hand towels 70 kg machine – for bath towels. bath robes.3 a) b) Industrial Washing Machines: (1 load takes 30 mins) c) 30 kg machine – for napkins. bed sheets . bath robes.

3000 mm 1  3 cotton Iron and 1 hot Iron Supplier: SRE Machineries Pvt. Ltd..1 Dry Cleaning Machine: 18 kg Flat Ironing Machine: Chest length . Malad-(East)  Machinery .


Capacity:  30kg  70kg  100kg .


Capacity:  18kg .

 .4) Secure permit and registration BMC Authority ltd (sewage)  Water Pollution Control Board (WPCB)  Registration fee.Rs14000  5) Market your Business Advertise locally  List your services  Providing coupons to new customer  Different from competitors.

According to B L Bajaj. Laundry care in India.' a chain in collaboration between Australian dry-cleaning and laundry major Brown Gouge and Delhibased Diamond Fabcare.NEW DELHI: It may not be laundering the way the taxman would salivate to read about increasing number of Indians are spending money on laundry but thanks to the hectic city life and efficient services offered by chains that are opening shops.000 and Rs 3.' a dry cleaning company in the capital says it continues to make profits despite charging high rates for its services. he says has grown 8 per cent in current value terms in 2007 to reach Rs 84 billion. Director of Wardrobe. We also have home delivery facilities at nominal rates. . The latest to open a chain in the capital is 'Wardrobe. Market Research company A C Nielson pegs the country's dry-cleaning and laundry industry approximately between Rs 3. trousers are charged Rs 110 per pair and charges for dry-cleaning one panel of curtain costs Rs 160. "Many people come to our shop for laundry and dry cleaning and most of them are working couples. 'Four Seasons." says a staff member. Laundry services across the country are becoming popular with working people and bachelors. Rates for shirts range between Rs 60 and Rs 80.500 crores. the daily demand for laundry is expected to rise at 20-25 per cent annually.

2 .6 Unskilled .18 Engineers – 2 Repair and Maintenance .4 Driver .2 Delivery boy . 1) 2)     Workers: Skilled .

Washing Washing Machine Drying Machine Dry Clean Dry Cleaning Flat Iron Machine Manually folded and Packed Delivery .

• Tank capacity: 5 cubic metre pH Control .

Storage of Packed Clothes Delivery Van .

Shreyas . 3 Star Hotel – Western Inn 2 Star Hotel – Rishikesh Lodging   Hospitals – Cardinal Gracias.

Bandra-(West)   a) b) Storage: Area: 200 sq. ft. a) b) Eco-friendly Cleansing agents required: Detergent: 20 packets of 35kg each PERC (perchloroethylene or tetrachloroethylene): 50kg Supplier: Laxmi Soap Factory. Dry and fire proof .


dhobis . Jyothy Fabric Spa & Care      The Dhobi Express Om laundries 5asec Presto Local laundries.

To target:  Restaurants  Garment manufacturers Hostels  .