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Flavored Bread

Delight Bread is the first company concerning with the manufacturing of the flavored bread.
Delight Bread is a name that has come to signify quality and freshness in bread products.

Bread Innovation:

product is unique in sense that it provides with unique flavored in bread first time in Pakistan. It is also at the same time a product for the health conscious people.

Currently Delight has three flavors : Mango Strawberry chocolate

To provide our customers with bread that actually looks and tastes good.

Our vision is to become Pakistan's favorite bread this is underpinned by our dedication to continued improvement across all areas of the business.

Our goal is to ensure that important values such as quality, freshness, and service are delivered to our consumers in the 21st Century.

Current Market Situation:

The bread and bakery products market has struggled with numerous challenges over many years. The sector has suffered from the effects of discounting, keeping value growth at a modest level.

Only 5 % population of Pakistan is using the packed bread so rest of the markets still to be captured.

Here people are wiling to pay extra amount for the differentiated product.

Market Segmentation:
Effort to increase a companys precision marketing. We have done the segmentation on the basis of the following variables:

Geographic Demographic Psychographic Behavioral

Geographic :
Divide Faisalabad in different segments according to areas, states, regions and markets. E.g. Dground, medina town.

Divide people according to Age, Income, Social Class, Occupation and their life cycle.

To analyze the psyche of the people of Faisalabad we divide them in social class, life style and personality .

Behavioral segmentation divides buyers into groups based on their knowledge, attitude, uses or responses to products. In Faisalabad we see the behaviors of people with the help of the questionnaire.


After segmenting the market we are targeting the following segments:

Income Group:
We will be targeting all income groups who should afford easily. It will not discriminate between income groups.

A huge potential market for this bread it lies with youth whom we will be Specifically targeting road shows to be held as part of the Add Color campaign.

It is also available in mini-size factor, so it will be highly convenient to carry along during large journeys or trips.

Positing Strategies:
Positioning is what the customer believes about your products value, features, and benefits.

By benefits:
Through positioning we will tell our customer how many benefits they can get from our product.

By use or application:
The different tastes from the ordinary bread. Use it with butter or eat the simple loaf.

By user:

Every one who wants to have a different taste may have it.

By product or service class:

It is positioned as a lower cost and healthier alternative to the ordinary bread, while it provides better taste and healthy ingredients.

By price or quality:
Delight wants you to believe that their flavor bread is of the highest quality Positioning is what the customer believes

By Values:
We will also position our product on the basis of customer values. Like this, if you want to look healthy then use Delight bread.

Product Review:

Company Name:
Delight & Co.

Product Name:
Delight Bread


Flour Water Salt Yeast Sugar Cooking Oil Emprovel Flavor

Calcium propionate Calcium acetate

Quantity per Badge:

Flour Sugar Cooking Oil Yeast Emprovel Calcium propionate Calcium acetate Water Flavor 130 kg 6 kg 2 kg 2 kg 240 gm 250 gm 100 gm 62 liters as per requirement

Flavor Strong bones 8 hours energy Vitamin A & D Quite notorious

Delight bread has different flavors Make the bones strong Repair the dead tissues of the body Source of creating blood Enriched with vitamin A & D Glow the body & skin Reduce fat & Carbohydrates

Design & Packing:

The color of our bread is the same as the flavor we used in making the bread and we provide the bread in a very attractive packing, just look like it.

Indirect competitor:
Different cakes Biscuits Cookies Pastries

Substitute Competitors:
A substitute competitor is any competitor that fills the same buyer need you fill but fills it in a different way. The substitute competitor of Flavored Bread is:
Dawn Bread Wonder Bread Cakes and Bakes Different Bakery Breads Vita Bread

Distribution Channels:
Our distribution channels in Faisalabad are: Bakeries Supper stores Departmental stores Marts and edible market stores. We mainly focus on the retailers & Bakeries because they are the only source which delivers our product to the final consumer.

Pricing strategies:
We will adopt the following pricing strategies to set the price of our product:
Marketing Skimming Cost-plus pricing Method

Marketing Skimming:
Delight is using Price skimming strategy. It is a pricing strategy in which a marketer sets a relatively high price for a product or service at first, and then lowers the price over time.

Cost-plus pricing Method:

A pricing method used by Delight because it is easy to calculate & requires little information. This method determines the cost of the product that used direct cost, in-direct cost and fixed cost whether related to the production OR sale of the product.

Our prices schedule:

Product Quantity in pieces Price in Rs.

Delight Bread

8 piece

Rs. 22

Delight Bread
Delight Bread

14 piece
18 piece

Rs. 35
Rs. 55

Pricing Objectives:
Market share leadership Product Quality Leadership

Delight Advertising Strategies

Position the product:

"Because we are worth it."

Creating a stronger brand personality:

It will base on an upscale, character that people will aspire to associate with.

Using the Internet / Web site:

Currently Delight dont have any Web site but it will have an internet asses and web site in future to target and sell younger buyers, new buyers, before they have established a product.

Media Vehicle:
The print and electronic medium employed in an advertising campaign used by Delight is as follow:
Tv Ptv Geo tv Radio Fm 101 Fm 103 News paper The news Jang

Magazines Young world Sunday magazine Akhbar-ejahan Family magazine billboard M-tax chock D-ground

A tv

Fm 90
Fm 89


Harriyaan wala chock General Bus stand chock Millat chock

Madina town

Deciding on Media time:

We will advertise Delight Bread on TV 4 times in a day and almost for a week in first 2 and half months, and the add will go air in the prime time broadcasting like Drama hours, it will also be advertise daily in the mid of the KHABARNAMA.

Promotional Material:
Point of sale (POS) Terminals:
Delight has place different check out counters in big general stores like AL-FATEH

Participation in Trade Fairs and Exhibitions:

Delight has stalls in the different Exhibitions held in different schools, universities and cities. Where they sell and tell the consumers about the product that is the flavor bread.

Broachers and Leaflets:

Delight has very attractive and appealing broachers which Delight have distributed with the news papers and they have also placed it on the cash counters in different stores. Plus, Delight is now having a man standing on the entrance of big shopping malls in the city.

Banner & Hoardings:

Delight has placed banners on different squares in the city and they have the hoarding placed on the malls and stalls in the exhibitions.

SWOT Analysis
Our ability to produce options keeps more consumer interest and needs met. Our new production technology will enable us to mass produce products more efficiently and quickly than other old companies. Our new taste will attract many such type of consumers who are taste changer New product innovation in local area. So it will attract the people of local area. No specific Competitor

No brand recognition our name in baking industry is new so most of people are not familiar with delight Bread. No separate outlet as we have not enough finance to construct our separate outlet. No customer orientation in local areas, as we newly introduce in Faisalabad so customer are oriented in the brand. The more flavor we create the production cost will increase. At starting we will not have as such trained staff that has such market experience.

Our new taste will attract much, such type of consumers who are taste changer. Our new production technology will enable us to mass produce products more efficiently and quickly than other old companies. Our ability to produce options keeps more consumer interest and needs met. No specific Competitor

New product may people dont accept it. There are large companies who have brand loyal customers providing the market with not exactly similar but milky and other breads. Switching brand loyal consumers to a smaller and newer company. There is open market everywhere means any new company or existing ones can start the same production that may have more experience or more qualified staff. Imitation by existing bakeries, May try to copy it.