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What is an entrepreneur Some key findings from research Vision with passion Communicating Stepping into others shoes

What next

What can we learn from successful entrepreneurial leaders that will help us in our organisation?

What is an entrepreneur ? Entrepreneurs are

Entrepreneur -- entreprendre to undertake one who organises, manages and assumes the risks of an enterprise in the hope of profit Leadership the act of exerting authority or influence

The application of passion

Customer/ Market

Investor/ Stakeholder

Self/ Identity
Team member/ Employee Partner/ Alliance

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a vision Put themselves in the shoes of others Balance time between customers, staff, stakeholders and partners

Being yourself Knowing what you want Finding the source of your passion Fit with self identity

It is important for an entrepreneur to believe in his or her vision and work with others who believe in that vision as well. You have to identify and work with the people who are willing to move forward with you because the rest will hold you back
Don Pickins sold his business for $40 m

Name What I do What I am passionate about

A successful entrepreneur needs to be able to communicate his or her vision and ideas and to understand people and their motivation

David Guo serial entrepreneur

You have to work with everybody, every day (your employees, investors, customers etc) to bring your vision together

Don Pickins sold his business for $40 m

Three Aspects of Face-to-Face Communication

words, 7% body language, 55% tone of voice, 38%

see view look focus perspective vision

hear tune in sound ring true clear as a bell

feel grab pushy contact come to grips

Influencing skills
Respect generates good communication and rapport
Rapport is the first step toward influencing and comes from acknowledging others view of the world Active listening creates rapport -Open questions, summarising, mirroring Our state of mind radically affects what we communicate

Step into the shoes of:1. 2. 3. 4.

Customers Stakeholders or investors Team members or employees Partners or collaborators

Developing The Product/ Business Customer/ Market

Raising Investment

Generating Revenue

Investor/ Stakeholder

Creating Value

Self/ Identity
Growing The Team Team member/ Employee Partner/ Alliance Building Win-Win Relationships Leveraging Resources

Increasing Competencies

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Form a clear and motivating vision Apply the vision to your market Identify core values and identity - passion Communicate and inspire belief in the vision Build relationships which support the vision Understand other people and what motivates them Transform vision into action