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GENERATOR RATINGS KW 500000 KVA Insulation Stator-Volts/Amps Rotor Volts/Amps PF COOLANT Gas pr 588000 Class-F 21000/16200 340/4040 0.85 LAG H2&Water 3.5ksc .

PLANT DETAILS • The Primary Water System consists of the following: 2 Nos of Primary water pumps. 2 Nos of coolers. Measuring instrument rack. Primary water tank with level Indicator and Nitrogen pressurized connecting lines. Polishing Unit and fine filter. 2 Nos of filters. • Alkalizer unit. .

OBJECTIVES • The flushing of PW system is to remove any dust. . dirt or foreign particles from the piping erected at site and to ensure the cleanliness of the complete system before admitting the water into generator stator winding.

Services • Availability of sufficient quantity of DM Water. • Availability of Nitrogen for the activity • Availability of Cooling Water. • Availability of L.T Power Supply. .

W Tank cleaned by opening both the end covers. • Power supply system for the pumps is commissioned .W pumps and its associated system are erected • P.STATE OF THE PLANT • P. The pipelines should be separately cleaned by wire brush in all accessible area and air blowing to remove site welding slag and foreign material.

2 should be available. water with conductivity 0. • Inlet and outlet water pipe connections from terminal bushings are disconnected and inter connected with temporary loops. • Inlet and out let pipes from generator winding are disconnected and generator winding bypassed with temporary loop.8 to 7. • Temporary arrangement for heating Primary Water upto 70 deg C is made.0 micro mho/cm and pH value between 6.(Magnetic bars should not be subjected to temperature beyond 65 deg C) • D.M.5 to 1. The magnetic bars in the filters to be removed from filter and restored back after hot water flushing. .STATE OF THE PLANT • Filters are cleaned / checked and placed in position.

METHOD The cleaning of PW system is carried out in two stages. . • Flushing of the system with the primary water pumps. • Rinsing of the pipelines and tank. • In both the above. Stator winding and Generator bushing are bypassed.

Nitrogen filling line .HYDRAULIC TEST OF PW SYSTEM • Test pressure 10 Kg/cm2Test duration 30 minutes. Test result : No pressure drop is allowed.PW Tank. Waste gas system pipeline. • The following equipments comes under test : PW system piping including impulse pipes up to root valve .PW coolers.PW bushing lines(3nos) .PW Filter.

• Check the O2 in PW system (should be < 100 ppb) • Open the N2 gas cylinder regulator valve and pressurize the PW system by filling N2 gas in primary water tank upto 6ksc. . • Put the PW Pump in to service for 3-4 hours.PW system Hydrotest • Admit the De– oxygenated primary water to stator winding and terminal bushings. • Maintain water level in the PW Tank to 50% / 220 mm.

Ensure auto start and stop of the alkalizer pump with conductivity as per approved settings.NORMALISATION OF SYSTEM • Remove temporary heating arrangements. • Fill NaOH in the Alkalizer tank and put in to service. • Start PW pump for circulation of primary water. • Fill the Resin in the ion exchanger tank and put the ion exchanger in to service. .

0 µS/cm for at least three consecutive readings. .COMPLETION CRITERIA • Flushing of PW system for generator declared completed when the filter remain in clean condition after 24 hours of continuous operation. The conductivity measurement shall be carried out in situ to have accurate measurement. • Half hourly PW outlet sample conductivity is almost steady and less than the alarm value of 3.