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Chapters 10 & 11



90) • The Mad Dog: (p.TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD CHAPTER SUMMARIES… Chapters 10 & 11 Chapter 10 • Emphasis on Atticus Finch being unlike other fathers (p. 99-103) • Jem’s response to Dubose (p. 97) Chapter 11 • Mrs. 89) • Mockingbird Quote: (p. 93-96) • Atticus Finch: Best shot in Maycomb (p. 112) . 108) • Jem’s punishment/lesson • The moral of the chapter (p. Dubose’s comments (p. 102-103) • Scout: “Nigger-Lover?” (p.

decision-making skills and the importance of understanding others. Atticus Finch guides his children. teaching them right from wrong.TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD ATTICUS FINCH: A MAN OF MORALS Chapters 10 & 11 Throughout the novel. Walk in someone’s shoes before judging them Listen to father before listening to community Fair and proper law for everyone ”Sin to kill a mockingbird” HOW ELSE DOES ATTICUS SHOW MORALS? .

Dubose? How does the rabid dog emphasize morals? What does the ‘sin to kill a mockingbird’ quote mean? Why are morals such a focus in Part One? How is Atticus a good (or bad) father? .TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD ATTICUS FINCH: A MAN OF MORALS Chapters 10 & 11 Why did Harper Lee include Mrs.

Jim.TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD BOOK ONE: A REVIEW To Kill a Mockingbird – Book One – covers many topics. Here’s what you need to know… • • • CHARACTERS • Arthur “Boo” Radley – His story Jean-Louise “Scout” Finch – Her story. her lessons and her perspective Atticus Finch – What he represents Dill. Miss Maudie and how they shape the story Chapters 10 & 11 • Understanding others/judging others • Racial prejudice Themes Literary Devices • • • • Allusions Symbolism Use of Language Setting .

TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD BOOK ONE: A REVIEW The characters in the novel are often complicated – as are their relationships. he is a tool to teach morals to the children and he is a symbol of kindness Miss Maudie teaches truth and is a powerful ‘motherly figure’ for Scout Atticus. is a “moral compass” for Scout. He teaches and guides the children appropriately Chapters 10 & 11 Scout Finch Jem Finch Dill Baker Boo Radley Miss Maudie Atticus Finch . Book One develops the following relationships: Scout is the one telling the story and the one “learning lessons” Jem and Dill influence Scout’s actions and childhood behaviour Boo Radley sits in the middle. at the opposite end.