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A relative clause gives information about a noun. It

immediately follows the noun it describes and begins with a relative pronoun.
The Relative Pronoun we use depends on what we are

referring to and the type of relative clause.

This is the lady who has just moved in next door. Those are the people with whom I work. The box which is on the table is heavy. Sam is dating a girl whose mother is a doctor. Lets visit the place where mum grew up. Ill never forget the day when we first met. Thats the man that stole my bag

Memory check: ind the relative pronouns

!illiam Shakespeare" one of the greatest playwrights who ever lived" was born in Stratford#on#$von. %e grew up in a farm house which was built in the &'th century. The house has been open to the public since &()*" the year when it was bought by the Shakespeare +irthplace Trust" an organi,ation which works to keep Shakespeares memory alive. It has been visited by thousands of people since that date.

!en is the student"".studies the most in our class. Paris is the city""...I lived last year. #hat was the e$act year""you moved into your flat% That&s the little girl"" lost in the park. 'ave you seen the key"..I had left on this table% 'ere&s the shirt"""I&m going to wear. #hat&s the name of the man".(ara is talking to% People".houses were damaged are staying in these tents.

). That&s the woman. #e are waiting for her.
a. That&s the woman who we are waiting for. b. That&s the woman whom we are waiting for.

*. 'ere is the house. My cousins live there.

c. 'ere is the house in where my cousins live. d. 'ere is the house in which my cousins live.

+. ,he is the actress. #e met her in (ondon.

e. ,he is the actress who we met her in (ondon. f.

,he is the actress who we met in (ondon.

-. #rite down the date. They&re going to visit us then.
a. #rite down the date when they&re going to visit us. b. #rite down the date when they&re going to visit us then.

.. !evin is the friend. I often play tennis with him.

c. !evin is the friend whom I often play tennis with. d. !evin is the friend with whom I often play tennis.

/. They are the people. Their house was broken into.

e. They are the people whose house was broken into. f.

They are the people whose their house was broken into.

Are those the fossils"the archaeologists found in the nearby forest% The boy"was sitting ne$t to (ara won the competition. This piece of furniture0 "we bought last week0 is made of redwood. The computers"were on sale turned out to be defective. #ho&s the girl"1en was kissing the other day% (et me introduce you to my cousins0 ".are sitting over there. The police arrested the hooligans"had caused all the trouble at the football match. 2o you remember Mrs 3ielson0 " came to our last reunion%