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Multimedia Information Retrieval on Mobile Devices

Under the Guidance of Dr. MPS Bhatia

By: Manish Kumar 252/Co/03 Manu Aggarwal 254/Co/03

• Displays the matched entries at the user end. User sends his/her query from searcher interface. • Searches multimedia content related to this keyword over the web. . Java Script enabled central server is used to communicate between the front end and the content on the web.. Mobile device as the front end for search operation.Objective Building a search engine which performs the following functions: • Takes a keyword from the user in the form of a text.

Information Retrieval Multimedia Content Web Search Mobile Search The following papers were studied: .Literature Survey The following topics form the basis of the literature survey performed during the understanding and development of the search engine.

Canada • Ernesto William De Luca. 2007. Jan Peters. Oregon. Salzburg. 2006. Kerry Rodden. “FaThumb: A Facet-based Interface for Mobile Search”. 2005. Andreas Nürnberger. Ali R. 2005. 2005. Portland. April 22-27. Nalini Venkatasubramanian. “Mobile Search with Text Messages: Designing the user experience for Google SMS”. April 22–27. USA • Karen Church. CHI 2005. 2006. Shailendra Rao. “Information Collection Services for QoS-Aware Mobile Applications”. 2005. Montreal. April 2–7. 2006. 2005. “Content-Aware Search of Multimedia Data in Ad Hoc Networks”. Québec. VOL. Robbins. CHI 2006. 2005. October 10–13. MSWiM’05. 2006. George Robertson. USA • Bo Yang. January 28–31. 2005. Karlson. Santa Fe. Montréal. MobileHCI’05. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MOBILE COMPUTING. IUI’07. Ulrich Pinsdorf. Shumeet Baluja. Canada • Rudy Schusteritsch. “Mobile Content Enrichment”. Montréal. September 19–22. 5.Literature Survey • Amy K. IEEE Magzine . CHI 2006. 2005. March 1317. Canada • Qi Han. Honolulu. Hurson. 2007. Mary Czerwinski. 2006. Austria • Maryam Kamvar. Quebec. “A Distributed Content Based Search Engine Based on Mobile Code”. Daniel C. SAC’05 . Greg Smith. Hawaii. New Mexico. “A Large Scale Study of Wireless Search Behavior: Google Mobile Search”. Barry Smyth. USA • Volker Roth. NO. Québec. MAY 2006 • Ramesh Jain 2005 – Mobile Content Customization. 5. “Supporting Information Retrieval on Mobile Devices”.

• Making information retrieval user friendly. • Checking relevance of information. • Eradication of unnecessary results. Issues Related to Mobile Devices • Current Scenario with mobile devices • Current features possessed by mobile devices • MMIR System with mobile devices • Functionalities added by MMIR to mobile devices . • Making best use of limited resources available on mobile devices.Introduction Searching for Multimedia content in a database over the internet and displaying the relevant information at the user end. Challenges • To help people access information on the fly. • Removing duplicated results. Easy access to all the capabilities of the application.

• Whether to perform any word. MSN etc are searched. • Should be able to remove duplicate results. Characteristics • Search engines like Google. Yahoo. Our aim of conceptual design of meta search engine was done. • Collates results and display. • Gets at least some result when no result can be obtained from other sources.Meta Search Engine ( for IR on mobile devices) Searches several other search engines and/or database simultaneously and merged results are returned to the user. Based on literature survey. •Should query multiple engines simultaneously. the following requirements for meta search engine were discovered: Requirements • Should take a keyword from user and return appropriate results. all words or phrase searching. • A general page ranking algorithm is used which uses several factors to give pages points. . • Same or similar links received from different engines are stored only once.. • Should rank the results.

Meta Search Engine Block Diagram Keyword Query Results Retrieve Store Results List Detailed Block Diagram .

Timeline .

Using information collected during literature survey to list out the requirements of the search engine. Building a block diagram to help implement the search engine keeping in mind the requirements from above. Installing a web server with the meta search engine to make it accessible to mobile users. Implementation of block diagram to build a meta search engine that interacts with various existing search engines like Google.. Building a user interface for interaction between user and the meta search engine. Improving the existing Duplicate removal and page rank algorithm. Future Work Debugging and Testing of the developed engine.Action Points Current Work Study Related to topic. Analysis of Previous Research Papers and abstraction of project necessary details from journals. Study related to feasibility of project implementation. publications etc. Yahoo etc. . Preparation of a description report related to the engine and interface.

procured the required documents.Conclusion Till now we have laid down the requirements. performed the required study. . and designed a block diagram of meta search engine which has been partly implemented. In the future we will be improving upon the existing deign for the meta search engine’s web server. modifying the duplicate removal and page rank algorithm and developing a user interface for mobile users.

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